Sash - Stay Lyrics

I had a dream last night
You were there
You held my hand so tight
I thought I'd just die
Do you remember?
When we use to have
So much fun
I used to cry sometimes
Those days are gone
Did you remember?

(Do you re...?)
I wanna go back to
Back to the days
When I needed
A little more fun
When I believed I
I believed I
Could fly so high
Through the clouds

Tear down these walls
If just for one day
Tear down these walls
I need you to stay

Turning back time to
Times we made love
All day,
Under the sun
When I believed I
I believed I
Could fly so high
Through the clouds

Tear down these walls
If just for one day
Tear down these walls
I need you to stay

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Sash Stay Comments
  1. Infamous Geezer

    This is Mirrors Edge. I guess this music video is ahead of its time.

  2. Logbia7k

    Pretty sure this is just a copy of Darude-Sandstorm. Same sound... Same video! 🤣 So creative! NOT

  3. George Savvidis

    1,1 Thousand People Don't Remember

  4. Susana Costa

    belos tempos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Claudio Scialdone

    There s nothing like the 90s...❤️

  6. arepa420

    Que noches de locura en medallo☹ que hps recuerdos

  7. Good song but video itself is quite unrelated to lyrics. And same scenario as of Darude's Sandstorm - dude is being chased by some chicks to retrieve an important item of sorts.

  8. abod malki


  9. Space

    Sash's tracks feel like floating away in space to infinity...

  10. Петр Федотов

    Do You Remember?.... Прощай,90-ые.Навсегда(((

  11. Роджер Амигос

    I love this music

  12. Александр Данилов

    Просто одна из моих любимых вещей от SASH,красивая музыка.

  13. Andrew Dickson

    This was one of the first songs I bought on cassette and when I put it in and pressed play the tape snapped

  14. oznog123

    Just for a laugh.. shit stains in my underpants...

  15. Paul Caldwell

    The 90,s the best oh the memories

  16. Paul Bancroft

    Respect girl 🎶❤️

  17. Алекс П

    Nostalgia ... I was crying from happiness 🔈🔉🔊👍👍👍

  18. Cristi Kes

    SASH! Super quality music! Greetings from Romania! 👌👍

  19. Graeme Watson

    I wanna go back to being 14(1997) back then life was simple for me it was

  20. Adriana1111000

    Una de las mejores canciones con un video muy interesante contando una historia atrapante. 💋💖💋💖💋💖💋🤩

  21. Taras Larik


  22. Саша Тузов

    Песня бомба!!!!

  23. appel tree banana

    2020, i know you are here!

  24. Gdfserdy Fgregnm

    That redhead chick, is she Traci Lords?

  25. Jason Morgan

    I remember 2020 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  26. Tibi276

    This song bring back beautiful memories of my youth, where all my friends and I went for parties during the summer time 24hrs non stop. Please God give me a chance to party like that just once more before I die.🎵🎵🎶🎷💪💪💪💪


    Bonjour je suis Jérémy thiritel de Guingamp 22 je suis fan absolue de votre tube stay et de tout vos tubes messieurs les mesdames les Sash et je suis fan absolue de tout vos tubes et je suis de Guingamp 22 et j ai 36 ans et je suis née le 09 12 1983 a pabu 22 a coter de Guingamp 22 et j ai 36 ans et j habite à Guingamp 22 depuis le lundi 4 mars de l'année de 2019 a Guingamp 22 salut je vous adore

  28. Amir Rahmati

    Wow, I have been searching for this song for all my life! Stay with me my dear family and friends for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. oigan quien la maquillo??

  30. nsa3679

    *ATB wants to know your location*

  31. Kelly Chapman

    What an era 🎶💯💃🏼

  32. Laura Mcfelin

    Still remember all the words!! Classic. God they were great years of music

  33. Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Letterbox and squash down a video that’s already widescreen, why don’t you.

  34. Gold Baby

    I am watching this right now - 19-1-2020, Music today is shit = even there dance music is nothing compared to the past

  35. Clynton Ian Van Tonder

    Listening in 2020. Love this song, when you turn the volume up that corus gets into your soul...😉🙏

  36. Phantom Worral

    This song makes me sad

  37. Sepp Huber

    90's best time of my life 😭

  38. Stephen Roberts

    I'm here January 2020 ...

  39. steven kerry

    i am the same age Linda this music keeps us young at heart 55 is not old we are mature .

  40. Santi Cuenca



    My teenage. Those days are gone .

  42. Marie Behan

    Still listening 2020👌

  43. Kristijan Novotni

    Where is this filmed? Bruxelles?

  44. yasmina Sow

    Omg this take me back in time

  45. sungsam

    2020 ❤️

  46. Andre Gonçalves

    masterpiece of trance eheheh

  47. Giuseppe Galione

    Ancora oggi..mi fa avere quel senso di Vertigini..che pezzo!

  48. تركي تركي

    يسلب أهل نيد

  49. István Valenta

    In 2020!!!!

  50. Marjolein Pls

    Awesome song

  51. chus rodriguez

    what amaizing song ,, for my God!!!

  52. Павел Карачагин

    Вот это вещи!!!

  53. Natali Gyrina

    Вовотьвмвбатаьаьатыа Л здравствуйте скажите пожалуйста сколько стоит на рост 152 в наличии есть ли у вас заказать вот такое ароматизированное масло в наличии такой костюм размер М будет в разрешении

  54. Bradley Ring

    Listening in 2020 !

  55. Prispace John

    2020 :)

  56. Laurens A.

    Announcing the next decade of the 21th century: STAY!

    Also: Who's watching this in 2020?

    And: I remember seeing this song on television back in the days. I wish I could go back in time (...NOT)!

    Scott Hopkins

    Yes yes

    Gary Conway

    Can't beat the old tunes

    Question Everything

    The times when they used to put time effort thought money imagination and originality into videos


    Cu,pecura,si, fa,u, lupu,,sa mangia!

  57. Floriana Rao

    Still listening in 2020!!❤️❤️

  58. Victory Road


  59. Ahmet Ozdemir

    2020 !!

  60. Nady V

    Still love this song in 2020

  61. francocatanese

    2020_ <{* *}>

  62. big mood mcMood

    Me running for the train

  63. Mr Unthinkable

    2020 anyone?

  64. Eloi Alves


  65. Tony Brabazon

    We are so very lucky to have been there and here 2020

  66. Mario Alberto Quintero Caro

    ¿Quién más escuchando hoy 31/Dic/2019?

  67. Michelle E

    Going into 2020 with this awesome tune....

  68. Jorg A

    The black women is not the true singer

  69. dcdh1983

    La Défense ! Paris !

  70. Natale De Martino

    2019 still here😃

  71. silverwater006

    as much as Im an 80's metalhead...90's EDM and trance was equally brilliant!.. I should know..I grew up in the 90's :)

  72. Sergio Aller

    Wooooooowwwww, yeeeees, listening after 20+ years, comeon sash!!! Go sash

  73. Pedro Castro

    Sash!! 1996 or 1997? After so long I still feel the same vibe!!!! Omg I'm old :(

  74. Jason Barton

    Give me a snowball lol

  75. Dany Flex

    Malinconia di quel periodo fantastico che non potrò mai scordare

  76. Axinte Mihai

    2019 !!

  77. Maksims Kulgajevs

    Помним-помним. Декабрь 2019.


    I was a child

  79. Михаил Бузакин

    БРАВО !!! декабрь 2019 .

    Михаил Бузакин

    С наступающим НОВЫМ 2020 ГОДОМ !!!

  80. Auto Markt

    We Are you now !!! I need You attack 90 ;) PL ;)

  81. Giorgia Piano

    Troppooooo 😍

  82. James Stuart

    Such a beautiful vocal! Xxx


    Me facinaaa este temaa

  84. Intoxicated Daze

    anyone listening in 2088 ?

  85. kikko milton

    Beautiful 😘😘

  86. CarryoutGull5

    Anyone think of mirrors edge watching this.😂 Such a brilliant song. I wish my generation liked this music too, no one I know in my school or others I know like it.


    its cause your generation is doomed with shit music taste

  87. Sepp Huber

    Who is listening in 2061?

  88. Paulie Roe

    I want 2 die 2 this song

  89. Kevin Stebanuk

    Great on the best stuff and back and the day ✌️🍻🍻🍻🤘

  90. Ricardo Amaral


  91. Rinat Yussupov

    December 2019?

    Scott Hopkins

    Yes yes love it

    Макс Фазатрон

    декабрь 28.2019

  92. Rubén Zavala

    Someone in 2059? 🤪🤪🤪