Sarah Geronimo - We Are Tomorrow Lyrics

What do we have to do?
To make our dreams come true
Where do we have to go?
To find the chosen notes
We can make it if we try
Without anger without pride
How do we find the sight?
To see what’s wrong or right
When will we see the day?
When peace on earth forever reigns
We can make it if we try
No more sorrows no more lies

We are tomorrow
We are the hope for a better day
We are the future
If stand strong and find a way
We can make a brighter sunshine through
This darkness of our lives

Why do we have to fight?
If people say that love is might
Can’t we forget the hate?
And together march to heaven’s gate
We can make it if we try
No more sorrows no more lies

[Repeat Chorus]

If every body can see
If every body can see
If every body can believe
If every body can believe

[Repeat Chorus]

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Sarah Geronimo We Are Tomorrow Comments
  1. Lawrence Gaming

    2019 Graduation - just a bookmark for future me ;)

  2. BS IT III A

    2004 elementary graduation song

  3. Mae Irene Lungay

    2019 graduation song. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Benz Alcala

    Graduation song masbate national comprehensive high school batch 2004-2005

  5. MoNa Wang

    7 years ago our graduation song in high school

  6. Atsobi Namine

    Kindergarten song 2006. Awwwwww. Look how time flies so fast. Im an incoming college freshman now. Hoping for best

  7. Chi Hicban

    Recognition song lol

  8. iiDamnIt's Rōsé

    Kanta naming nung graduation 😭 2017-2018
    Sa aming guro at magulang,we are tomorrow , (may isa pa eh yung nakakaiyak pero pang graduation binigay namin yung flowers sa magulang namin)

  9. Gelo Gaming

    Our Recognition Song right now March,29,2019

    Remî Twilightღ Flåmeheart Lïzkøøk ღ

    This is also our recognition song but March 24, 2019

    Julia's World

    Mine too!

  10. Trina Guzman

    Lol ng guro ko ay naglalaro ita so kaklase ko!

    Julia's World

    Trina Guzman haha!

  11. Roselle Tizon

    2007 elementary graduation song😭

    yamin nasser

    Yah hahahaa

  12. Nathalie Masbang

    Nakaka touch 😢😢😢 nakaka iyak

  13. Meryl Mariano_29

    nakaka touch😪😪😪

  14. Althea Seannalee Reyes


  15. Jeff Vincent


  16. Jeff Vincent