Savage, Brennan - Tell Me Why Lyrics

I look to you when I'm down
And I hope you turn around and see
That I'm not the way I sound
And I'm not the way I seem
But I'ma make you work like a Monday
And you can move it slow like a Sunday
Don't ask me if I'm okay
Are you flirtin'
Cuz I'm hurtin'

And lord, tell me why
I'm still alive
Just let me die
I'm on my own
Just getting by
I'm all alone
Ain't nothing right
And lord, tell me how
I'm so damn uninviting
And you're so unenticing
Let me down
Every time

You can leave me anytime
I know I'm not that kinda guy
That you need all in your life
I'm not surprised
It's all a lie
I can't help the way I act
I'm full of jealousy and hatred in my life
Can't tell my wrongs from rights tonight
Can't tell the dark from light
'Cuz I sleep through the day
But I'm gone every night
Every song that I write
I did that, I live that

And lord, tell me why
I'm still alive
Just let me die
I'm on my own
Just getting by
I'm all alone
Ain't nothing right
And lord, tell me how
I'm so damn uninviting
And you're so unenticing
Let me down
Every time

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Savage, Brennan Tell Me Why Comments
  1. Bartosz Bartłomiej

    Doomer rap

  2. Not Lil peep

    Is he something like lil peeps brother

  3. Irina Vegan

    Заходим на мой канал, у меня в открытом доступе есть плейлист с музыкой Бреннана 💖🔥🌊

  4. Irina Vegan

    Обожаю его музыку 💖 Одна из самых лучших его песен 🔥🌊💖

  5. Геральт Ривийский

    Что этот чертов красавчик себе позволяет?)

  6. All is self Beall

    I’m so happy I found your channel. I support you music. I’m from Baltimore city USA please know your talent isn’t being slept on

  7. Drink Bleach

    Lyrics talking about my life right now...

  8. Дима котов


  9. ownagegoalie

    sounds like the cranberries on guitar !

  10. Deadpool 1300000

    Glo up bro

  11. nikto nikto

    Reborn lil peep

  12. Михаил Тихонов


  13. KrymSafe SZN

    Anyone else notice fishnarc in the music video?

  14. Unknown l

    You should have much more views

  15. Madyson Palma

    Damn my depression kicking in again

  16. Hugh Mungos

    I remember being so broken listening to this song, strung out on pills. Looking at my phone and seeing the girl I loved with some other guy. Thanks for getting me through Brennan.

  17. Nejc

    666 and he's not finished

  18. killmaself XII


  19. Таир Урунбаев

    бля братан ты такие песни пишешь как будто умрешь щас. живи и радуй нас своими песнями!

  20. Mxxn Rxck

    Please don't die I love you so much I will cry if you die 😥😭😢

  21. Trap Box Viral

    Honest reaction to this on my channel if anyone is interested :)

  22. K-popom Oppa V

    I love that music💕

  23. LonerBaby - Topic

    tell me why it took me so long to discover this man fuck

  24. Xx_Sasuke114_xX

    Can’t wait for people to be jerking themselves off bc they find someone before they blow up


    they already are lmao

  25. Tybo Thor

    Thanks for being alive brotha man

  26. L88beaz

    This mfer is fucking great, popped up in my playlist randomly n now I can’t stop listening to him .. crazy.. I hope he get what he deserves

  27. Taylor

    Heavily relatable right now.
    Life is fucking me in the ass

  28. K-popom Oppa V

    That music is incrible!

  29. Cristian Jimenez

    Finding new music and it makes you want to stay alive to hear more of the artist this is what brennan music did for me today.

  30. Lil Molyx

    are you flirtin cuz im hurtin

  31. Михайло Кутянський

    it is a feeling when you think that the last day has come and you are still thinking about death.I love everyone


    Anyone else think that guitar is familiar?

  33. Matthew Smith

    Y does every video habe drugs in it are you really like this?

  34. WreckTangled

    Don't die thanks ♥

  35. MR. Saunders

    I love the direction you are going with ya music 🔥🔥🔥🔥 please do more like this

  36. Invader TZim

    I love you for what you are doing for us and for person you are Brennan <3

  37. SuN Ha Nib


  38. Frost1ks TV

    Lil peep is it you? Plz, say yes.

  39. skerr

    brennan never disappoints.

  40. Jonathan White

    "let me down everytime,"

  41. García Chico Hit Sorpresa Récords

    Brennan a ft Guccihighwaters

  42. Oussama Mohcen Habib lah Sari

    Nooo brennan plss don't die and let us alone

  43. typconienawidzi betoniar

    its so fucking

  44. edgy deppy

    Before u blow up

  45. Leon

    Лучший, чел, ебашь

  46. Y. Aquino

    Wtf la voz es re parecida a la de peep xd

  47. ProCrowZer0

    this is terrible in so many ways give me the same beat, a cameraman and a studio and ill produce something better in a couple of days
    and i have 0 musical talent

  48. Aquarius D

    *Respect from Russia*

  49. Xaviwasavi 21

    Hope he gets better.

  50. tomasto

    2019 yet it has taste of old 98 music. gold

  51. dufft pank

    Good stuff 🙌🙌🙌

  52. Ŝpøøķŷ Ĵįm

    No one:
    Absolutely none:
    People with Lil Peep on the profile picture: *fuck chat*

  53. jozsef bakonyi

    And Lord,
    Tell me why
    This song isn't
    On spotify

  54. NikO

    youre so goooooooood

  55. Honeyy Girl

    I think I fell in luv

  56. stickowar

    Русские на месте

  57. Ketelyn Oliveira


  58. Lukyeu

    When Peep died i fought that no one better will come, but now i see u so please dont die

  59. Thorvald Grishnackh

    I f*ucking love you Brennan💔💔💔

  60. sem krut

    блять где просмотры это же охуено

  61. AGRESI

    This is trash

  62. Afiq

    His song just underated

  63. Hide

    Don t die pls

  64. rewolF

    i love you so much brennan

  65. Jonathan White

    fuckin great music dawg, peeps looking down on you with pride homie

  66. Alexander Gustafsson

    ТЫ ЭТОЙ ПЕСНЕЙ СДЕЛАЛ МОЙ ДЕНЬ .(thank you very much for such music)

  67. Netboler

    Russian audince is here before it blows. Love you bro

  68. Scare Crow

    Please don’t compare Brennan with peep, everyone is their own persona🙏🏼

  69. FreXter

    i think he's lil peep's brother )=

  70. Ethan Lloyd

    Thank you for ur music. It helps everyone here and maybe people are still here because of it I know that's why I am ❤

  71. Arthur Unknown

    Repeat button is broken.

  72. Arthur Unknown

    Luv u so much, waiting for u in Russia again<3

  73. anime. ig. o

    Young lil peep 💔❤️🤤

  74. Kevin Morales

    I dig it

  75. Jessica Sammys

    This shits gay

  76. SevenDeviations

    This deserves wayyy more views tbh

  77. Parckroom


  78. L M

    Great song!

  79. GOROH Goroh

    го к нам в рашку

  80. Pedro Aviles

    You a unique Legend!!! I can't compare you to anyone,

  81. Plaguesix

    I live this song 😍

  82. Gabriel Cunha

    2019 is brennan year

  83. Christen Stevens

    Hey. New fan here. Lil Peep fan group brought me here. So thankful

  84. Monse Rios

    wob u >.<

  85. Ozonu

    come to romania

  86. Furuegasu


  87. Mal

    I fucking love you!

  88. Acanum Unknown

    Theres nothing without SAVAGE. Say what u want but we dont hear the naysayers

  89. Austin Lumbley

    This shit sucks so bad bro

  90. Delia Mangold

    reminds me of peep

  91. lil new

    its amazing ♥ brasil

  92. юлия гершкуль

    And the clip is beautiful

  93. юлия гершкуль

    I really liked your whole new album.

  94. Дмитрий Сидоров


  95. fawaz jabareen

    Every singer should make a deal with devils to be so popular but i believe this guy can make it without any help 😁

  96. Juan Pereira

    nobody will be like lil peep