Sarah McLachlan - Adia Lyrics

Adia I do believe I failed you
Adia I know I let you down
don't you know I tried so hard
to love you in my way
it's easy let it go...

Adia I'm empty since you left me
trying to find a way to carry on
I search myself and everyone
to see where we went wrong

'cause there's no one left to finger
there's no one here to blame
there's no one left to talk to honey
and there ain't no one to buy our innocence
'cause we are born innocent
believe me Adia, we are still innocent
it's easy, we all falter
does it matter?

Adia I thought we could make it
but I know I can't change the way you feel
I leave you with your misery
a friend who won't betray
I pull you from your tower
I take away your pain
and show you all the beauty you possess
if you'd only let yourself believe that
we are born innocent
believe me Adia, we are still innocent
it's easy, we all falter, does it matter?
believe me Adia, we are still innocent
'cause we are born innocent
Adia we are still
it's easy, we all falter ... but does it matter?

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Sarah McLachlan Adia Comments
  1. lightningsmokerXx

    Sarah McLachlan is a great talent no doubt. But she has a bit of an oddball way of dressing.

  2. Francisco Neto

    I totally love this song.And frankly speaking, what a beautiful and charming singer...

  3. Mrs Isashah

    Who is Adia

    Devil Dog US Marine

    Yo momma

  4. Merritt Steinbach

    Fuck. This crap brings tears to my eyes. I find it impossible to fathom there are 792 people who were compelled to thumb down this song. This is the sort of stuff that restores my faith in music. I know it's been awhile since anything this beautiful came out of the music business, but it will again, it will. Black Sabbath this morning, Sarah McLachlan this evening. By the way, I have a song I want you to sing Sarah - only you can do it justice - my voice can't hit the highs. It's not as good as this one, but it's a good one. It's called Farewell Friend

  5. ellenmouzinho

    Essa é pra você, meu amigo (isso mesmo, você eh meu amigo real oficial kkk). Não é das suas músicas emos mas você vai ter que engolir hahah.

    Um abraço gigantesco, meu xuxu.

    Dear friend, I thought that we could make it
    I know I can't change the way you feel
    I leave you with your misery
    A friend who won't betray
    I pull you from your tower
    I take away your pain
    And show you all the beauty you possess
    If you'd only let yourself believe

    That we are born innocent
    Believe me, dear friend, we are still innocent
    It's easy, we all falter
    Does it matter?

  6. Buffalo Wallows

    Beautiful voice, beautiful girl in a beautiful dress. I was blown away by her beauty back then. She’s even more beautiful now.

  7. Carla Lavoie

    Shes amasing her voice her style its a pure talent 🎁🎀👌😍2020 what an artistes !!!!!

  8. TheNewApelles

    Whenever I hear Sarah McLachlan, I can begin to understand why the Greek sailors used to shipwreck listening to the voices of the sirens...

  9. Norberto Afonso Fernandes

    tu ÊS demais , mundo a parte tudo BOM.

  10. Aidia M.

    I was named after this song 😊 my mom changed the spelling because she thought people would say it wrong. Dang was she wrong, no one can say my name at first lol

  11. Paulo Junior

    No Encerramento de Torre de Babel Tinha Essa Música

  12. Rob Robi

    What a lady


    For my sister Julie (& for Ash, so sorry I couldn't take care of you better.)

  14. Maurício Sória


  15. Marcus Soderlund

    Sarah is my favorite even after all these years. But back then I jus had the CDs and never saw a music video.
    Her eyes in "Building a Mystery" look so different from here in the "Adia" video. Now I *know* I'm in the Matrix...

  16. johnyasmin13

    We all falter! Does it matter? These words cut through the heart 💔

  17. Michael Raffaele

    I know a lot of people who rip on Sarah and give people crap for liking her, but she really has written some great songs and this is her masterpiece. gorgeous song.

  18. inthekorner1

    No one left to finger? 😉

  19. Paulo Ricardo Maia

    Avril Lavigne brought me here...

  20. Beau Long

    Great song from 1997🎶

  21. Matthew James Lowery Psy.D

    I'm struggling to believe. I'm struggling with a lot of stuff

  22. THERESA Loos

    I think of my son every time I hear this song. He became an addict and lives in prison. When she sings Aidia I do believe I failed you, it cuts deep into my soul.



  23. FaithHope Love

    I always thought this song was about a woman who miscarried her baby.

  24. Rapheth Martin

    I like that,bit has a nice Melody and she has a beautiful voice.

  25. Negligent Gamer

    She looks like the late 90s

  26. james musisca

    this woman can sing big time

  27. james musisca

    there's no one left to talk to


    Baffled King Composts Hallelujah

  29. 林道に強い弁護士


  30. Max Tew

    This always gets backlash, but I'm a punker and big fan Elvis Costello, Jeff Lynne, and other great songwriters, but female vocalists are a no go for me. The composition of this song, though -- holy cow. Just beautiful.

  31. giannhs Stathop.

    I learned this song by avril lavigne and now I am here!!!!

  32. Bruno Sales Silvestre

    +5533984315678 whatsapp

  33. 양명호

    beatiful song!

  34. Mike Raftery

    Adia is her girlfriend and former girlfriend to Ashwin Sood. How they remain friends is an amazing example of compassion.

  35. Adia

    Dont ever name your children adia please. She will get called aids for her whole life. Believe me I know

    Celeste Cosimini

    Love you Adia

  36. Stacey Alsup

    I love this video. Not to mention the song. I love, love, * love* the song!!!

    Andrew Garner

    Nice, I listen to this song every few days. Such a good tune...

  37. Margaret Granados

    I listened to this song in my early 20’s and Now in my early 40’s!! Still so emotional..

  38. Anthony Campion

    Most beautiful woman and singer there is.

  39. Nazri Buang


  40. James Orr

    Sara is beautiful

  41. Luiz Santana

    When i watsh this tune and i see the world trade center on the final scene. "Putz" ... i don´t believe because today the WTC not exist no more. I know , the song is amazing, and i love it, but this tune turn me some memories ... sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and i going the way ...

  42. Cynthia Corcoran

    I'm the international smile. Cynthia Corcoran.

  43. Cynthia Corcoran

    I'm Royal soprano at seven years old, I'm Alamater at Eleven.

  44. dark skull

    I was obsessed with this album, specifically this song 😸 when I was 11 or 12 thanks to my older sister 💓

  45. toni kroos

    after a cover performed by Avril Lavigne / после кавера в исполнении Аврил Лавин

  46. sAngello31

    Prefiero la versión de Avril :v

  47. Krystal Olivera

    my mom named me after this song. (it’s my middle name)

  48. -별헤는밤

    지금 들어도 좋다

  49. Moflow

    The best music has no high def option 😉

  50. Melissa Skillens

    I'm looking for a boyfriend that likes this music, we would like each other

  51. estela ubarte

    I met Sara Mclachlan 5 years ago, her voice captivated me from the first time, I think it's an incredible voice ... and Aida is a very good musically song, lyrically fulfills her goal, it is perceived, she feels captivated you, she is shocked , if a song achieves all that and more ... it is for me a good song .... I belong to a generation in which music was maximized and this song is proof of this .... the reasons and the reasons given to write this song were not the best and it was an atrocious, low and treacherous act .... and this song came out, tender, touching, sweet .... thus hiding a bad, negative and perverse feeling. .. I am sure that Sarah is already sorry for this action, because everything, everything we pay here in this world .... it's time to apologize, have a firm purpose of not doing it again and move on

  52. Jesse Fritz

    She's just so beautiful!! Incredible voice and pure talent!!

  53. foxyroxstar

    I'm Only Here To Suggest A Crown! Another LassieSongWORLD QX! Tha'd Be Us Innermost!..Should You Join In With The 1810-12 Mudflood Examinations and Evidence..Maybe the Orphan Trains Were Those Who Are INNOCENT In a WAR! Against THOSE! Abnormal to The True Human Being In Size! That FREQUENCY WAR of His ANGELS Against Their Former Fellow Angels' Offspring Having Dominated! The Greats. Fox! Rock's Czar! 5 Years Into The Future!!! It'd Matter.. 18 Wheeler.. 3:58

  54. David mack

    Meaning: Generally vague about the specific meaning, McLachlan did admit in an interview that one of several inspirations behind this song is her relationship with her best friend. Their relationship was rocky for a period of time after Sarah started seeing her current husband, who her best friend had dated in the past.

  55. Adia Keller

    I was named after this song

  56. Adia Keller

    My name is adia


    Wonderful Voice.

  58. Eric St-Denis

    Thank you Sarah. Love you

  59. Johny Ricco

    Back in the 90s we didn't realize how good the music was. Everyone was comparing our songs to the 60s and 70s. It really was the decade when we should have lived in the moment more.


    Actually the late 90’s was kind of a terrible time for pop culture. That’s why everyone was wishing it was some other time. I remember it well.

    Vibhor Batra

    It was a different dimension, we are on the other side now. It all ended on 2000


    @Vibhor Batra Nothing ended or began in 2000. It was just a year, sadly.

  60. ケーキ

    i found this song on yt when i was starting to get depressed at 11 and today im 19 at my worst listening to it again for different reasons🙃 but i love it so so much..

  61. Mike Cashman

    Witches belong in Ditches......savy??

  62. ᄃᄅᄀᄂ


  63. osaghadia Agho

    My name in English is adia last four letters

  64. Jahr 1997

    tomorrow 10 years pubished video in youtube :0

  65. Walter ricardo goñi


  66. clarissa r

    Takes me back

  67. y tho

    When I was a kid, this song was super corny to me. For some reason it popped into my head for the first time in 20 years. It's really good now. Damn.

  68. 鄭暐琳

    How unbelievable that this good song just received only millions of views in this ten years .l mean,it deserves much more views.

  69. Stephen Powdexter

    My favorite song from her. Adia is a strange choice of names but it’s ok. She’s so pretty and sweet singing this.

  70. Dean Solistino

    The antithesis of modern sleeze

  71. Drecarn way

    Still listning this song 2019

  72. Dr. Acula

    I don’t like her stuff I’m a rocker but this song is incredible

  73. 꿀꾸리꿀


  74. Alex Lin

    2019 anyone



  75. Eye Cats

    괜히 아디아의 전 남자친구와 사귀는 바람에 사이가 안 좋아져서 미안한 마음에 노래를 만들어 화해를 하려했지만 결혼까지 하고 현재는 이혼을 한 상태 알고보면 어이가 없는 노래

  76. Brenda Nash

    I loved you rich or poor.. How much money does your loving husband want?

  77. Kevin Stern

    Summer 1998

  78. The Smiling Titan Sama

    Avril's cover is also amazing in its own way!

  79. james brock

    beautiful song and beautiful artist

  80. Tubbs FAT!

    This song was released the year in which my entire life was turning upside down. I’ve had nearly everything taken from me since then; my family, my friends; my life (4 times).

    This used to be one of my favorite songs. I’m turning 30 very soon and all the pain I’ve experienced has disabled my ability to grieve appropriately. Hearing this again for the first time in so long has me crying deeply for the first time in so very, very long. I’m so thankful for this masterpiece of music. It’s euphoric to cry again.

  81. Gui lindo

    Ela é maravilhosa👏👏👏💚💛💚😉🌹🌷🍻🍝

  82. NOT SURE

    in 1999 i was with a mate up mount rainier near seattle and we got trapped by a snow storm , so we pulled into a hotel to wait it out and this album was playing , i fell in love with it immediatly and am still listening to it . its even better now i can watch the videos .

  83. Enrique Von Quin

    Let's get the 725 names of the idiots who disliked this song!

  84. 1Loyal King

    Beautiful song, woman and personality!!👍🏾👍🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. tawnteens

    This is my favorite love song

  86. Shannan Teegarden

    I'm just saying if you think I found this song while with other so beautiful on accident wish it could be said in a cent it's why we separated a d never do we either one take blame your adai
    And your mom probly wrote it for you and it's easy to get money minioulations out here and then it is 2019 with 20 20 you see better hurry it's real gods on the why nothing is all we think or look for and we find what

  87. Mike Traver

    This is great, but... where in the hell are those killer backing vocals? The single _doesn't_ have them?

  88. Franklin Amanda

    I love this song so much!!

  89. He_is_73ON

    One of my guilty pleasures is this song

  90. Sir Bruno Laurent 11

    Maravilhosa. Ate que a Avril.. eita, Melissa Sandoval , tentou, mas nao conseguiu superar.

  91. MonicaG

    Those eyes...

  92. Jason Strickland

    Sara mclachlan reminds me of a female Jesus.

  93. T. Lindfield

    Back in the day when female singers used their talent to sell a beautiful song and not their bodies. #everydaysexism

  94. GS UENO

    Sao Paulo Brazil

  95. Clint Wensley

    Canada is on my much great homegrown talent. I remember when Mark Norman of Perryscope came to Plaza of Nations and asked to use Discovery Theater for a new young (15) year old female singer.....of course I said yes go for it

    The she sang....OMG

    Happy to be apart of Sarah's start

  96. bramleyddraig

    Beautiful song by a beautiful woman.

  97. Ultradude

    If you're in your 30's or 40's. This is our jam.