Sash - Sweat Lyrics

You got me there where you want me,
You got me there where you want me,
You got me there where you want me,
You make me sweat, make me sweat!

I'll take you there...

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Sash Sweat Comments
  1. Sarah Barrett

    Loving this, got the album when it came out

  2. optyma optyma

    самая лучшая тема у Sash, ахуенно звучит и в 2018 году

    Blade Runner

    В 2019-м тоже!

  3. Mikel Ochoa de Eribe

    One of the best tracks by our amazing SASH!!!! Like many other of his tracks... Was a great hit in the 90's... Along with Ecuador, Stay, La Primavera, Encore une fois and many others!!!! Best producer and DJ of all times!!!!

  4. paul holland

    brilliant song


    @tanya winson I fucking hate this song.
    Who am I kidding? IT'S FUCKING ACE!

  6. tanya winson

    who doesnt like this song tell me .... come on tell me!

    Jodie Ely

    i dont needs more cowbell

    Bradius Maximus

    Tranya willyson

  7. stfntobi

    sweat... so sexy :p

  8. Diamond Dust

    If brilliance could be canned, like spam, this would be a can of Sweaty Sash! Love it.

    Cheers uploader.

  9. bachner93

    olol the same for me. i hade this CD of my father when i was like 3? im 16 now

  10. sojuboy

    great song...Sash at his best.

  11. Mohi Ahmed

    Yeh she also is in stay by sash
    check out my channel ;)

  12. fred ecuador

    Voice of one of the best SASH!'s singers, La Trec (Frankie McCoy).