Sarah Brightman - The Phantom Of The Opera Lyrics

[Christine (Sarah):]
Beneath the opera house
I know he's there.
He's with me on the stage,
He's everywhere.
And when my song begins,
I always find
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside my mind.

[The phantom (Steve):]
Sing once again with me
Our strange duet.
My power over you
Grows stronger yet.
You'll give your love to me
For love is blind.
The phantom of the opera is now
Your mastermind.

Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear;
I am the mask you wear,

[The phantom:]
It's me they hear.

[Christine / Phantom:]
Your/My spirit and my/your voice
In one combined
The phantom of the opera is there
Inside my/your mind

[Choir (very, very soft):]
The phantom of the opera
Is there
The phantom of the opera

[The phantom:]
Sing once again with me
Our strange duet.
My power over you
Grows stronger yet.

[Christine / Phantom:]
I'll/You'll give my/your love to you/me
For love is blind.
The phantom of the opera is now
My/Your mastermind.

[The phantom (spoken):]
Sing, my angel of music ...

He's there,
The phantom of the opera.

[Christine starts wailing]
[The phantom (spoken):]
Sing ...
Once again with me, our strange duet.
My power over you grows stronger and stronger.
Sing ...
My angel of music/
Sing our strange duet -

[Christine continues wailing,
and keeps on wailing after every
sentence the Phantom sings
The phantom (spoken):]

The phantom of the opera
Is now your mastermind;
I am here, inside your mind!
I am everywhere!
You're in my power.
Sing, my angel of music!
Sing! Sing!

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Sarah Brightman The Phantom Of The Opera Comments
  1. Blake Connor

    Antonio Banderas es hermoso, me encanta como canta.

  2. Trap Selena

    He's so sexy ❤ he was my childhood crush and still is ❤
    The way he looks at her like stalking prey 👀 uffff he's the perfect phantom for the role.

  3. everything with fati inoz


  4. Erda Tri rahmasari

    I just know that Antonio banderas can sing..

  5. Том Бомбадил

    Один хрен - луче чем Nightwish никто не исполнил... !!!

  6. Cindy Klenk

    On close examination I believe the organist is actually playing the incredible Roya Albert Hall pipe organ... Incredible This performance is absolutely superb! Brava! Bravo! Bravisiima!!!!

  7. Schnee Stern X

    Am I the only one here because of Antonio Banderas? lol! The way he looks at her at 4.55 reminds me the Assassins movie =D
    OMG he's got such a beautiful voice, I'm shocked.

  8. sid viscus

    No one can sing this like her. It was written for her.

  9. Star Butterfly


  10. Adrianna Jerez

    😦😯wow Sara canta precioso, pero Antonio Banderas wow 😍💓se ve tan guapo😘wow sin palabras, todo un hombre y que a muchas quisiéramos nos cantara 😝😍😍

  11. Rachele Cinelli

    Stupendi 😍

  12. Djordje Nikolic

    This is masterpiece!

  13. Alan Xie


  14. Deano Moodley

    These two were bron four days apart in August of 1960, dayum...

  15. zuleyka anays

    i’m telling my kids that lady is katy perry.

  16. Fryda livia Mosbacher

    Awww. Antonio Banderas😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Canis Medina

    ....the guy did play Armand in "Interview with A Vampire"....😶😶

  18. dire12343

    Sarah...what a VOICE! Antonio 🥰

  19. Jonilson Coelho

    Simply this is fenomenal! A wonderful song!

  20. somethings gelaus guy

    Me quede mirando sus gestos y termine muy asustado

  21. Igloo Crew Records

    Meet the Phantom of Hip Hop

  22. BattleCryForFreedom

    Sarah Brightman...beautiful woman...beautiful voice. I was captured by her voice the first time decades ago.

  23. Mercy Elizabeth Cajamarca de Castle


  24. supernaturalfreak81

    Piano player is awesome and Antonio’s voice just gives me chills.

  25. Eire

    Antonio Banderas is such a beautiful man. Espana 😚


    Que buena interpretación. La mirada de Antonio Banderas generaba escalofríos xd.

  27. Mariana Arias

    Potition to make Antonio Banderas the Phantom?

  28. Pau Marga

    This man can do anything he wants.

  29. Toni Turcotte

    Ok, I like Antonio Banderas, but I disagree with everyone saying that he should have played the Phantom. Yes, he is wonderful eye candy and he pulls of the intensity of the Phantom very well. But he does not have the voice for the role. He lacks the richness of tone, has breath control issues, etc. Search for Nicole Scherzinger Phantom of the Opera. There's a YouTube video where she sings the role of Christine while four men who had played the Phantom in different productions sing with. Unfortunately, Antonio is a 2/10 compared to the others.

  30. runeplate123

    Now go grab yourself a look a like Antonio banderas ladies!

  31. Lillian Atkins

    Lol reading the comments, you’d think everyone forgot that Antonio Banderas is actually an actor haha 😂

  32. Montserrrat leandro rico

    I don´t think Banderas is a good singer, but he is a great actor; he even can play the role of a singer, and , surprisingly , he is just perfect with this perfomance with S. Brightman

  33. sea bear

    He makes a superb phatom so much passion

  34. Sharon Vimidi


  35. themultifacetedone

    What he lacks in power he more than makes up for in the creep-factor. He nails the characterisation perfectly!

  36. Hunter Evans

    Hey rushes off stage and really lets her have her moment! Class act! (Unless that’s just the blocking 😂)

  37. stirling

    Hot damn Antonio Banderas would have made a sexy phantom

  38. IIX XNis

    5:30 Orgasmic

  39. Jetzebell Garcia


  40. School

    *yo guys I don’t wanna be too gay but that chick is extremely hot*

  41. sfar1

    Wow...he is a really good singer and his acting really sold the performance. The stare...

  42. Sphinx Money

    he's hot ad, but why does he not have the mask on here? that's the hottest part....

    Uchiba Uki

    Sphinx Money because people want to see his beautiful spanish eyes 👀😍

  43. Kiks'

    Those eyes!

  44. absolutdave

    Lmao who told Antonio banderas he could sing this

  45. Karla Guadarrama Jardon

    G:* 🌙🌚🌛🌛🌛💍🌛💍💋❤

  46. tombchaser

    anyone noticed that the spotlights in the end have the shape of a penis...

  47. Lily Belle

    I know people are talking about Antonio and how surprisingly good he is , but does anyone know how hard it is to hit the notes Sarah hit.


    Considering that this song and whole musical was written SPECIFICALY for Sarah, it's not a suprise that she (a professional opera singer) can hit the notes. People are expecting Sarah to perform beautifully, while Antonio's performance was a nice suprise.

  48. Lily Belle

    She is so pretty. I’m jealous😍😍😍😍😍

  49. jenn p.

    Is that really Antonio Banderas? Wow!

  50. Slamm

    is this retrowave

  51. delfi zz

    The best thing i ever see

  52. Zhanna Zhanabayeva

    There is nothing better than life. And the best things in my life are music, nature and books.

  53. azike chinaza

    scary... wow

  54. Beatriz Cruz


  55. jharrison

    So much better than Michael Crawford.

  56. alviljoen

    Antonio Banderas sings "The Phamton of the opera ..." at 3:40

  57. Nancy Chin

    Antonio Banderas😍💟

  58. Jrod

    He did really good, but you can't campare them at all to these two... Wow!

  59. Embry Milo

    Warning: flashing lights may cause seizures.

  60. Clare PoisonedAppleUK

    Wow!! Pure perfection. Antonio is perfect for the Phantom.

  61. Monscent

    Holy shit did she sing that well!!

  62. ZyXvUvXyZ

    2:17 The look of Sarah, thats what I would call an "ear-gasm".

  63. Sandra Robledo

    I had a childhood crush on antonio #zorro #spykids. I so wish he got to play the phantom. Please do a remake!!

  64. Jason Ruspic

    Imagine if he could sign lol Freddy mercery would kill this

  65. Elayne Valera

    So cool!

  66. Krafty Karrizzma

    Mmmm i got work tomorrow

  67. Kimm Ben

    The best version

  68. Michelle Pacahuala

    Omg antonio banderas voice 😇😇 he would of been an excellent phantom 😬😬

  69. Vytautas Poška

    At first I though the organist was a lady with huge medieval style butt-dress that hangs a meter in every direction away from the waste, and she had a Mozart-style heart shaped wig on her head and she was slowly making her way donwstairs to the stage, while being in the shadow XD

  70. Embry Milo

    Honestly I think he sang this to well but he looked like such a creeper when he walked on hahahahaha.
    Her voice is definitely deeper than I prefer for this song but it worked well.

  71. id104335409

    Watch carefully kids, you won't see this ever again.

  72. Ali

    Şu banderasdaki karizma bendd olcak ah ah

  73. FantasyQueen394

    I didnt even know he sang 💖💖💖

  74. Dennis Graham

    Good Grief She has gotten chunky.

  75. Yon B

    "Sing to meeeee!" And that last note! He should have been in the movie!!!

  76. José

    Sarah Brightman a melhor.

  77. CLOSE1 Rocket League

    Spanish phantom sounds great

  78. Natashia William

    Very bad version!! They killed it.

  79. BramyCrazy

    So I watched this right before falling asleep and in the morning I thought I had a dream that I saw phantom of the opera except the phantom was the dad from spy kids

  80. The King

    Im amazed

  81. msw0011

    Hello there everyone. That’s what happens with unrequited Love, Men r driven Mad to the point of destruction. Antonio Banderas captures that emotion perfectly and is consumed by it. The atmosphere was passionate yet frightening. Excellent performance.

  82. GUSTAVO Arizmendi

    Músico y autor. Wooow

  83. yourstrulymindy

    That guy playing the organ was fantastic! But that was the worst performance of this awesome song I have ever seen or heard.

  84. Amuiro

    I don't know Zoro can sing :)

  85. MrHaagsesjonny1

    The up-to-date-version is here..!
    *When, where & who* :recorded in April 2019, outdoors at resort Atzaró on Ibiza Island.
    BesteZangers season #12 hosted by Jan Smit. Not only Jansen &Poort (and the other 5) sang live, also the MF band displayed their musical skills live! So, also credits to the MF Band with: Marcel Fisser (bandleader & lead guitar) – Marijn van den Berg (drums) - Serge Bredewold ( bass guitar) - Edwin de Groot (guitar / backing vocals) - Gregor Hamilton (synthesizer / keyboards) – Martijn de Laat (trumpet) – Arno Slijper (piano / keyboards) – Lesley van
    der Aa (backing vocals) and multi-instrumentalist Hubert Heeringa (the headscarfed saxofonist, violinist, etc). A FTV Production

  86. Ewok 88

    Antonio Banderas looks kinda like the guy from lazy town.

  87. Juan Carlos Ortiz Casas


  88. melodee seiz

    Awesome!! Gives me chills👀🥰

  89. Carlos Barahona

    Antonio messed up the lyrics. There here.

  90. Rachel Robinson

    Id kill to hear Antonio as the phantom on the other songs

  91. venom hell

    Floor Jansen & Henk Poort

  92. Dalter L S

    Quem ainda não ouviu Floor Jansen & Henk Poort, não precisa ver porque são horríveis. Ainda tem aqueles convidados idiotas fazendo cara de tapados! A versão da Sara e Antonio é a melhor e se quiserem heavy metal recomendo NightWish.

  93. Gues Who

    And people say she is better than floor? or any other performer that sang it . you must be joking,
    She only got the role becouse shes maried to andrew loyed webber.

  94. Acchan Moon

    Que mulher maravilhosa!! E esses olhares do Antonio Banderas? É de ficar grávida com esse olhar. 😂

  95. Madzu159

    I saw it live on TV, when it aired. The show. I was gobsmacked. Antonio!

  96. Thomas Kidd

    I'm straight but his accent, damn

  97. Carlos Tiago Fernandes Guimarães

    eu amo essa musica