Sarah McLachlan - Prayer Of Saint Francis Lyrics

Lord make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light.
And where there is sadness, joy.

O divine master grant that I may
not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love
For it is in giving that we receive-
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
And it's in dying that we are born to eternal life.

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Sarah McLachlan Prayer Of Saint Francis Comments
  1. Sct.Juliet

    please cover il signore by ryan cayabyab

  2. Mike Raftery

    The right place to spend my money

  3. fookdatchit

    I've had this as my home page for about 10 days and now I'm starting to understand it a lot more, its giving me goose bumps, of joy.

  4. Sunetra Gunewardena

    Since my middle name from birth is Frances, I always prayed to St. Francis; asked him to make me a loving, giving person. This version is so far the best, thanks to Sarah MacLachlan's School of Music. The children did a fantastic job.

  5. Jonathan Luna

    Tomorrow is the feast day of st francis dear st francis pray for us

  6. Forrest Gump

    I can listen to this every day.. so beautiful.

  7. LVX 111 fer

    Thank you, Sarah, it brought a tear to my eye. This is it, what it's all about. We used to have coffee in OC, I'm Raul Fernandez. Found this at the perfect time. How are you, how have you been?

  8. Fran Parkinson

    Very beautiful wow

  9. Julio Aranton

    My favorite one...

  10. SilentBob731

    There is no Divine Voice greater than Sarah McLachlan... ;-)

  11. Keith l

    Would love to see a listing of the accompanying musicians/orchestra for this video. The arrangement is outstanding.

  12. Keith l

    For Aurora ❤️✌🏻🙏🏼

    Veritas Aequitas

    In Louisiana.. it was

  13. Sultan Aman

    Heartfelt, it brings forth rivers of tears and peace.

  14. Malinda Hewlett

    😎🇨🇦☯️✌ When it feels like you've been raped of your consent of intimacy that was partaken because the agreements implied were feasible at the time, then one of the parties changes the consensus on the other and causes them pain or suffering that person who knowingly harmed the other in that way should be help accountable. It is in these things that our spirits, souls and soon to be born in the universe are abused. The inflicting party wouldn't want the their beliefs and wellnessess abused without their consent. So basically, most pain and suffering in this world stems from individuals and systems that impede to not adhere to consents. Society world wide has taken privliage of these injustices, which has left this world in a state of contemptive strife unilaterally. These un-marshalled human #autracities are the main causes of the orphaned, the trauma inflicted and the incapable ones. Changing policy + Give up harm causing pleasures = A more productive, harmonious and peaceful world!

  15. Kevin Crinks CFC

    Quite lovely

  16. Fr. Nathan Brooks+

    amen pax vobiscum+

  17. Paula Mariana Moreschi

    So beautiful lovely !!.Thanks for share . From Argentina with love and gratitude !!.

  18. Chris Cain

    Wonderful Sarah x

    Veritas Aequitas

    Yes. Same Brad

  19. Scott N.

    Forgetting of one's self that one finds

  20. Keith l

    There is no equal to this arrangement and performance of this classic. Love, love love it. Peace

  21. Br. Joseph Mussa, O.S.F.


  22. Brendan Barnes

    May god bless you all

  23. Paulo Cardoso

    There's a wonderful interpretation of this prayer sung in portuguese 'oração de São Francisco'

  24. Keith l

    Stunning version. Peace.

  25. Joel Finch

    This song needs to be an hour long.

  26. Grace Reyes

    Are you seriously telling me the sad dog commercial lady is the singer at the end of Grave from Buffy? Mind Blown.


    It’s so painful to know that she’s pretty much relegated to being “the sad dog commercial lady” by a lot of people... :/ lol

  27. DebbieJo Lederer

    Prayer of Saint Francis
    Sarah McLachlan
    Lord make me an instrument of your peace
    Where there is hatred let me sow love
    Where there is injury, pardon
    Where there is doubt, faith
    Where there is despair, hope
    Where there is darkness, light
    And where there is sadness, joy
    O divine master grant that I may
    not so much seek to be consoled as to console
    to be understood as to understand
    To be loved as to love
    For it is in giving that we receive
    it is in pardoning that we are pardoned
    And it's in dying that we are born to eternal life

    Michelle R Jackson

    Angel Shining Thank you! Jesus be with you.. Sarah recorded this precious song ,for a reason.. Jesus bless you!


    Thank you very much for taking the trouble to write it out. Much appreciated.

  28. Heather Pechin Myers

    I'm sad that the link for the sheet music doesn't work any more. Is there a way to buy it somewhere?
    I would like to sing this with my church choir. :-)

  29. 1Sandwitch1

    Buffy....Buffy only brought me here. :]

    Joel Finch

    In these dark times, I feel I need the hope that BtVS embodied more than ever.

  30. dan

    That's an impressive class of vampire slayers she's got going there.

  31. Connie Campbell

    This is always my go to song when I feel like quitting or giving up on life. This is exactly what this world needs to "really hear" right now.

  32. Mary Elizabeth Thomassen


  33. Jay Wetton

    There's no improvement on the prayer of st francis of assisi

  34. Mirell Keppy

    awesome, i really like it❤

  35. Janette Stuart

    So beautiful.

  36. Georgena Millar

    Given the events of this week in New Orleans, Minnesota and Dallas, we all need to sing this prayer.....together!!

    That's ok!

    Speacially considering that St. Francis tried to stop muslim invasion by trying to convert the sultan.

  37. xiana allison

    Had this song played at my grandmother's funeral today. Made me tear up...

    That's ok!

    May she find the True Peace.

    Mary Elizabeth Thomassen

    Xiana Allison, similar, this is a go-to song at funerals in my family. Makes me tear up, too. But, also gives me good memories of the high school where I went, where St. Francis was our patron saint. May your grandmother rest in peace.

  38. afron framble

    I love <3

  39. relnak9

    A great song for the tragedy that has occurred in Brussels, Belgium and other recent stricken communities!

  40. Danny Hidalgo


  41. Daniel Marques

    I've just lost a friend in Brazil who was murdered by gunshot attack..We all are having hard times...
    Thanks St Francis to help me.


    Daniel Marques praying for your continued peace

  42. Dianne Budzinski

    For a long time I've struggled to get my life together. I came across this prayer in a book called Buddist Boot camp and it helped me sort out some of the issues in my life. A few months later, I came across this video and was so moved by it. I have been a fan of Sarah Mclachlan for nearly 20 years now and to have her sing this just adds to the comfort I get from the words I get from this prayer. These are certainly words to live by.

  43. Michael Kaufmann

    Link doesn't work

  44. Valarious V

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Hail Mary full of Grace.
    Here is some consoling, well probably not; the fingers (so called peace sign) at 1:47 are known as the "Crow's foot" and is used in satanism to put curses on people. It is the inversion of the "broken cross" that in satanism / occult represents rejection of Christ and HIS Divinity; It is a blaspheme of Jesus Christ.
    At least we can say this is not devil music.
    God bless.

  45. Caroline B

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing this amazing talent and this prayer!

  46. Lance Earl Woods

    God Bless you and keep you, my friends.

  47. realskybluepink

    <3 Beautiful, way to go once again, Sarah McLachlan and students. :D

  48. Nola West

    OK!  I didn't know this was going to start the tears rolling
    You are all so beautiful!
    ~ peace!

  49. Buckeye Five

    Excellent ladies.  Kudos... Sarah.  Peace Penance and Prayer found me here.

  50. Viny Chu

    love, peace & serenity...always, amen.

  51. Joni Christian


  52. Pia Christensen

    the bit about you (mar-works) find that this song remind you of an episode of buffy, is funny, because it is actuelly played at the end of the last episode of season 6, of buffy, the episode: Grave

  53. Mar-Works

    For some reason listening to this song reminds me of the episode of buffy the vampire slayer "the body" something very painful to many...

    Lana Pearce

    the episode with this song was called 'Grave'. It was the season 6 finale 😀


    I know I heard this song when buffy left town..


    +Mar-Works Actually, Sarah's song "Full of Grace" plays when she leaves town in "Becoming". "Prayer of St. Francis" plays at the end of "Grave" when Buffy regains her will to live and Xander talks Willow down from her rampage.


    Mar-Works no that was full of grace season 2

  54. ange m


  55. JPart


  56. John Dye

    A great video--reflect on the words and continue to be an influence for good in the world! "Prayer of St. Francis by Sarah McLachlan" #BecauseofHim

  57. Carla Childress

    For it's in giving that we receive
    And it's in pardoning that we are pardoned
    And it's in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

  58. EyeCandyAthlete

    Very nice Sarah.

  59. razrv3lc

    Get over yourself. I'm sure you think you're enlightened but you're just as confused as most everyone on this planet. People can believe what they want, although if you knew anything about Sarah, you'd know she's not Christian. If I recall correctly, this is just a poem that she put to music.

    Donna Wilkey

    razrv3lc , it is called the Prayer of St. Francis, a Catholic, Christian. It begins, O Divine Master. He was a man for all of creation, like Jesus.


    Why is this a comment by itself? It was a reply to someone but now it’s just out here like I randomly made this super aggressive comment lmao

  60. Mahastee

    Beautiful!  You are doing an amazing thing, keep up the good work. :)

  61. Barry Gram

    Poor, dear, confused Sarah. Trying to pass-on phony, made up religion to the next generation of gullible goofs. Wish Sarah would sing about something that actually exists, like Realism, instead of non-existent Gods. (But we still love dear Sarah).
    Barry Gram     Carol Stream, Illinois


    @Barry Gram You're the only person I have ever seen sign their name, and put their location too?  Why?  Do you want people to know where you live????  Why do multiple people have access to your youtube account?  That's not a good idea.  people can post things on their behalf and then people would think it's you.  You really shouldn't do that.  I'm not a millenial and you're a moron.  You're stupid, an idiot, and need serious help.  I've tried to be patient with you, but it's useless, so go do us all a favor and not interact with people in comment sections.  You're mean, condescending and have a weird, warped view of reality.  BTW, it's also a really stupid idea to not just put your real name, but to also put your location.  You're just inviting problems doing that.  Anyone can use that information you, yourself, put out there.  I mean, how dumb! 

    Barry Gram

    +sprybug Dear sprybug: You'll never get into oblivion with an attitude like that. Seems the memo I sent you upset you. Sorry.(Thought you were a millenial, could be a pre-teen to a senior citizen). Don't worry, hundreds and hundreds of people know where I live. You see, Realists have to be transparent and credible--comes with the territory. Now just because I told you something you didn't know doesn't make me condescending. Understand? And always telling me what to do, are you trying to become my big, bossy sister? Start talking about something important, like Realism, not irrelevant minutia(which you tend to be obsessed with).
    Barry Gram 555 Thornhill, Carol Stream, Illinois


    Why not enjoy it for the beautiful song it is? Honestly, can you not see it as a beautiful way to live in and of itself ?  Even with God removed. It has merit.

    Jay Wetton

    yes well said that man. Understanding. love, joy, peace etc these are measurable traits as real as you or I


    Barry Gram I’m sure you have your points to your ‘realism’ but don’t go insulting people of religions and other sorts. It’s rude, and really quite annoying. I get that you -and..I guess everyone- need to make your point known, but don’t go being mean about, and to others and their life. Also, regarding their real name. They make their own choices, and if they don’t want to reveal their name or address/location, they have their own right not to show it. I’m a Catholic, but I’m not going around shoving it in people’s faces and trying to turn them into one unless they really feel they want it. It’s their choice, not mine, or yours. The same goes for “Realism.”

  62. Ramon Avila

    Wonderful voices!

  63. GERMANYkev

    Buffy <3

    Ward Heller

    But also Xander, and Willow

  64. Groud Frank

    Oh Divine Master grant that I may:
    Not so much seek to be consoled as to console,
    To be understood as to understand.
    To be loved as to love

    I want to live these words.

  65. Laurence Mehlhorn

    Funny video. Nice singing. By the way your very talented.and attractive.

  66. Larry Sullivan

    What a beautiful and inspirational gift for the season. So needed in the face of so much turmoil in the world. Thank you Sarah.

  67. Michael Conners

    too much cacophony???  LOLLLLLLL   ty,  best laugh this Christmas

  68. George McConnell

    What a great gift God has given this kind and gentle soul named Sarah! We are blessed to be able to enjoy her worshipful voice!

  69. Rafael Amigo Marcos

    Thank you so so so so much!

  70. Paolo Trevisan

    Thanks for this beautiful and touching gift. Thank you.

  71. MersadVerlagFilm

    Beautiful rendition of one of my favorite Sarah McLachlan songs.

  72. Susan Cole

    What a beautiful video. I'm still smiling. :)

  73. Jennifer Lillie

    This is a beautiful redo of this song, I really appreciate it

  74. Todd Wright

    Sarah, you're a gift to us all. Thanks ever so very much. Bring back Lilith Fair! 

  75. 50catjackify

    There is no greater blessing than a life in service to those who are "the least among us", be they 4 legged or bipedal. Service to them is service to God. St. Francis is the example. :-) thank you Sarah for embracing the spirt and helping the helpers. Truly invaluable! You're in our hearts and prayers. Merry Christmas. :-)

  76. Kittycatty999

    Love it! Beautiful message performed beautifully. 

  77. aussiemummy11

    Beautiful, thank you Sarah!

  78. Bonnie Liebmann

    Thank You Sarah--very nice

  79. Cathy Caplener

    Perfect timing for this song for all generations to hear and take to heart from around the world. Peace.

  80. Mark van Setten

    Already loved your earlier version of this song. This is just gorgeous. Well done all of you. Thank you.

  81. Firstname Lastname

    Too much cacophoney of voices.  Not well controlled.  Sorry.

  82. VegansRockTheWorld

    Beautiful! Thank you!