Save Ferris - New Sound Lyrics

The original rude boy
Alongside Save Ferris

We're just coming down to get you away
Once we got you we will take you away
There is a fire we gonna burn it down
We gonna burn burn burn down to the ground

('Cause it's a brand new sound)

Rude girl moving on the dance floor
Ain't got no problems and no boy
Skanking her troubles away
Nothing, nobody can say
Rudy looking smooth in the dancehall
He jumping like troubles are all gone
Rudy don't move and he sway
Nothing, nobody can say

There is a new sound
Coming around
There is a new sound
Out on the town

We're gonna set this place on fire
Rude girl touchy as a fighter
We gonna take you away (take you away)
Take all your troubles away (take you, take you)
Dance all night 'til you feel nothing
Rude boy hanging with your brother
Rudy don't move and he sway
Skanking your troubles away

There is a new sound
Coming around
There is a new sound
Up from the ground
There is a new sound
Coming around
There is a new sound
Out on the town

Burn up the music [?]
Gather 'round people for this brand new song
Rude girls come and they quick jump around
Jumping around to this brand new song

We're just coming down to get you away
Once we got you we will take you away
We gonna burn this one down to the ground
We gonna take, we gonna take...

(There is a new sound)
Burn it up
Come burn the dance floor (there is a new sound)
Let's skank (there is a new sound)

We're just coming down to get you away (there is a new sound)
Once we got you we will take you away (there is a new sound)
There is a fire we gonna burn it down (there is a new one)
We gonna burn burn burn down to the ground

There is a new sound
Coming around
There is a new sound
Up from the ground
There is a new sound
Coming around
There is a new sound
Out on the town
Up from the ground
Out on the town
Coming around
Coming around
Coming around
New sound

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Save Ferris New Sound Comments
  1. Marco Mojica

    ...Thanks, for remaining united!

  2. Daniel Perez

    Monique still a babe.

  3. Nick

    I still cannot believe that I just saw them live yesterday! Keep in mind I'm 21; the last time they released anything, was 2000, also the last year they went on Warped Tour. Two years ago, I wouldn't have believed that I'd ever get a chance to see them live. So great to see them on the set list this year :D

  4. John Jimenez

    Saw them at Warped recently. Monique touched my arm when she walked by. Oh god. lol

  5. Travy Harrington

    love u Farris i met her yesterday she it so fucking cool

  6. anatoli spo

    Best band to watch live. Monique has such a great sense of humor. She is amazing. I met her at warped tour and gave Save Ferris a tip of $2 at their merch tent she actually gave me a kiss and a hug was so happy and got the whole band to take a picture with me and celebrate me. I was so happy. At the end I ended up buying merch from the tent even though I already have their new album. Long story short get to know this band they will make you the happiest person in the world. This band will make you feel loved and make you feel like you're the celebrity instead of them.

  7. Cosmick Angel

    i saw them at warped tour today. they have a very original sound, i like it!

  8. Percy Gryce

    Monique looks gud. And that's a Special dress she's wearing.

  9. Kim Baehyung

    hey sugar tits😜 lol that's what u said to call u at warped

  10. Ricardo López

    Sounds like Gwen when she became a solo artist.

  11. Madilyn Klabo

    Lyrics anyone? I have been looking everywhere and I need them for an audition. Thanks!

  12. El Planeta Pablo

    esta demasiado genial... por que come "on eileen"' no esta subido en este canal???

  13. Alejandro Beltrán

    Good SKA!

  14. buteteng laot

    The blonde girl is hot af

  15. Samantha Szymik

    Reminds me of Gwen

  16. primus angelicus

    it's been a while since last time i saw them, oh no it was about 17 years ago since their last single

  17. On 2Wheels

    Ska, my God.. Nice..

  18. Bubblegum Hangover

    Pass the dutchie on the left hand side

  19. John Wilks


  20. Jason C

    Bueller? Bueller?

  21. Jacob Edward Lynch

    Such a great song!

  22. Esteevius

    Not really a new sound, but the song is not too bad.

  23. Arjuna Goodrich

    good sound i like that

  24. Diego Rodríguez

    Yaaaaaaas. They're back!

  25. hardstyle

    cool group )))

  26. Rio A.S

    welcome back guys 🤠

  27. John Jimenez

    She has gotten skinny. And still look fine.

  28. Kevin Whiteley

    Keep this style up, SaveFerris. ...good stuff.

  29. Jc Guppy

    I'm sooooooooooo glad I found this!   Missing you all for a long time!

  30. Zayd Alpha

    hello we'Re From Indonesia .... please make show in Indonesia Again... we've waiting so long.... its 17 years now... since 2000

  31. Manale Avirola

    just like we said from were i come from "suscrebido" !!! nice tune, i want more i need more, congrats

  32. Ulises Castillo

    Great song, Save Ferris doesn't go out of his style

  33. Slone Acevidi

    So glad ferris is coming back!

  34. Charlie Gray

    over 20 years and stillkeeping true. don't stop the real reagea drop rude girl

  35. Carlos Muentes

    Who's still bumping Come On Eileen in 2017 ... This a good song tho

  36. Nibbets

    Time to go watch 10 Thing I Hate About You again

  37. themurdo21

    Sounds like 'No Doubt', the early early years ;)

  38. Nivek Refotzirk

    i love ska !!!!!!



  40. Adhitya Nugroho


  41. Agung Rheza

    so good to know that you guys are back !!!

  42. Thomas Nielsen

    20 years and dont let any down.
    Sincere and honest to all the people who love Save Ferris.
    Monique Powell is like a good wine, getting better and better with the age, still hot and cute.

  43. ariyandi febrianto putra

    LOVE IT!

  44. Jacob Edward Lynch

    This is one of my favorite songs!

  45. Steve Mcniel

    wat a voice.

  46. ohdogwow2

    Still wishin' Mon was my girlfriend because at least the daily grind would be interesting.

  47. Andrioux

    WOW, this is great stuff. Officially ready for summer now!

  48. debora carvajal contreras


  49. jumpman93LP

    holy fuck?! save ferris are back?!?!?!

  50. Dean Jones

    So glad you are back!

  51. Bataraja Harahap

    mr. Angelo moore

  52. Lucia Melgarejo

    yes! 💛

  53. Jerry Phillips

    Hell yeah!

  54. JR216

    That girl with the yellow hair is so hot

  55. M Ten Hove

    Love it! So so good.

  56. Jose Legaspi

    Sounds good, not bad for a modern Save Ferris.

  57. Jonny H

    No way, they're back?!

  58. Medio Acido

    Esto no tiene nada de nuevo! esperaba mas!

  59. Pinupbenelli

    Thank you! Thank you! All these years i always wonder what happen?... After reading your most recent interview, I just want to say thank you for making music again. You are Save Ferris. Your voice. You! I never stop listening to you 14 years later and now being 31 I want to say Thank you Monique for keeping the music alive. Above all New. Fresh. With so much SOUL! I can't wait to see you guys in Pomona!

  60. Irasema Dilc

    gracias por volver!!!........ Saveeeeeeeee Ferriiiiiis forever!!

  61. Rob Sycamore

    2 words: Warped Tour. This song is meant to be played live and will rock!

  62. James Clark

    Original rude boy!

  63. Christian Dwijaya Rorora

    really Love it..
    Save our Ska Punk #SaveFerris

  64. Question everything.

    @1:47 Angelo Moore from Fishbone!

  65. CanDyjeSSyk

    Alex Burke 😍💜

  66. Alyster Hyde

    This song bring back good memories

  67. Flamingo Rock

    I LOVE SAVE FERRIS!! Great jam.

  68. Mattia Boh


  69. Cessy Mar

    gracias por esto!!!!!!!

  70. Alejandro Antillano

    So glad to hear new music from you guys!!!! regreats from Caracas, Venezuela ;)

  71. Berenice Aranda

    Finally! <3

  72. Apatis Kronis

    Big Respect From Indonesia . .

  73. AnimichileTV Nana

    Please, visit GERMANY! :)

  74. AnimichileTV Nana

    beautyful song, but we want also Skapunk :)

  75. Jay Thunder

    awesome. excited to be adding a new Save Ferris album to my collection soon.

  76. Thomas Knott

    ❤ epic💙

  77. Kalima Victor

    I fucking love this track. Thank you! I'm gonna blast this in my car. ;)

  78. Sabrina Harnish

    On repeat now

  79. Martin Lewis

    Summer came early!

  80. Reginaldo Lucas - Pulga

    Que som maravilhoso! Estava com saudades de ouvir Save Ferris. Curto demais!

  81. skaboywrx

    So very happy to hear your wonderful sound again. Gotta love Mo's voice. Sounds great keep 'em coming!

  82. The epic adventures Of Miles

    So so so good! 💥🔥⚡️💥

  83. Froid International

    Gracias Monique. Gracias por volver!

  84. Gilbert Suarez

    Love love love!!  #SaveFerris

  85. Júlia Abrão


  86. GameUndergroundStore

    Yes. Excellent video and song.

  87. JC GG

    Good Sound

  88. chinottoconron


  89. chinottoconron

    the raggaman looks like Neville Staple of The Specials, i'm wrong?

    Chris Wade

    chinottoconron that was him

    Alldila Rizqi

    chinottoconron No, he is Neville Staple from The Special.


    The band kinda looks like Save Ferris

    Alex Murphy

    chinottoconron it ain't a hit till Neville dawg singing on it

  90. sprague carrillo

    Love the new sound. It's sprague and we miss you wish we could visit ❤️❤️

  91. chips6231

    Vuelven los 90 yeaaahhh

  92. Enrique Puebla

    The new rude boys in the new era!

  93. Snooty SKAVOOVIE

    Reminds me of Big D's Strictly Rude. I'm down

  94. Sarah Blachman

    I love this!!! YAY!!! Can't wait for the new album!

  95. kendall

    This is great! Can't wait until Friday!!! <3