Save Ferris - Geba! Geba! March (Eye Catch) Lyrics

Well I can say I love you or I wish wish that you were dead.
And you'd sit there smiling at me laughing off your head.
Oh I keep talking you keep listening though it does no good
Well sometimes things in this life just don't work the way they should.

Hoping, I've been hoping that one day you'd take my hand.
I'm praying that one day you'd say you understand.

Well once you were the best thing in my life I ever found.
But now you leave me feeling like my world is upside down.
And I'm sorry that this love of our has proved to be no good.
But sometimes things in this life just don't work the way they should.

Now the end is drawing near and I'm afraid to say,
That even though I loved you so I know I can not stay.
Well you might wake up one night all alone and wonder why.
But now It's time for me to leave and I guess this is goodbye.
Oh don't know why you got to say I'm not am goodbye.


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Save Ferris Geba! Geba! March (Eye Catch) Comments
  1. caporate

    Gaba Gaba March

  2. Eduardo Guzman

    @LalorexOsito Nop, tell me how you can get this song please :p

  3. Canis Ferris

    @69wenaktenan Eye Catch or Gaba Gaba March

  4. A6rieli11

    haaha! I remember this song! There was another "rare" song called SYLSB (support your local ska band)
    Greetings from Argentina!!
    Saludos para todos, che!

  5. Travis Al

    Hey is a very good song, but this call " el viejito del acordeon" is a polka tango look /

  6. Eduardo Guzman

    please "UhOhSteveO" upload this song to mediafire and put the link in "more information".... n_n

  7. Eduardo Guzman

    you know how i can get this song??

  8. mamefig

    " Geba Geba march"

  9. Eduardo Guzman

    that disc is this song?

  10. Eduardo Guzman

    that disc is this song?

    please tell me n_n

  11. Otto Monge

    This is a cool song...I love Save Ferris, anyone know how i can get this song?? Thanx!

  12. conamn941

    Mighty mighty bosstones and save ferris are my two favorite bands...ever

  13. mamefig

    this song's name is "Geba Geba March". They covered from Japanese comedy program theme song which was broadcast over 20 years ago.
    Also, this song was used Mazda TV commercial.

  14. Christina D.

    Um excuse me! I was just trying to help.

  15. Christina D.

    I think it's Geba Geba. My sister gave me a shorter version of the song and it was titled Geba Geba. But it could be wrong.

  16. Syafiq Khaidir

    yup she's pretty....
    to bad,,,she's getting fat lately...

    but her voice still perfect!!!

  17. AnnasGotASecret

    you mean the song? "Geba Geba March (Eye Catch)"

  18. Felipe Delduqui

    what the name of this music??
    man... nobody knows?

  19. maddiswhale

    wicked song!!!
    its a shame the trumpet's a bit sharp, especially at the beginning.
    [NB I'm not slating Save Ferris, I'm just really pedantic about tuning.]

  20. Felipe Delduqui

    man... what the name of this song?
    karen, someone...plz, answer me =]

  21. jfrsnjhnsn

    Very nice job editing! Bet ya had alot of fun, too.

  22. TheMeEvan

    I wish we had a trade embargo on Japan now I guess.

  23. nebu7777

    Reel Big Fish and Save Ferris were friends and played together (I believe). They're all Orange County/LA area groups I believe. My friend is friends with all of them. It's SKA music so it all sounds similar, No Doubt/Reel Big Fish/Save Ferris.

  24. Z0BZ0

    I had this song as a bonus track on one of their albums. Mind you, the albums came from Japan.

  25. Exile86

    or wait...dont mind me. im probably way out in my facts :P

  26. Exile86

    save ferris... except for they girl arent the guys reel big fish?? or am i wrong?

  27. Rudy Villa

    Holy Crap. I can never find this song anywhere! I totally need to get that MP3. How i Miss Save Ferris So Much. I hope that one day they can Reunite!

  28. Gabriela Moyano

    viva save ferris, yo gaba

  29. Tbone Willy

    That was tight. Great job. I'll send the link to the guys.

  30. Amasloth

    dooo doo doo doo!
    doo do do doo do doo!! BOW