Sarah Brightman - Arabian Nights Lyrics

[Part 1: Scimatar Moon]

Don't you forget the echo's of time
Won't you regret the losing of minds
In my dreams I'm searching across the
desert sands for you
Scimatar moon is guiding me close to your side

[Part 2: Voyage]

Wilderness to wilderness
I traveled from afar
On the soft wind of the Nadq came
Fragrance of Araar
Splendor of a thousand suns shone glory in my path
No love more pure and rage more fierce
Could still my beating heart

[Part 3: Promise]

Should I return to trace the shadows of my chases
My steps will echo there from sand to stone
I Will never let my eyelids close on empty spaces
My dreams will find the void with tales unknown
Know the mighty infinite obscures the far horizon
The whispered road I take will never bend
And will the wind return my story to its promise
Or will my story chase me to my end

[Part 4: Hamesha]

[Hindi Lyrics]

[Part 5: Alone]

[Melodies unspoken]

Flowing from the lotus of my heart
Ending where we start

Promises unbroken
Promising a never-ending fire
Of love beyond desire
Ending where we start

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Sarah Brightman Arabian Nights Comments
  1. Mundo Eurus

    São os 8 minutos e 50 segundos que mais valem a pena!

  2. María de Lourdes Pozos Luna

    El Angel de música Sarah Brigtman 😇, son todos los días tu corazón 💙me lo dices en serio 🐈🐅🐅.

  3. Granite INDADA Glaze

    Don't you forget: it's not as far from where you're coming as where you've never been, on the return journey. That is where and when you'll meet the other perspective making the mundane seem welcoming and strange in its own way, and the power of it will amaze you, in exactly the reflection of whatever seemed so normal before, if it was easy. " "Ara-bia" "; it can't be that hard to never want to have to leave a place where your heart has seen and become something glorious and glistening, as lands ever echoed with the same chorus, over four thousand miles of its mysterious pathways, or, you could always just visit Israel.

  4. Sasu Catalin Iulian

    2003, one of the best album of her, love it, like it

  5. Waleed Abu Khader

    Love you

  6. Ramiro Salazar

    uno de sus mejores cd's de sarah. Harem

  7. frank oviedo carmona

    Un ángel dla música a venido a la tierra para suavizar nuestros oídos y alma. La amamos❤️❤️❤️

  8. Marce Bhuler

    Bella Sarah amo escucharte !!!

  9. Mario Trejo


  10. Rita Rita


  11. Josie Barros

    Muito deliciosa

  12. Abigail Velasco

    Yo canto asi

    Charlie Stewart

    Abigail Velasco

  13. Martha Cain

    Eternal passion of the nomad, ever moving through time as immortal quests in time~ because the heart, once free never~never truly can be be enslaved...except by self~unbound, in love~

  14. Nhi

    Your voice is beautiful and sensation. It is so relax to listen to you, and feel happy at the same time. Thank you for bringing good music to all of us.

  15. Vianey

    What a beautiful voice, music and everything in this is perfect <3

  16. maria antonia Almeida

    Amo esse CD

  17. Ananda Dawa

    such a few likes? so weird...

  18. José Luis Oki E.

    A partir del 05:48 mi parte favorita, es increíble este mujerón!

  19. ramon plata g.


  20. Jin

    What are the songs that make up this medley?


    It is just this one. They compose but use the form of medley.


    Its 5 segments but i forgot the names.

  21. baby love85

    I get goosebumps...😍

  22. Gato Moster

    Una voz privilegiada un verdadero ángel en persona cantando 👏💖

  23. latinfreestylesoulvinyl

    beautiful yet powerful... I always get emotional from the beginning and the end of the song and @ 8:38 the high G6 is ethereal!