Sash - La Primavera Lyrics

[In Italian]

Allora dammi la tua mano
Ti farei scoprire il piu bel
tempo della primavera
La Primavera dell'amore

Io sono pronto

[In English]
Well then, give me your hand
I'd make you discover the most
Beautiful side of spring
The spring of love

I'm ready

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Sash La Primavera Comments
  1. Stuck in The 90s

    I was in love with the girl singing when i was a kid

  2. Grum Bum

    2020. Me 1919 😃😃😃😃😃

  3. Grum Bum

    Here wee F uckin go. Eckys Mitsubishis days gone bye 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  4. Krystian M

    those times when gasoline was so cheap

  5. Giovanni Paolucci

    Testo chiaramente scritto sotto l'effetto di oppiacei

  6. debojit swarnaker

    One of my favourite song of all time... 90's kid only know the beauty of this song.

  7. Hoganballs

    Your man looks like he’s driving up a bog road in the west of Ireland.

  8. Ewa Kamińska

    Dzięki, taka muza ociepla nam serca. Nie będzie zimy.🌱❤🌲

  9. tamim azhar


  10. Mowgz -c.o.v

    Sash or chicane ; )

  11. Ghost ryder

    20 years on and listening to thus


    2019, still a brilliant song. Better than the rubbish music nowadays thats for sure.

  13. VoyageOne1

    1:13 Gonna tell my kids this was Armin Van Buuren 🤣

  14. فقط یادمون باشه گول مجاهدین خلق نخوریم

    Its Classic trance 👍

  15. Juan Davalos

    Bella Canzone... Io sono pronto !!

  16. Habib Huseynov

    Old Uplifting Melodies <3 Still Like PORN!

  17. Святой Отец

    *this video needs to be re-shot in 4K, it will be fantastic!*

  18. C A

    Me acuerda mi infância 😍😍😍

  19. The King

    What a lucky guy with all those cute sexy lovely girls! Yummmyyy

  20. Abdallah El Aichi

    october 2019😍😍


    ঢযথতঙ‌্যরতগ ৎঋধৃম

  22. Andrew Guest

    Beautiful takes me back to happier times

  23. Minecraft Gamer

    Hey you took this of vivaldi

  24. Silver Fox

    still love Sash! - La Primavera 2019

    lee davidson

    Still one of the reasons I listen to trance. Memories 👌

  25. Tony Suley

    Im in Love.

  26. merel merell


  27. Zeeshan Zia

    What a happy tune 😌

  28. Nikola c290v


  29. Александр Андронов

    Alura danja. .. 🤟💎📀💥🇩🇪💥🎖️🏅❤️🎩🇱🇹

  30. Denisa Cuprova

    DENISA super písnička hlavně jak z pívá

  31. David DL

    Love this song

  32. Tomek Zawrotniak

    La bella musica italiana!

  33. gemini enigma

    When dance music had soul

  34. Roy Vincent

    Only noticed that the darurde feel the beat takes of from this music video!!

  35. Collins Sebugwawo

    da rude copied sash

  36. John Emery

    Great sound and such a sexy voice

  37. Malik Hussain

    Summer nights 😎

  38. Que pasa paradox


  39. Laura

    Bellissima ti fa viaggiare nel paese delle meraviglie

  40. Pedro Bonilla Bonilla

    El castellano es un idioma universar que en todo el mundo se habla💑💘 la verdad todo idioma es bonito traducirlo es que todos somos niños y niñas para aprender un poquito de toda lengua

  41. Usagi

    Qué recuerdos! Tema muy pegadizo de unos Sash! que se gastaron la pasta en ir hasta Hawai para hacer el videoclip (y no como con la de Ecuador, que la grabaron en Tenerife, España)

  42. Stéphan Bartstra


  43. John Emery

    Is there any music BETTER than this

  44. Happyalex_Happychannel

    Столько лет прошло. А трек не устарел нисколько.

  45. Hyper Band


  46. Pedro Bonilla Bonilla

    El amor es lo más hermosa de una mujer ti amó mucho maurita de mi vida contigo soy feliz amor

  47. Tomi Gertics


  48. buttman heugzzz

    Super souvenir!!! J’avais 19 ans a l’epoque😢 ca manque tellement .... SASH merci de nous avoir fait vibrer

  49. narcassistic necessity

    I remember my brother who was 1 years old he heard this on the TV and began nodding his head and bending his legs whilst leaning against a table... it was the first time he did such a thing... I never forgot this song since

  50. Amy Inker

    Banging track takes me back to my younger days.

  51. Darwin Watterson

    ずっと探してた!!!この曲!!!たまたまおすすめに出てきたの、信じられない。20歳のころ、ブラジル人の友達🇧🇷がいたから、ブラジルポルトガル語勉強してた時に出会った曲。プリマベーラ。ありがとう😊また会えた〜。踊るしかないねthanks .obrigada!

  52. Zuzana Pallová

    Wow!!! 😍😍😍🤗

  53. Guy Mcdonald

    2019 and never gets old!

  54. George Shannon

    I'm a big classic rock fan, but Sash and his chicks singing when I was at high school, takes me right back x

  55. marc nelsons

    My teenage years are back!

  56. jose rodriguez


  57. Martin z Olomouce

    Hi, folks, does anyone of you know, what is the original fanfare used in this song? It resembles Chariots of Fire from Vangelis, but it ain't that I think...

  58. GUS750

    io sono pronto

  59. MC Imbissbude

    this song is great becuse brings me to dream✌❤

  60. Shaun Nicholls

    First song I ever bought, I was 13/14 years old

  61. svnocturnalshadow

    Does anyone know a different version of video clip of this song? The one I watched on MTV (?) in Hungary at the time was very different from this. I remember it featured images as same as the cover photo of CD maxi-single. It helped me to find and buy the CD.

  62. Рузалия Камалиева

    It's 2019 today🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

  63. Jonazz Hönsson

    Spring and summer !! the time to enjoy life. Late autumn and winter = hibernation !!


    the best time is from September to the next June.

  64. Billy Idol Rockstar

    90s 00s

  65. Dessie McCrabbe

    Who's listening 2019

  66. Oleg Tatarin

    Така гарна киця.

  67. Miriam Cuevas

    Where was this filmed? In Reunion island?

  68. Frank van der Zijden

    2.09 He's like, bye bitch bye

  69. Maverick Saldaña Santivañez

    Blessing Ostara (spring equinox)

  70. Emese Papp

    La primavera de l'amore ❤

  71. Armin Kraxberger

    Still under 1 million views, deserves far better than that, encore une fois

  72. SmithsRus

    Still listening in 2019 I love Sash

    Rosé Goku Black

    i have loved sash since i heard their music

  73. Camo 4

    sash or chicane ?

  74. David Roman

    Good times good music.

  75. maxzamboni

    What is location of this video?

    Adrian Mannion

    I'm guessing it's clips from a good few countries. I recognise cliffs from my country Ireland in it.

  76. George Shannon

    I'm a rocker, but fucking love Sash! Especially at high school, memories xx

  77. dr00py2nd

    He doesnt find its way in the garden to a quiet place for a intercourse with the lady , the gate was closed making him that nights biggest looser .

  78. Bor1dj mix dance music fl studio

    наша юность шьёрт пбьери! 90 е рулят.

  79. Disobey Disconform

    Sash or Chicane?

    John Brett

    Disobey Disconform sash

  80. kamil bednarek

    Only G and D within this level of "upper rock and roll" and will be the 3rd Unlimited ...

  81. Bella Bright eye

    Still goin strong 2019 🤟🤟

  82. MouldyBolog Bolog

    a fantastic dance tune I never knew Sash were German I always got that good feeling when I heard this song

  83. Peter Cachovan

    Still one of my classic favorites,from 1998.
    Thanks for it :-)

  84. Prophetic Witness

    Sash was so underrated!?


    Prophetic Witness no! Sash is part of the history

  85. Anon Wibble

    Well then, give me your hand
    I'd make you discover the most
    Beautiful side of spring
    The spring of love

    I'm ready

  86. Alejandro Civitanovae

    who's that beautiful girl?I can't take my eyes off her

  87. Punchi Van Dyk


  88. Ivan Anastasov

    Amazing music, voice and video !

  89. Duane Locsin

    The Dj JamX & De Leon Remix version of this song is actually my favorite dance song of all time.
    It has some a good crescendo.

  90. Duh Sunnyday

    This guy takes the best vacations

  91. Aquarium 68


  92. Nostalgia Nostalgia

    Ohhh what a wonderful! from india

  93. Apple Jam

    С него начинался Танцевальный рай и мне он казался fullHD по тем меркам.

  94. My2CΞnts

    LOL... so the guy just leaves that girl there by the road block in the middle of nowhere... taking off in a helicopter with another girl?? Classy... xD

  95. Thomas

    1:38 just open that stupid farmersgate already what the f is your proble... sure get away in an helicopter oke fine pffft show offs!

  96. Shah Achilles

    love this. thanks spotify

  97. Menta e Mirto

    Io sono pronto! )
    Thanx from Ukraine 🇺🇦! Grazie tanto!

  98. Alex M

    Vangelis - Chariots of Fire.