Sarah Jarosz - Over The Edge Lyrics

Flip the switch and turn the night on
Drop the needle on an old song
Break the ice and pour it my way
Turn the key and light the highway

Lay me down beneath the shadows
Meet me where the wild things grow
Kick the moon and watch it shatter
I don’t mind if it don’t matter

Hanging out
Hanging out over the edge

Endless lines of information
Change the words & change the station
Endless cries of complication
Is anybody even listening?


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Sarah Jarosz Over The Edge Comments
  1. E. J. Breider

    What a voice ! What creative songwriting !

  2. neverbeen2

    there's always 7 aint there :(

  3. dlc1119

    I don't quite recognize the guitar player but I'm pretty sure it isn't Brad Pitt. ?

  4. Bob Reising

    Where do the wild things grow? Please someone take me there

  5. Difficultfuckhead

    Wow...that's the medicine...

  6. MegaTyler93

    This reminds me of another country song and I can't recall what it was called. the beginning lyrics in particular sound very much like it. Can anyone help me?

  7. Jesse Mullen

    I cannot stop listening to this genius singer/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter. Everything she does is gold!

  8. Hemi *

    Sarah, you rock.

  9. E Vasquez

    Just love me some Sarah😍🎵🎼🎧

  10. Jim

    Yet another gem from this incredibly talented woman. I feel blessed to have heard her!

  11. aka MsL8nite

    Just heard "When Does Cry" Spotify Studios. Is this on any of your albums?

  12. Clifford Holloway

    love it

  13. Mckerness Kimberly

    she seemed to have disappeared which sucks coz i love her stuff and her voice..

    Dustin Clark

    Mckerness Kimberly didn't she just release a new album?

    Mckerness Kimberly

    oh maybe!? i had no idea!

  14. 2 Hearts

    raw talent

  15. Eric L

    So lovely.

  16. Neal Smith

    It is total joy that I hear from everything this wonderfully talented lady performs I feel the joy she feels in the very art of creation of such beautiful music it touches my soul & makes me smile

  17. Debbie Sheegog

    I totally am blown away by her, and her companion musicians who are key in the whole performance, THANK YOU - amazing concert in Saxapahaw, N. C.

  18. Reverend Benzo

    I can not express the love that I have for her.

  19. SempreGumby



    Love this!

  20. Rohan Casukhela

    While I do enjoy the trio version, this version is the definitive version. The phrasing and timbre of the acoustic is unbeatable here.

  21. D Williamson

    over the ridge @ thunder hill AT (appalachine trail)

  22. L00PYLOOP

    You're really in the move with the music... I hope one day you will play in France ^^

  23. Joseph Settanni

    great duo, any idea who that guy is? they sound really great together

    Katherine Forbes

    Jedd Hughes... they co-wrote the song together!

    Joseph Settanni

    Thanks...such a great tune and I love how he smiles while they click...great tune...thanks for letting me know...

  24. Antonio De Sadier

    This girl is talented beyond her years! As time goes by, she will be an outstanding artist to watch and listen too!

    Robert Fata

    I've been saying the same thing since I first heard her in 2009. One day she will have the same legendary status as Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks.

    Antonio De Sadier

    No doubt!

    Birgit Albrecht

    She is already outstandig!

  25. Mouse

    aah her voice gives me chills

    Ken Edwards

    Me too!


    Why do you have to talk like that?  "It gives me chills etc"   Keep that stuff to yourself.


    it's called feedback...this what comment section is for, can someone teach some common sense to this guy :l

    Sean St

    It gives me chills too! Get over it. They're tingly goosebumps all over your body. Lol.

  26. Greta Huneke


  27. dtliderbach