Saving Jane - Mary Lyrics

Little Miss Mary Sunshine had a bad day
She says it's overrated, living this way
She took her hair down, left her sweater on the floor
She's not a nice girl anymore

She says I won't apologize
Stand up girls, and dry your eyes
And I'll see you on the other side of good

Where we sing

She paints her fingernails in black, she's on the run
On the wrong side of the tracks where life is fun
Points a finger, but there's nobody to blame
All the people in her memory look the same

Everybody's favorite girl
Doesn't fake it anymore
I'm okay with who I am today
Everybody's gotta change
I'm just doing what I can
Could you love me anyway?

Little Miss Mary Sunshine had a bad day
She says it's overrated, living this way

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Saving Jane Mary Comments
  1. Macoy Olandesca

    What tha hell does se has bra?

  2. The_ kmd

    you all know pornhub exists...RIGHT

  3. dj lusho smalking

    2:11 donde estan mis likes

  4. Frank Castle

    Aah,good times when MJ was white

  5. nintendoplaystation5

    Those assholes deserved to get their asses kicked by Spider-Man. I hope my future girlfriend is as beautiful as Mary Jane!

  6. Username

    This is how the Port Angeles scene in Twilight should have looked

  7. John Andrew

    Was Kirsten pussy wet in that weather and I don't mean from the rain she is one sexy little bitch whose arse I would love to fuck like a rabbit on heat and those diddies are worth a good ride as well

  8. Генадий Boockин

    This best moment in muvie


  9. sixstanger00

    I haven't seen this movie yet (but thinking about it, based on clips I've seen), and I honestly don't know why it has the bad reputation it has -- maybe it's because modern movies are so terrible? The cinematography alone in my opinion looks superior.

    Nene Bow

    sixstanger00 9/10 would recommend

  10. Jacob Smith

    How could Peter forget his mask?

  11. Kid Maji

    We all came for the boobs

  12. Shawn N

    Iconic scene. One of the best in any comic book movie, still. MJ is way too hot to be walking home alone. Shame on you, Peter.

  13. Ernest Ross Wyatt

    Wow, I had no idea the girl from Jumanji was Mary Jane until now. I've seen this movie back when it came out but my little brain couldn't recognize her all grown up.

    Meanwhile she's turning Japanese and I'm cringing

  14. Lina Leeann

    I have love and respect for all the Spider-Man’s but this will always be the most well done first Spider-Man movie🧡 on another note I hope someone called the cops so those dudes could get arrested for the attempted crime😐

  15. adam foong

    Finally figure out why spider man rushing to wear a mask , cuz she didn’t know he was staring her boobs🤔🤔

  16. Luis Villr

    Krist dunks

  17. Don Huynh

    2:06. Y'all welcome

    Will ruler

    Don Huynh mmm always loved this

  18. David Ortega

    2:11 & 2:37

    Will ruler

    David Ortega thanks
    Loved this

  19. desmond amofah

    she thicc

  20. Relevant.memes

    Nice tits

  21. Voltage

    2:02 Thats what you came for don't lie😏

    Will ruler

    Voltage i came

  22. Miguel Alejandro

    And people say tom holland is the best that movie is just propaganda lesbian black mary jane cringe fat friend the bully is a indian fat guy seriously wtf happened to the world after 2011 it shifted to lesbian rights

  23. Arnob Viewer

    Fun fact: Tobey Maguire hated doing this scene cuz of all the water running down his nostrils.

  24. Arnob Viewer

    This movie was so ahead of it's time.

  25. Michael Dadang

    Them nipples.

  26. Zeeno1 Gamer

    Never ever saw her nipples when I first saw this scene 😅

  27. Alex Caruso

    1:32 Youtube poop: "Don't start without me!"

  28. R.C. Costi

    It’s minute 2:10. You’re welcome.

  29. ielya tehrani

    0:33 woah woah woah woah hey did Lexi Rabe knew Tobey Maguire or Kirsten Dunst

  30. Dogo Woof

    Someone said I looked like this girl I don’t really see it but I take it as a definite compliment

  31. cejay morcilla

    we all know that you came here because of this 2:11

  32. Aaron Vigil

    Later that night she did reverse cow girl on spidey. Mask on.

  33. Andrew Castro

    Sam ramis trilogy is better than the whole new mcu.

  34. Cjake Subaldo

    This scene was so perfect to get some viewers coz of the nipples

  35. Joaquin Lopez

    That’s hot, that’s hot

  36. Spawn of Kermit

    Any time shit gets wonky in these movies i just remind myself its comic-book style and then its fuckin perfect again

  37. Casual Bug

    S le ve la teta u:

  38. Studio MarLin

    "Danny Elfman" soundtrack was the secret ingredient in Tobey's version of Spiderman...
    Oh man... wish those days could return.

  39. SuperMario Gaming

    Why would they carry her pause 02:01

  40. Andrew Rhodes

    I wonder MJ knew if Peter is Spider-Man?

  41. John Coffee

    That wet dress with her nipples showing is amazing!

    Will ruler

    John Coffee yesss

  42. Liked Videos

    2:48 the reason why they named spiderman 2012

  43. Budiman Ukatan

    anjir ngaceng, 😅

  44. The Accountant

    How does she not get the “I was in the neighborhood”.

  45. Zachary Gagnon

    Nipples ahoy!

  46. Jose Gabriel Manalo

    2:37 is the reason why you're here

    Will ruler

    Jose Gabriel Manalo howd you know? Lol

  47. Arnes

    Her eyes are up boys...

  48. Jacob H

    People can say want they want about this film, but the kiss was iconic

  49. Eduardo Gonçalves

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  50. wayne Willimas

    Love this movie

  51. Eufon ious

    I am here to be a man...

    with my eyes.

  52. johnny ngo

    Parker's one lucky guy considering that mary jane gave him a kiss after he saved her from those muggers!

  53. Ryan Hills

    Mary Jane spoke to peter as spider man a few times in this movie and his aunt may spoke to him as spider man in the second film and they didn’t recognise his voice

  54. Roblox Hobbies

    3:33 did she just kiss the mask too ?

  55. Bob Minions

    I Love Peter

  56. Hasan Faraza

    Still better than whole Avengers series.

  57. TrainFanLover

    2:14 he only gave him a toss and it Arady Knock him out

  58. Landen Drake

    That "I was in the neighborhood" line should've gave his identity away lol.


    peter, deep down, wanted her to find out. she was stupid enough not to though.

  59. El Lobo

    2:36 is the best part of this scene.

  60. eri

    putting tiddies aside for a minute, those two guys who peter right hook'd really hard.......they most likely died

  61. mcloward1

    Literally flirted with our boy peter then went and made out with spiderman.. c'monnm

  62. La_Trolette

    At least she tried to defend herself..

  63. Justagame 4


  64. nazario casillas

    Adoro esas tetas

  65. Deep Sharma

    Mary Jane's a hoe

  66. Jericho Gaming

    When I watched this I'm a kid I noticed the nipples

  67. aabimanyu Pradeep

    Ennama adikiranya kiss u

  68. Afimie Baharit

    This scene taught me this:

    *Women* : We hated pervert guy
    *Also women* : 'Doesn't wear bra'

    Aviva Smith

    What the fuck is wrong with you it doesn't matter what she was wearing it doesn't give men exuses to assault women

    army once

    Afimie Baharit literally no correlation but go off ig

  69. Danis Gareev

    you're here because of 2:37 aren't you

  70. Joshua Taylor

    Kirsten Dunst’s MJ is so beautiful. She will always be the best MJ as well as Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man.

  71. yoga dewantara

    To be honest, I just concerned about her nipples.

  72. john172867

    Tobey Maguire is to Spider-Man what Christopher Reeve was to Superman.

  73. HappyMan HappyMan

    Leaving the Kiss (marketing stint) isnt this a true love scene where Peter truely loves Mary..

  74. Devis Craftrise

    Vay canına...

  75. Darion Hale

    What a thot

  76. Waqas JAved

    I just see her nipple omg big boobs 👙

  77. Suraj Ningombam

    A kiss we remembered even today

  78. SuperMario Gaming

    2:04 2:05 2:06 looks like aressted

  79. SuperMario Gaming

    2:03 poor thug he's out gameover

  80. SuperMario Gaming

    2:03 the thug gets like a knife or. Something

  81. SuperMario Gaming

    2:04 they throw her on the wall

  82. SuperMario Gaming

    First of all how could a teen girl go out alone?second thugs chase her to abuse her and see her boobies too,then she doesn't run because I don't know 4 then they throw her on the wall and then she turns around on the wall and starts screaming HELP!!! then spidey arrives and takes the thugs out her cause that guy was biting her in the probley because he wanted to to rip her dress or shirt what ever so then they take off her thing to cover her boobies or if she didn't have one just start breaking it and then touch and feel her boobies if I was Peter I would just leave her to get abused cause she was mean to him,so that would be interesting if spiderman would have not saved her and course they check it out man and they what a beautiful woman she has lipstick and makeover he's like let's go for it boy's they other man's just sorrunding her and she cries of hauntness and then she's like what?And what's a girl doing in that place where thugs she's actually dum, why doenst she call Harry and says can u pick me up please plus it's nighttime of thugs are want her like she doesn't use her brain like bruh but she acting all romantic and beautiful of course thugs thank u plus can't she take like no too much lipstick and makeover and a big sweater or something I like her dress like when she's in the wall and she's like what hell. Then um

  83. Dara Toun


  84. Mohammad Ail

    مني اشتهت هيج حلگ اخخخخخ

  85. 御子柴

    very very beautiful

  86. Harper Craven

    When I was a kid I hated how he fought these guys without his mask but now I get that it was to impress Mary Jane

  87. Akhmad Anwar

    Pecinta spiderman dari negara +62 mana jempolnya???

  88. SaiiBoost

    *Peter:* "I was in the neighborhood...."
    *Spider-Man not even 2 minutes later:* "I was in the neighborhood...."
    *Mary Jane:* "Tee hee, HE'S SOOO MYSTERIOUS! I WONDER WHO HE IS?!"

  89. anonymus126

    Believe in the people who love you.

  90. Mohan MK

    I was 12 when this movie came out and I did not watch this scene for the fight!

  91. Aurang Zeb

    He should think that she is not kissing him but just spider man who saved her ass (which is girls nature )

  92. Fatima Zehra

    My favorite kiss scene

  93. lol lol

    Kristen dunst is so ugly now

  94. Siam Abedin

    Lmfao I never noticed the nipples when I was younger, look at what puberty does to you

  95. blue sky

    nipples im cuming

  96. 鳴海連

    2:40 the best kissing scene