Save Ferris - Can't Stop Lyrics

I found myself a drinkin' every night to protect myself
I never thought I'd even think about the words of someone else
But every time I use my ears
I think they fill my eyes with tears
It's never gonna happen again
No they're never gonna hurt me again

I ain't dead
I ain't underground
I wont let
Wont let them bring me down

Every now and then I hear the stupid things that people say
but I won't let it get me down because nothing is gonna get in my way

I ain't dead
I ain't underground
I wont let
Wont let them bring me down
Cant stop
Thinking about myself
Well I keep on drinkin to wash away
The thoughts I had of yesterday
Well im sitting and im thinking and you know
That you could be wasting my time away
Well im thinking about tomorrow and forget about the sorrow
So im thinking about today
Ohoh its my life
And im thinking about myself
Ohoh its my life
Aint got no time for no one else

When life is gettin crazy
And I'm heading for the door
I just, grab myself a bottle and poor myself some more
Some more yeah some more yeah yeah yeah yeah

There was a time in my life when all I knew was to play dead
Now I'm back on top and I don't give a damn
About, what's been said

I ain't dead
I ain't underground
I wont let
Wont let them bring me down
Wont bring me down won't bring me down down down down down

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Save Ferris Can't Stop Comments
  1. liftyshifty

    In what album is this track?

  2. Jeshael

    10 things I hate about you


    The shit hath hitteth the fan!


    Kat, meow!

  3. Joanna Flores

    How Can 5 People Not Like This Song?! wtf Is Wrong With U?!
    Love This Band!! One Of My Favorites

  4. Nino Falletta

    I love Save Ferris and Monique is so hot.

  5. Jordan Valentine


  6. Tororu Reyes

    ^_^ v

  7. darcyherr

    I love the name of this band omfg.

  8. Roy Jackson

    such a great tune. wish the quality was better!

  9. Aaron Nisley

    why is that?

  10. PugChump

    You're retarded.

  11. Aaron Nisley

    damn FBI took down megaupload....

  12. onemoreturn

    <3 Monique...

  13. Erik


    who cares if you do? just do it and have fun. ^_^

  14. David Kirkpatrick

    @streetlegaldrift Ha i look like an idiot skanking---but somehow that might be the point WTF cares -)

  15. TheRockChild

    @kittehpants you could like, not be a jerk because I wasn't asking for a free copy. Also, I can't buy it...its not on the itunes store. I believe its an unreleased track.

  16. kitteh pants

    @xrockchild you could like... buy it...

  17. loverfromlove

    the guy next to her in the pic looks like spike from buffy the vampire

  18. Fernando Da Silva Oliveira

    this song is from the Ten Things I Hate About You Soundtrack I think

  19. killerteeth

    Where is this song from? Is this before "It means everything?" MUST KNOW!!

  20. Cor Min

    ahh que recuerdos, ska del bueno

  21. casg81

    I miss them.

  22. ktownmags

    did you ever get a copy of the song? if you did could you send it to me? dang i really wish they had put this on their cd...

  23. ktownmags

    man i really wish i had this track...i LOVE this song...gahhh....

  24. s7rugg1es

    It's too bad OC Ska died with Gwen Stephani's talent.

    Oh wait, she had none.

  25. A Pet Named Steve

    this is ace. i love the bass line.

  26. Jordano Vergara Sequera

    excelente musica

  27. TheRockChild

    is there a good quality version of this song around?? It sounds muffled a bit, but its still a good song that should be been released!

  28. AntimationFactory

    thanks, I didn't know that

  29. AntimationFactory

    do you mean like 45s because this is a CD

  30. AntimationFactory

    This isn't good, why couldnt they have made it ska like their second album, that album is the best, I listen to it every day

  31. Karla Bodero

    Is there any way you could send this song to me? I have been looking for it since the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" came out? Thanks for uploading!

  32. 143sultan

    what do u think the best save ferris song is?

  33. hollyisaboringname

    woo love save ferris

  34. jennifer fahy

    No idea.

  35. Maaanndy

    hoa, so cool ^^