Sarah Brightman - Think Of Me Lyrics

[Christine (Sarah):]
Think of me
Think of me fondly
When we've said
Remember me
Once in a while
Please promise me
You'll try

When you find
That, once
Again, you long
To take your heart back
And be free
If you
Ever find
A moment
Spare a thought
For me

We never said
Our love
Was evergreen
Or as unchanging
As the sea
But if
You can still
Stop and think
Of me

Think of all the things
We've shared and seen
Don't think about the things
Which might have been

Think of me
Think of me waking
Silent and

Imagine me
Trying too hard
To put you
From my mind

Recall those days
Look back
On all those times
Think of the things
We'll never do
There will
Never be
A day, when
I won't think
Of you

[Raoul (Steve):]
Can it be?
Can it be Christine?

What a change
You're really
Not a bit
The gawkish girl
That once you were

She may
Not remember
Me, but
I remember

[Christine (Sarah):]
We never said
Our love
Was evergreen
Or as unchanging
As the sea
But please
Promise me
That sometimes
You will think
Ah-ah-ah-ah-aaah-of me

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Sarah Brightman Think Of Me Comments
  1. yep ok

    I love her sooooooo muchhhh

  2. Nicolette James

    These aren't the lyrics performed on Broadway.

  3. Amelia Morgan

    2:20 have the lyrics changed in recent versions?

  4. Alexiel Eternus

    Amo esta cancion

  5. John King

    Was Dec. 1993, In NYC with My True Love, as attended Phantom & were enchanted forever,
    even though we are together at this time, this song springs eternal hope for me !

  6. Amelia Morgan

    I don't think that there is a 'superior' Christine. I love this version, I love Sierra's version and I love Emmy's version. Obviously, this is the original so we have Sarah to thank for originating such a beautiful musical. Christine is such a vocally demanding role and so I think anyone who takes on the role deserves some appreciation!!!!

  7. Katrina Kee

    Sarah Brightman has a lovely voice and was the original cast member to play the part of Christine in Phantom, but Rebecca Caine has her totally whipped in singing the vocal to Christine in Phantom!!! Sarah sounds more like a mezzo soprano that has stretched her voice than a true soprano. And I don’t really care how much money, awards, etc. she has made, Sarah mainly got the part because she was married to Andrew Webber at the time lol!!!

  8. David Rich

    I remember when Sarah was still able to sing

  9. paul kolifrath

    Saw 1 broadway show this, with her and Crawford. Was awesome

  10. Albert Campos


  11. Ice Queen

    This woman sings like an angel🌈💖

  12. Ilaana Weerasinghe

    I like Sarah but I like Sierra boggess better

  13. Namdar Hosseinzadeh

    nothing compares to Sarah Brightman's Christine.

  14. Jonathan Bender

    I met her at the hotel I managed in Philadelphia...I was so excited and she was so nice and left 3 ticket to see her concert in NJ at the Meadowlands. I told her I saw her as christine on Broadway...and it totally moved me. She was so humble and beautiful...I was so star struck.

  15. Sandra Owens

    Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford were magnificent as Christine and the Phantom. It was when she kissed his hideous face and told him if you were not so Angry I could have loved you (with that kiss), that I understood unconditional love. In his song recounting that he had a face that only his mother could love (Masquerade), I was transfixed. This play will go down on history for me as the greatest love story ever told.🥰. This is coming from someone who hasn’t had a relationship in over 10 years. I have embraced Solitude happily. But I could go to this play again and again.🥰. I do believe in human kindness, when it appears. Phantom of the Opera will always get a huge BRAVO from me.

  16. Rudy Gorgod

    I have yet to hear a Christine that does the cadenza as well as Sarah or Emmy...I have the rest of my life to wait for that day.

  17. Jaimer Danah Torres

    Andrew Lloyd webber wrote christine for sarah

  18. carmella lilly

    Sarah, Sierra, and Emmy are the three best Christines.

  19. glamdolly20

    Wow, the photos reveal how much cosmetic surgery Sarah Brightman has had over the years - LOTS, she is literally unrecognisable in some of them. Some very 'over-styled' shots - the enormous hair extensions and fake plaited pieces are awful. Nice song though!

  20. phantom of the oprea

    I dont like her voice Emmy Rossum is better

    carmella lilly

    Both are good.

  21. Phantom 2003

    0:10 Wow, she’s beautiful

  22. pn558

    Hand made by God :-)

  23. Armymedic1975

    Growing up I had a huge crush on her and now at 43 years of age I find her just as beautiful as I did as a teen. Try going to a midwest school and being a Phantom fan lol

  24. Lili Gibson

    Think of me
    think of me fondly,
    when we've said
    Remember me
    once in a while
    please promise me
    you'll try.

    When you find
    that, once
    again, you long
    to take your heart back
    and be free
    if you
    ever find
    a moment,
    spare a thought
    for me ...

    We never said
    our love
    was evergreen,
    or as unchanging
    as the sea
    but if
    you can still
    stop and think
    of me ...

    Think of all the things
    we've shared and seen -
    don't think about the things
    which might have been ...

    Think of me,
    think of me waking,
    silent and

    Imagine me,
    trying too hard
    to put you
    from my mind.

    Recall those days,
    look back
    on all those times,
    think of the things
    we'll never do
    there will
    never be
    a day, when
    I won't think
    of you ...

    [Raoul (Steve):]
    Can it be?
    Can it be Christine?

    What a change!
    You're really
    not a bit
    the gawkish girl
    that once you were ...

    She may
    not remember
    me, but
    I remember
    her ...

    [Christine (Sarah):]
    We never said
    our love
    was evergreen,
    or as unchanging
    as the sea
    but please
    promise me
    that sometimes
    you will think
    ah-ah-ah-ah-aaah-of me!

  25. daniel kelly

    i never realized how beautiful she is.

  26. Natalie Pinchasik

    So beautiful!!😍😍

  27. Qu彩虹

    hello, here is the new version that be sung by Zhou Shen :

  28. BB - 8

    Y’all comparing her to Sierra isn’t fair
    Sierra is a goddess


    Sierra is a better actress but cannot compare to the classically trained Sarah when it comes to singing. Stop trolling.

  29. Faith Carolann

    I cried when I watched this tonight

  30. Bob Fox


    Everett Deakyne III

    I like her but i'm not much on this song by her.

  31. Jason Coleridge

    If it isn't Brightman, it ain't Phantom!

  32. *_The Doctor_*

    I heard this on a Christmas ornament I have XD

  33. jessicorabbit

    "Please Ms. Rossum, takes your notes and leave, Ms. Brightman is here..."

  34. Pauline Gribben

    I saw the stage version with Sarah Brighman and Michael Crawford on the last time they performed
    together. I count this as one of the best things l was lucky enough to see. They were both spectacular
    I will see it again when possible, but doubt anyone can match these two wonderful performers.
    Love Emmy Rossum and Gerrard Butler too, but no comparison to S.B. and M. C.
    The other stage version A 25 yr. Celebration at Crystal Palace was also amazing, ( televised version )
    but still not as amazing as Crawford and Brightman. ....... Pauline Gribben.

  35. Carolyna Lopes


  36. Dreg Tamas

    such a beautiful woman and amazing voice

  37. Shin-i-chi Kozima

    Her voice is fabulous and exquisite.My heart wavered with emotion.From where are you watching this video ?

  38. Frank Norton

    BEST MUSICAL EVER!!!!!!!!! only "Cats" comes a close second!!!

  39. Adrian Olsen

    I cannot (under)stand people who go onto videos of singers and say so-and-so is better than her and then go into intricate detail about why X is a better singer than Y. No one gives a shit what you think. I came here to listen to Sarah. If I wanted to listen to Sierra I’d have watched one of her videos. There would have been no Christine role for Sierra to sing had it not been for Sarah. ALW was inspired to write POTO for Sarah. Not Sierra, or Sandra, or Celinde or anyone else. It was written for Sarah. The end.

  40. Can Liu

    her voice is flawless. incredible. beautiful.

  41. Dumplings&Prawns 97

    Sierra is the gold standard for Christine. I don't care if this was the original or not, no one will ever be better than she was in the 25th


    Sierra is a better actress but Sarah is by far the better singer.

  42. rockypup1968

    Wow she looks so hot ! She's like a fine wine, she's got better with age !

  43. Janine Wright Music

    I'm a Singer and have done a cover of this song on my YouTube Channel. It would be lovely to have some feedback. You can watch it here:
    Thanks :)

  44. Lauren Jensen

    People now sing this song too slow. I like how they used to sing it fast. This is the perfect pace.

  45. Petter Boooy

    Ángel of music

  46. hockeymann88

    Things to do list:
    " i think I'll go from pop artist to an incredible opera voice"

  47. Bugsy 101

    This sends shivers down my spine! It's so beautiful! Definitely one of my favourite Christine's.

  48. Joey Ma

    Sarah is Christine. No doubt about it. The angel of music.

  49. Miss Black Cat

    Am I the only one who's not a fan of Sarah's voice? She sings well, but her voice is/was just too deep for Christine imo.

  50. emmannuelle hardiman

    Hold up did he say "your really not a bitch "

  51. Savana Lorie

    Her voice just sounds a little weird. Does anyone else think that?

    Clive Sedgman

    No i dont savygirl but then im head over heals with Sarah so she can only be perfect , my wife HATES her lol so i play Sarah every day , but i do realise she is not to everyone's liking ,

  52. Angel Caldwell

    I just don't understand why Sarah gets such a bad rap. I think her voice is beautiful.

    Ashley Wang

    @Angel Caldwell Did you mean "rep(utation)", not "rap"? Because Sarah would never do rap

    Thalia Rice

    She has a beautiful voice, but the competition in singing is huge and there are better voices out there. That's why some people bitch about Sarah I think. I also don't like her particularly much, but I think she's still lovely and sings quite well. Still better than most other people and better than many, many other singers. I guess some people just don't think she deserves this much fame because she isn't as good as people like Sierra Boggess etc.

    paul kolifrath

    Its the crazy eyes

    snail panties

    paul kolifrath the crazy eyes are part of the character though. If you read the book, Christine is described as always having crazy eyes and being very dazed and skittish

    Frankie Vang

    It’s probably because she’s a crossover songstress from pop to opera

  53. Karen Calypte

    Love the original cast recording with Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawfordinf Phantom of the Opera. Have seen Phantom 4 times in Toronto, Canada all different performers. Enjoyed the different versions, but Sarah and Michael are my favorites.

  54. Henry Tudor

    the original? the best! more like it!. she is the perfect balance between broadway and true opera.

  55. Nicole Fink

    Beautiful voice Sarah!!!!!💗💗

  56. Ann C. Love

    this song is so beautiful

  57. BohemianNeil1975

    Sarah IS Christine. No doubt about it.

  58. tracy gauvreau

    how can anyone unlike this?

  59. donovan powell

    watching in 2016 December 5 at 5:07.

  60. 黃慧

    Think of me,
    think of me fondly,
    when we ve said goodbye.
    Remember me, once in a while -
    please promise me you ll try.
    When you find that,
    once again,
    you long to take your heart back and be free -
    if you ever find a moment,
    spare a thought for me...
    We ve never said our love was evergreen,
    or as unchanging as the sea -
    but if you can still remember,
    stop and think of me...
    Think of all the things we ve shared and seen -
    don t think about the way things which might have been...
    Think of me,
    think of me waking,
    silent and resigned.
    Imagine me,
    trying too hard to put you from my mind.
    Recall those days,
    look back on all those times,
    think of the things we ll never do -
    there will never be a day,
    when I won t think of you...
    Can it be?
    Can it be Christine?
    Long ago, it seems so long ago
    How young and innocent we were
    She may not remember me
    But I remember her

    Flowers fade,the fruits of summer fade
    They have their seasons,so do we
    But please promise me that sometimes
    You will think of me.


    黃慧 hen hao

  61. um ok

    I swear this will sound cheesy, but I have not heard another song that has touched my soul how this has. [Insert the irritated comments about how cheesy that was]


    Well I guess you underestimated humanity huh

  62. Jill Conner

    She is amazing.

  63. Joe D

    One of my favorite female singers. My oldest daughter sang that song when she auditioned for North Carolina School of The Arts. Got her a full ride. My other favorite singer is Lea Salonga in her Les Miserables 10th Anniversary performance. Saw Lea live at the Fox in Miss Saigon.

  64. daniel lima


  65. Juanito I. M.

    Her voice is perfect but I don't like her style... I don't know why...

    Savana Lorie

    Juanito I. M. Same. I think her voice sounds much too throaty


    too much vocal vibrato for me, though I suppose that is, to some extent, unavoidable.

  66. Fábio Vidal


  67. raderpat

    What a GORGEOUS voice!!

  68. Anna Verona

    That is why Sarah is the original Christine, she is the angel of music.


    Anna Verona well Phantom was written for her, so there's that....

  69. Thor Odinson

    Sometimes this tune gets stuck in my head. For me this is nothing unusual. I have all sorts of music bouncing around, from Gustav Mahler to significant one-shot greats from the 60s. Without deliberation, my mind will shift from Beethoven to some modern-day pop performer. One minute I'll be listening to Katy Perry and the next moment I'll be listening to Brahms' first piano concerto. I'm usually totally unaware of the shift. It's weird. I don't want to enter into who was the best Christine debate or who is a better singer. I'll leave that up to your individual judgment. Sometimes, when I hear this song I hear Brightman -- other times I can hear Rossum. If I listened more to other singers, I'm sure they'd get a place in my unconscious. When I listen to Boggess, I think, wow, that's really supreme, but I'd have to listen to her more often for her voice to enter my unconscious. I'm a big Sarah Brightman fan but find no need to defend her. Other artists have given this song a real range and I'm glad of it.

    Sunny Guo

    Thanks for your essay. It is GREATLY appreciated. Like, TOTALLY. ((Not))

    Pilisa Nicolette Mackey

    I appreciate it. and totally relate :) except my inner voice for this song is usually Boggess's <3

    Jill Conner

    how rude, Sunny.

    Calico Charm

    Thor Odinson, same. Though, how do you get internet from Asgard?

  70. Bill A

    Sarah Brightman IS Christine and always will be as far as I'm concerned :)

  71. king ma

    Sarah Brightman will forever be my Christine.

  72. Rebekka inia

    Wauw this is so beautifull!!! ♥♥

  73. Artemis7941

    I'm probably going to get some unhappy commenters. I know the original cast for any show is good, but to be honest, I think their predecessors surpass them, and Phantom is no exception. Yes, Sarah has a good voice and this is basically her written role, by her husband, but I don't think she is the Christine I envision. I might be new to this fan base and have only heard a few performances on YouTube, and new to opera in general, but Sarah isn't singing opera, and I don't really like her voice in the original recordings... She set the bar at first, but others have risen it since then.


    +Artemis7941 I think you mean successors. Predecessors means those who came before. The original cast has no predecessors because they were the first. Also, The Phantom of the Opera is not an opera and Sarah Brightman is not an opera singer. Opera is like the works of Puccini or Verdi and and real operatic sopranos are like Renee Fleming, Maria Callas, Joan Sutherland, and Renee Fleming. Brightman is a crossover singer. She knows she hasn't an opera voice.

    Kerensa Birch

    I've never cared for Brightman or her singing. She generally bugs me.

    Alastair Clift

    Kerensa Birch

    Alastair Clift

    What I meant to say is Sarah is just not the voice of music she is far far much more than that. She is the best of the best.

  74. Silber make up


  75. Eleanore Pavelle

    Sarah is extremely talented and I have all the respect in the world for her and her fans but I just dont really like her voice that much tbh. I would listen to her over Emmy ANY day, but the sound of her voice just doest do it for me. I prefer Sierra Boggess and Katie Hall as Christine, but thats my opinion and if Sarah's your favorite Christine, thats fantadtic, she just isnt mine.


    +Eleanore Pavelle Sierra Boggess and the others may be better actresses but Sarah is the best singer.

    Savana Lorie

    Eleanore Pavelle I think her voice has a weird throaty tone to it

    Juliette Veronica

    I agree tbh. Sarah is a brilliant singer, but it just doesn’t call “Christine” very much. I always pictured Christine a 19 or 20 year old, the very edge of becoming a woman, but still young. Sarah’s Christine sounds like she’s about 30, late twenties at the least.

  76. Stephanie Cheng

    there better not be any hate on this.

  77. i thought the chicken was lovely.

    I've seen sierra boggess live, twice. I still think Sarah is the best Christine (don't get me wrong sierra is incredible but I just prefer Sarah's)

    phantom lover

    @Courtney Act I didn't watch the full movie but I only saw clips of her in it and I think she's as great as always! She'll always be the Angel of Music IMHO ^^ 

    Acdragonrider Videos

    +Courtney Act THANK YOU!! lol

    Heather Williams

    +phantom lover As Sarah should be considering Andrew Lloyd Weber wrote the music for Phantom specifically for her voice

    Victoria Medina

    Same here. I also like Sierra but La Brightman, IMO, is the best Christine.

    Minnie Mouse

    My favorite us Emmy's voice, I personally don't really like Sarah's voice.

  78. Slava Ermachenko

    the best!!!!

  79. 달콤인형

    최고네요.  아름다운 목소리입니다.

  80. Riley Creith

    I really hate the cadenza for this version. Sierra's was infinitely better, it doesn't matter if this was written for Sarah or not. Sierra was a much better Christine Daae in general.


    +Riley Creith I agree Sierra is a better actress but Sarah is a better singer. Sierra's singing voice isn't nearly as good as Sarah's.

    Rebekah Segun

    I don't really like Sierra's cadenza, nor Sarah's- I like Emmy's cadenza the best

    Rudy Gorgod

    I like Emmy's cadenza as well, but Sarah sang the cadenza as it was written for her, however cadenzas are learned and not all sopranos are adept at it. Sierra has phenomenal cosmic powers behind her voice, but to me her cadenza seemed rushed. Regardless I thoroughly enjoyed Sierra very much thank you.

  81. wickedphantom24601

    With the different cadenzas out there I still think this one is the best. I wonder why they changed it. Maybe it was too hard for girls without operatic training??


    +prettymonsterofevil Cadenzas are about individual flair.


    @MeiaLua You would think so but theres a standard cadenza for the Broadway version and one for London. I wonder why they dont just let the actress decide.

    Risa Green

    I've seen videos where broadway christine's sing the west end version. It may just depend on their vocal ability


    @wickedphantom24601 Well the key change is different in this version compared to modern ones, it goes to an Eb instead of an F, so it's actually possibly (?) easier.

  82. AmyNikita

    Those last notes were brilliant.

  83. Aaron Miller

    This song was written for her voice Literally!

  84. Flag Coco

    I still think of you, Laura

  85. amy clarke

    I thought this was about the😑 phantom

  86. Madame Corgi

    2:20 the first time I heard this I thought he was saying ''you're really not a bitch." haha

    Stargirl daffodils


    Faith Carolann

    me too......

    Patches Roll

    Madame Corgi I DO TO

    Alexandria Ranae

    I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣

    Faith Bobcean

    So, that's not what he's saying?? lol

  87. Steve Stripling

    This opera was and still is being rewritten as we speak.

  88. zephyr

    A beautiful, unaffected performance from La Brightman, long before they started messing around with the lyrics and ramping up the whole show.  Less is more.  

  89. vivaholy

    Sarah Brightman isn't a good or better Christine. She IS Christine. 

    Jon Snow

    So true

    Jo Lee

    Amen! Well said :)

    Hope Bowerman

    Hope bowerman
    Love you so much

  90. KBMusic

    Can someone explain to me why this version on the original cast recording has different lyrics than what seems to be the standard version (ex. "remember me once in a while" vs. "remember me every so often," and the entire second verse is completely different from what I'm familiar with)? I've been wondering but can't find a definite answer...

    Matthew Kingwill

    You're thinking of the 25th anniversary edition which was revised by Cameron Mackintosh so quite a few lyrics were changed just to improve it as well as that happening throughout production since the first performance

    Marcelo Monti

    @Matthew Kingwill That's true, you can also figure the difference between "in sleep he sang to me...." and "beneath the opera house..."


    @Matthew Kingwill @Marcelo Monti Thank you for clearing this up! The revised version certainly seems more popular nowadays. Regarding the title track, I've only ever heard the "beneath the opera house" version once...

    Rebecca Herivel

    @KBMusic Shows often change from their original versions and get rewritten as they move about, transfer to/from Broadway, etc. Phantom has undergone quite a few revisions over the years, so the version that gets performed now has many different lyrics than when it was first debuted. Changes can be made for many different reasons; as a singer, I suspect that this particular song was changed to have more singer-friendly vowels in better places in the line (i.e. on high notes). That's the type of change that only comes about after a singer spends a long time in the role and figures out which note/vowel combinations regularly stress the voice. The line you're quoting, "every so often" vs. "once in a while" is one of those - the "ah" of "often" is better on the higher note than the "i" of "while".


    @Rebecca Herivel  thank you for this reply... it's an interesting insight to have. I can understand about vowels. "While" is one of those words, like "child" and others with the same sound, that's hard to sing right (for me anyway).

  91. Maria Llamanator

    she's good... great even... and she was the original...but Sierra Boggess is my Christine... 

    Savana Lorie

    fireplug1701d No, Christine Daae existed long before Sarah Brightman performed as her. So no, she is not Christine

    Soma Cruz

    Well, yeah. The PotO novel was written long before Sarah was born.

    Caroline domingos da rosa

    yes, same, but Sierra is my Christine too

    Blind Seer

    Yeahh. Sarah sounds like she is singing into her nose

    Allison Cuevas

    Sierra is Christine for me, also..

  92. Cw Tbird

    she was sexy then she turned into a moo cow but she lost it again.


    well hell she got old what ya expect.....besides shes not that bad looking now just a few ex pounds. you gain or rather have trouble keeping things firm as you get my mom keeps saying lol.

    Cw Tbird

    I agree shes not bad looking now in the opera they like fat ladies i think she was being that on purpose.

  93. Cw Tbird

    Best version

  94. maria lila

    this song is very beautiful

  95. Taro Ice

    The only Christine!

  96. Huang Dennis

    i like it

  97. Alayna Harold

    I like Sarah Brightman but I think Jackie Evancho sang this better when she was 8

    john bethell

    @Asmoharg I love Jackie singing this also but Sarah is the best in my humble opinion

    Tollie1998 TARA

    @john bethell After listening to Sarah sing this (probably in her mid twenties) and then listening to Jackie singing it .... there just isn't any comparison.  Sorry ..... 


    +Tollie1998 TARA Even Jackie's later rendition can't match up to Sarah's. And Sarah was in her mid thirties when this was recorded as Phantom of the opera premiered in 1986. Jackie's performances all have a lot of processing (which can be done live now) which mean her AGT and later performances have a lot of artificial reverb added to it. In the performance where she sings with Sarah, you can tell that Sarah's mic doesn't have the effect while Jackie's does.

    john bethell

    stop with all the hate IHDC  which I take it means Intellectually Handicapped Dumb C***
    hehehehehe  Jackie is a brilliant vocalist  so is Sarah you are just a sad person who has to knock everything Jackie does  like most Opera people you are a cultural snob and think opera singers are the be all and end all of music.  Sorry to disappoint you but there are many other types of vocal music and they definately sell more than Opera singers do I know Haley Westenra has sold way more albums the Dame Kiri ever will 


    @john bethell You have a pretty snobby, arrogant attitude yourself.  I love Sarah Brightman's music.  And I don't mind Haley Westenra either who is not the same as Jackie because Westenra actually is a classically trained singer, plays instruments, and can read music (same with Brightman) while Jackie has never had formal voice or music lessons.