Save Ferris - I Know Lyrics

Mama said to stay away from guys like you
She said they were nasty
Make me do things I dont wanna do
Stay away from bad boys they got one thing on their mind
Their hormones are raging and they want it all the time

And I know
Cuz I said so
And I cant
Just let you go
And I know
Cuz I said so
And I cant
Just let you go
I love you very much
You're nice to see and nice to touch
But know I'll never ever ever treat you wrong
Been waiting for you all along

And I know
Cuz I said so
And I cant
Just let you go
And I know
Cuz I said so
And I cant
Just let you go

Never let you go
I said I want you to know

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Save Ferris I Know Comments
  1. Deysi Castillo

    I love the song

  2. Ahmed Díaz Torres

    this movie had a great soundtrack

  3. Lily Stamm

    it's a crime that this isnt on spotify

  4. Karen Ali

    Anyone in 2019 listening or watched the movie?

  5. Paul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist


  6. norm paul

    i hate when you cant buy a song ,

  7. Colin McMahon

    St least I know you, right?

  8. Johnny Ace

    I love this movie. Only Breakfast Club is better.

  9. Louise Mills

    I love this type of music 😊 the trumpets are amazing 😊 I don't know who I prefer lol Save Ferris or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 😊 xxx

  10. Kimberly Turbin

    I met the singer today!!! She’s sweet

  11. Rick Baker

    Is anyone else listening to this still in 2019?

    Koda Dowey

    Rick Baker omg lol 😂

    Amir Jafari

    Saw them last year and this year for Back to the Beach festival. Truly an amazing experience, they still got it. She's still got it. Played everything. It was two of the best moments of my life.


    yes and i'm seeing them this year


    Save Ferris is kick ass, good enough to not be seen at the no doubt rip off they are

  12. Da Mouse

    Why is this not on Spotify. Had to come here to listen to it.

    Fangaming Facts

    Spotify has almost nothing on it.

    Natasha Mae

    Yeah I was wondering the same thing. They have the soundtrack but this song is unavailable for some reason.

    Laura Hernández Reyna

    me too :(

  13. Mina MUA

    who's here in 2018 :D love this so much.

  14. justine

    hey my high school teacher was in this band

    Clyde Cavalieri

    Lemme guess, a Math teacher, right?


    Clyde Cavalieri english! 😄

    Clyde Cavalieri

    @justine Oops, my bad! I thought on another video someone said they had him as a Math teacher, he he.😮

  15. Hannah Castanon

    2018 still jammin like its '01

  16. lol no

    My mama said to stay away from guys like you
    She said they were nasty
    Made me do things I don't wanna do
    Stay away from bad boys they got one thing on their mind
    Their hormones are ragin and they want it all the time

    And I know (know)
    Cuz she said
    And I can't just let you go
    And I know (know)
    Cuz you said so and I can't just let you go

    Well I love you very much
    You're nice to see and nice to touch
    And I'd never ever ever treat you wrong been waitin for you all along

    Can't let you go ooh
    Can't let you go

    I said I want you to know
    I said I want you to know right now
    I want you to know
    I said I want you to know

  17. 4LK Oficial

    Cade os BRS

  18. 4LK Oficial

    This music my remember olds moments with my friends omg

  19. Aline Emanuela Rodrigues

    What a song 😍❤️

  20. Fuck You



    me encanta esta canción,
    excelente en su género

  22. NextFridayRox

    i know Save Ferris 0:00 Marie Chaboyea-Kingbird & Marie Chaboyea

  23. satans child

    Bring back ska music!!

  24. Beto Pe

    oh shit.... i feel old

  25. Elizabeth Haro

    omg love this song!!!! love the the 90s

  26. Crystal Padilla

    Who else is excited to see save ferris this month at the new house of blues, Anaheim!!!!??

    david eskander

    Crystal Padilla went last night....they killed it!

    Crystal Padilla

    Hell yeah they did! So fun!!

    david eskander

    KoRn fan as well...long time fan. Awesome!

  27. Nani Hanani

    Awesome, best and evergreen!!!

  28. Lily Stamm

    a fire jam


    I love this song and the movie to

  30. HwoarangtheBoomerang

    One more good song and thia will be my new favourite band :D.

    Patrick Wright

    Check out "Goodbye"


    Patrick Wright
    Love it XD

  31. victoria gotti

    do u remember in the 90's when music was good


    I DO!!!!


    No, but I remember when music ruled the world in the 80s.

  32. Stephanie baltazar

    Love it

  33. AngelVendys


  34. D.Q sean

    Best song ever

    Johnny Ace


  35. Dom DelaWeeds

    so cool

  36. kenny 666

    SKA /,,/

  37. Brittany Jones

    After 1:21 the song changes and I don't really like it, I used to when I was kid, love beginning tho

  38. Zachary Tuttle

    This song is so amazing! It's a shame that it's not on the albums soundtrack.
    Also, the comments on this video are fucked

  39. TaioFox

    Man I missed the 90's when ska was amazing

    Hayley Wilcox

    it's called 3rd wave Ska and it was pretty awesome. : D

    Kinsey Rage Quit

    the OC ska scene is still awesome!

    Tiff Bleh

    recommend any ska bands anyonr?


    Ska is still awesome. Check out The Interrupters. They’ve only been around for a couple of years now but they’re mind blowing.

    Ash speake

    Life seemed so easy in the 90s ❤️

  40. the ravioli girl

    They are a disgrace to ska.


    How so?

  41. Luz Linares89

    My momma just say to stay away from guys like u, she said they were nasty make me do things i dont wanna do... & i cant just let u goooooo🎤 i miss this kinda music 😭

  42. Carmen Mora

    Oh yeah:) Me gustaaaaa!<3

  43. Isabel Salinas

    Baile jejeje muy buena

  44. Jessica Cano

    I looooooove this song

  45. cabs85

    ok i was a little boy, but i always thought that save ferris was the singer from letters to cleo :B

    Lennon Henry

    cabs85 lmao its alright I used to get them mixed up too when i was younger but then my mom corrected me 😂

  46. marjorie jaizon

    SKA a music to live FOREVER. :)

  47. Robetea1

    good movie good music

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  49. Dawn Bringer

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  68. Dawn Bringer

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  69. Dawn Bringer

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  70. Dawn Bringer

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  71. Lilith Silveira

    Dat bass!

  72. aurora robledo

    i love that song and movie

  73. Mexi Mexidio

    i <3 bad boys!!

  74. wazzobazzo

    Anyone else think the beginning sounds like Earth angel? I don't know why but this reminded me of that song.

  75. Rafaela Ch


  76. rebelsneverdie

    this movie pwns yer face.

  77. xSergioRottenx

    :'( you made me cry....I hope you're happy

  78. xSergioRottenx

    This movie is for pussys, but SF are the shit!!!!

    Shik B

    Fuck you ass hole


    Creo que estaba esta película hace rato en teveazteca

  80. GreazyBiker

    Thers some little Richard stuff in this song, witch doesn't really make sense.

  81. ometeotl bazan

    (= SIMPLEMETE!!!

  82. L Jack

    green day always hum this out on their concert

  83. Noemi Castaneda

    i love this movie, because it has a great soundtrack,

  84. Emma Endel

    Aww, lovely.
    It's a fantastic movie. :-)

  85. Victoria Winter

    awesome song!!!!!

  86. 1313rosey1313

    love the music!!!! love the movie!!! <3 bad boys!