Sash - With My Own Eyes Lyrics

With my own eyes, I saw a light, shining so bright,
With my own heart, I had a feeling, that made me cry,
With my own ears, I heard a message, and it was true,
I'll tell it to you, 'cos it was all, all about you!


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Sash With My Own Eyes Comments
  1. Carlos Colon

    amo éste género musical! los sonidos que se logran son insuperables, canciones como estas erizan la piel cada vez q se las escucha!

  2. Ramulus2009


  3. mudbutton2

    It was a time of happy music IMO.

  4. Wiesiek Wiesław

    Who 2020???

  5. Árpád Korsch


  6. mariusch janisch

    this is my favorite song for craying

  7. LEB YT


  8. Костя Чурило

    2020 very nice Song)) =

  9. Komunikacja miejska oraz kolej

    Polska ciągle słucha.

  10. sherif hegazi

    Wow iam listening to music this night finally

  11. Rene

    1996, i gets old, amazing times, never forget <3

  12. skurinski

    2000: This song is great
    2010: This song is still great
    2020: This song is a classic!

    mariusch janisch

    classic!? for me is like a spring. refreshness. EVERYTIME

  13. Zdeněk Starek


  14. Tony Myers

    The best ever song made about Mayonnaise!

    Rubén Balea

    👍 A week ago while shopping I seen a big (4 Kg) mayonnaise bucket and immediately remembered this song 🤣

  15. Bartula okrągły jak kula

    2020 nadal dobre :)


    Ja chcę TO słyszeć na Sylwestra w Zakopanem. Ile ludzi by się zjawiło którzy to pamiętają przeżyć tamte chwile ponownie w rytm muzy przełomu lat 90 i 2000!

  16. Giorgos Rusinov

    2020 and still here

  17. Jarek Kaszuba

    Kocham tom piosenkę 💖💓💕

  18. Sujeto Anónimo

    Mayonnaise! <3

  19. Maverick 17

    Que de souvenirs 😍

  20. Sebastian Herrera

    ¡Hermosa Canción! 😻

  21. Bricket Inc.

    chi scoglionato nel 2019 della moglie?

  22. velkoto1

    22 years later I steel hear "With Mayonnaise" :))))

  23. Tomasz Górczyński

    To jest to 👍

  24. Ramiro Espinosa

    The love of ecuador...

  25. Verge Cryptocurrency

    Forgot about this track. But did not forget about her

  26. tom. crellin

    This tune reminds me of when Alen Bokšić was banging in goals for Boro

  27. فقط یادمون باشه گول مجاهدین خلق نخوریم

    Why sash very powerful trance maker
    Many if his songs famous and hit😳👍❤️

  28. Suikodom Cento

    one of my favourite song of all time!!

  29. Pablo sebastian Tejada


  30. Jorma Nuikkinen

    Great band and song, and oc.. feat. Finnish singer Inka Auhagen :O :)

  31. Light Owl

    It's one of Them


  32. Luai لؤي


  33. Bombastico

    It looks like Alice Deejay

  34. Elizabeth Becerril

    Me gusta esa musica merelaja👏👏😅😊😘👄🇲🇽

  35. Katie Stait

    Still takes me into the vortex of unconditional love and tekkan 😂 🙏 💕 💕 💕

  36. Abraham Durán Beltrán Colombiano de la paz Bogotá

    No de la paz

  37. IL _ DG

    For those dancing nights and great friends!! 😉

  38. Amirhossein Nikfal

    That performance is fabulous

  39. Amirhossein Nikfal

    My childhood memories ...

  40. lachqar ayoub

    power sash music 2019 _ 2029

  41. Virtue Boy

    They says mayonnaise?

    Amirhossein Nikfal

    My own eyes, probably

  42. PLAYGiiRL

    #Novembre2019 👏👏👏🥰

    Alan Hughes

    Great tunes

  43. Petr Pospíšil

    Heawen piano. mit technostyle

  44. Petr Pospíšil

    Werry romantyches Sash ist Gross DJ

  45. Cindy Lira

    Suena actual...i like Sash! Songs🎧

  46. Susana Mosquero Muñoz

    Bella canciòn recuerdos bellos. D mi felicidad. Te amo, s.

  47. An ji is

    Grandes recuerdos me vienen con estas canciones.

  48. Sandra Taumer

    Year 2000....Cool

  49. Marek Romel

    It's phenomenal.

  50. Willie Stevenson

    Beautiful music love it keep it up she beautiful toooooo 2019

  51. Med Jay Paris

    Sash! Is one of the greatest DJ ever existed... he's so underrated

  52. Haemaelaeinen78

    Thänkz Sash and Inga! Suomi Suomi Suomi.... :)

  53. RobinsON

    Until the foot was about it was something. Greetings to all who know the climate 😊

  54. Maimie Henderson Mcdade


  55. Sombike

    Today in Tartu, Estonia @ Club Vabank 😎✌✌✌

  56. Nikola c290v

    Mai dimenticata....un gioiello

  57. Hinsen

    Roland XP-30 :) Great classic track. Sash! was the best in 1996-2002!

  58. Adelina Di Giuseppantonio

    Mamma mia che musica... bellissima ti entra dentro e non te la dimentichi piu....grandi SASH! questa rappresenta la migliore dance di tutti i tempi ....mi dispiace per questa nuova generazione cosa si sono persi gli anni 80/90 e inizi 2000 i migliori!❤❤dopo di che il declino assoluto😢😢

  59. Ivan

    Mayonnaise !!

  60. mikko talso


  61. E erisen

    With mayonnaise.

  62. country boy

    greatest dance music of all time

  63. s b

    Super melodie !

  64. Em Bee

    No joke, my elderly neighbours sold their house because of this song constantly on repeat! 😅

  65. Jim West

    With mayonnaise

  66. Marjie Van Der Laan

    This is my #1 listened to song on iTunes... At least 3x the #2 song. It's the best!

  67. Rene Martinez

    July 9 2019

  68. jonscotlad

    So many good memories! This might due a remix....

  69. d4r3k tyl

    Best trance song ever. 2019 and still rock da mind

  70. Giulio Pagella

    this song reflect the end of '90s......and so arrived the decline

  71. Калманбет Калманбет


  72. Marcin Lesniewski

    I would like to know them.

  73. Alex Hansen

    forever music

  74. joel lena

    2019​ love hits

  75. Magda M.

    Guaba, Cyprus, Immature Veterans, you can find this music there! The best party for veterans!

  76. James Cathro

    Where's the years gone what a decade for music and memories went out with a great girll but had to go our separate ways now happily married to some one else o the nineties

  77. Andreas Gaudi

    1997: Fantastic song!!!

    2019: Fantastic song!!!

    3090: Fantastic song!!!



    Balázs Batalka



    More like 2000

  78. stephane larcher

    dancing dancing !lol

  79. three Sylvia

    🛁看美女🛁露点私㊙️视频➕微信what6585🛁发生过的个功夫功夫i h h h ji

  80. Yhory Bautista

    Que bonitos recuerdos con esta música

  81. Andreas Gaudi

    The best Part is from 00:00 to 03:44!

    I missed amount of good time! Thanks Sascha Lappessen!

  82. turki gaber

    i was drifting when i listn this music

  83. Abraham Durán Beltrán Colombiano de la paz Bogotá

    Selección colombia

  84. Jeremy Mourier42

    Love song 2019

  85. Allan Briggs

    I can't believe it's over twenty years since I was dancing to this amazing artist's tracks, it genuinely does seem like only yesterday. There's nothing better than reliving the late 1990s and early 2000s by popping on a little bit of Sash!

  86. chrisgege

    to my mind, one of the best song of the 90s with 7 days and one week ( BBE )

  87. Glasser Mike 13

    Kurła mamy Wielkanoc 2019 a ja wciąż kocham ten utwór. Tyle wspomnień wciąż wraca. Szkoda że takiej muzy nikt już nie robi... 👍👏👌

  88. Daniel O'Rourke

    what a tune

  89. Decock Eric

    Heel mooi!!!!!!!!!

  90. Hakan Dursun

    Danceable !

  91. Andrew Ford

    Damn check out Sonja Blade @3:23....wheres Guile?

  92. Ano

    What a voice and tune

  93. Kierstrider

    2019 baby and still strong!

  94. Александр Андронов


  95. Zby Szek

    Ktoś z Polski słucha w 2019 r.

  96. speedwayfan

    Oh aye nice one ☝🏻 🤪

  97. Kobe Konobe

    Memories from my clubbing days, I wish I was young again

    al terego

    Top of the pop