Sarah McLachlan - Witness Lyrics

Make me a witness
take me out
out of darkness
out of doubt

I won't weigh you down
with good intention
won't make fire out of clay
or other inventions

will we burn in heaven
like we do down here
will the change come
while we're waiting

everyone is waiting

and when we're done
soul searching
as we carried the weight
and died for the cause
is misery
made beautiful
right before our eyes
will mercy be revealed
or blind us where we stand

will we burn in heaven
like we do down here
will the change come while we're waiting
everyone is waiting


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Sarah McLachlan Witness Comments
  1. Ron Smith

    me and my ex-girlfriend would stay up all night smoking crack. We would play this for the come down. We would lay in my bed with our addiction between us and with tears in our eyes.

  2. fraziermay

    So freakin sexy❣️🎤💗🎶

  3. Lori B

    Her voice is just heavenly.
    I am so worn out by life.
    Her voice brings calm to my very soul!

  4. statikreg

    This song went on to save me from religion.

    Steve Baker

    Don't get caught up in man made religion but there is an awesome relationship, love and freedom you are missing.

  5. Gee Jones

    Still one of my favs in almost 2020❤❤❤ damn I love this song Lol & Sarah is a genius. They don't make artists with content like this anymore.

  6. Vaughn Kopacz

    from '97, this song sounds so fresh to what is played today.

  7. Wayne Shields

    Forget Angel. This is far and away Sarah’s most stunning song. It’s so underrated.

  8. Ron Smith

    Reminds me of one of my first loves back in 99

    Patrick O'Donnell

    One can only have one first love.

  9. Precious Jewel

    Exactly what I was looking for.......

  10. Howard Sullivan

    this is be back soon w pooh

  11. D Mac

    Metal as fuck.

  12. Cece Valenzuela

    So graceful and true

  13. Selfidiedfucku Steelwill

    brother invinTiens covoqq

  14. Calling All Spirits

    Still love this song in 2018. This album was everything to me when I was 18 - im 33 now


    Calling All Spirits same here, now im 34

    Fabrizio S

    Definitely got me through some heartache....

  15. Ethereal Catholic

    This song is even better now that I'm older and have decades of regret.

  16. joshbusby47


    One of my favorite guitar solos ever. Super unconventional and unexpected...and fits this song so perfectly. I just love it.

    D Mac

    Yeah, it's the best thing ever. <3

    Wayne Shields

    We played this song on the portable stereo while camping by a lake once. You just get taken away into the stars by it. It’s so fucking magical.

  17. Jacob Accurso

    . . .listening to these words, I am undone. Just no words for these words.

  18. duncan w craig

    This song changed my life I swear !!

  19. Dustin Smith

    To be played at my funeral.

  20. Lisa Michelle

    this reminds of 911 back then sometging was bugging and I didnt know what but this song made it clear.....everyone who perished gave their lives for CHANGE that we are all waiting for RIP to all in thar horrifically planned nightmare

  21. chuddah chuddingsworth

    Who can think about heaven while we're all so busy fucking everything up down here.

  22. brandonedge

    why is it not 16 million views instead of 16 thousand

  23. Denise Caraway

    I love this whole CD! but this song is extra cozy...ya know

  24. unearthedtruths

    I love this song... all her songs she touches you when you're in pain.

  25. Montgomery Denzer

    Beautiful music and words that should touch the soul