Save Ferris - Modified Lyrics

You just can't seem to understand
The reason why I am gone
That was the last time that you make me
The little one you step on
I've had it up to here
The end is drawing near
I'm leaving you my dear

Can't you see
You can't break me
I'm not the same as I used to be
I've overcome the misery
And I will be the person that I want to be

And somewhere out there
Lies a person who is stronger than this world
I'm not suffering,
I'm not helpless,
And I'm not your little girl
So listen if you can
And try and understand
Cuz' I need a better man

[Repeat Chorus]

I know you're not the one to change
I'd rather leave you standing
Than try to rearrange
I'll only turn and walk away
Accept responsibility for what you see
Cuz' it's time you see
That I'm not the same!

[Repeat Chorus]

Why can't you see?

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Save Ferris Modified Comments
  1. Jose Cadena

    “ is he gone ?”

    *rips good girl outfit off *

  2. Dawn Bringer

    It's funny time listening to this song if you read my facebook you'd probably think the only thing I care about is money considering I'm talking about getting into retail arbitrage and trying to repeat former successes where I got paid an arm and a leg for producing nothing but convenience to other people. but if you really understood the premium people place on convenience without even realizing how much they pay for the privilege you'd realize there's a small fortune to be made there.

    I don't care about money all that much, just enough to turn my time into gold but other than that I know I love my partner far more than I love money for instance.

    I realize there are more important things- friends etc. on my ride up I won't be like icarus... I won't fly too close to the sun and I won't forget the people who helped me on my way up.

    Nightmare 42150

    Dude.... Suh....

  3. ZenEx

    “Oh please, she is just as fake as press-on nails”

    alexandra roa

    Rodrigo heyyyyy babaygurl

  4. Felipe Pn


    Wandering Willow

    I said a dollar you bitch!!

  5. kenny lunaaa

    It’s all about the 90’s!!!!!


    I miss the 90s!!!

  6. Lauren イェーガー

    Scary Movie brought me here lol

  7. Henrique Oliveira

    this song is SO american like for those popular girls on high school

  8. Randy Kern

    Haaaaa scary movieeeeee

  9. Berserkstroke

    Scary movie

  10. Little Big Bunny Rabbit

    Scary Movie

  11. Demetrius Thomas

    scary movie lol 😂

  12. 크리틱허접

    scary movie hahaha

    Jesse Daniels

    +크리틱허접 that's why i'm here lol

    Alejandro Estrada

    yeah LOL

  13. Manchester Is Blue

    is he gone?

    db cooper

    +Ascdsacd Scsadc I said a dollar bitch!


    oooh cindyyy that nightgown...

    alexandra roa

    Ew get away from me you bum

    jerr es

    City was nothing before 09 bro XD and hell yeah he's gone

  14. Jay Frederiksen

    ahhhh the memories!!! summer 2009

    Beef Fishstick

    Jay Frederiksen So weird, it’s really not that far away... but 2009 really is forever ago, almost a decade. Yeah, good times. Let’s face it, 1999 lived on till 2009

  15. TrifectaFloatern

    doop doo

  16. alissom gamer

    Is he gone ? <3

  17. Dashcam Dumbasses

    Ska, ska-punk, punk, pop punk, punk rock are quite similar. I always stuff them up but they all sound wonderfully 90s.

  18. Chace Horton

    It's not on iTunes :'(

  19. taahirah brown

    oww cindy

  20. Foreignmonkey

    So wrongI meant ska

  21. Foreignmonkey

    Ugh. I love 90's pop punk. Its sounds so truthfully rebellious.

  22. coolvideosonly2011

    thumbs up if shannon elizabeth's fine ass brought u here!

  23. Xena Hernandez

    "Is He Gone?"
    Like If Youu Get It ! (;

  24. Franky Rivers

    ei this song is sick :) !

  25. Don't Be Hating

    @14jvukov "I said a dollar, bitch!" (bum throws sandwich at Cindy's head) rofl

  26. 14jpv

    eww get away from you you bum!

  27. Sam

    Love this song!

  28. Tori M

    @peacelovejoyism i know right?

  29. Denzel Washington

    Buffy Undressing xD

  30. Harry JW.


  31. Tori M

    i love this song i heard it in scary movie

  32. SkaMasta097

    Sounds like a female Sublime! :D