Sarah Blaine - Never Get To Heaven Lyrics

I’ll hold your hand
Kiss me to sleep
And please catch the wind
If I can’t breathe in
And send it when I leave

But if I never get to heaven
Will you find a way to me?
And if I never get to heaven
Say you’ll come and rescue me
Rescue me

Please catch my tears
Will you carry me?
Or do I deserve to walk alone
The only father that I’ve ever known
Don’t leave me here on my own

And if I never get to heaven
Do you think I’ll still be free?
And if I never get to heaven
Say you’ll come and be with me.
Be with me

So let the ground crumble underneath my feet
No six feet’s never gonna be enough to bury me
As long as I am on your shoulders
We’ll be standing when the world is over.

And if I never get to heaven
Will you find a way to me?
Said if I never get to heaven
Say you’ll come and rescue me

But if I never get to heaven
Do you think I’ll still be free?
And if I never get to heaven
Say you’ll come and be with me.
Be with me

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Sarah Blaine Never Get To Heaven Comments
  1. Ana Santos

    Tem br aqui??🇧🇷

  2. Simfan923

    Such a beautiful song so sad that its not available anymore

  3. BoaSky

    It’s been 8 months since my cousin was murdered and then the day before his funeral my friend was murdered the pain I felt was heartbreaking it has gotten better now but I wish I could see them in person again

  4. Matheus Alexandre

    Chorei tanto com essa música em pll na morte da mãe da Ali

  5. Lara Pritchard

    As soon as I heard this song on PLL, I had to see what it was. This is such an amazing song. Also, am I the only one who heard ‘butterflys’ instead of ‘and if I’

  6. Janette Foley

    I love this song Soo much every day I keep on repeating the song

  7. It doesn’t Matter anymore

    Anyone here 2019?! 😪💔

  8. Serenity

    Took me awhile to find this song again. Thank u Lord ❤️ awesome beautiful voice 😍

  9. trip.mp4 [alexa]


  10. Kelsie xx

    Why’s this not on Spotify any more it’s my favourite song

  11. Herr Denker

    Beautiful music <3 Great TV show, just finished it a bit sad that its over :(

  12. Nawaf Al-harthi

    PLL has the best music

    Who AGREES with me ?

  13. World Breaker

    I'm here for just a good music. And, yeah, 2019.

  14. Ready To Die 1312

    I don’t no why but every time I listen to this
    I most think of that girl who i in love with
    I want to speak to her but I can’t
    She is so cute and every time I listen to never get to heaven she is in my mind :/

  15. Abel Vermont

    Pretty Little Liars brought me here. Love this

  16. Sabrina Dias


  17. Deadlyloka

    i like it -A

  18. The Legacy of Gaming

    *The most beautiful song they played on Pretty Little Liars. Simply amazing. - A*

  19. Dee Diaz

    I will always be a PLL fan! :-) i have a thing for alison and hanna,they are so amazeing beautiful specially alison:) aka sasha! <3

  20. Dee Diaz

    me as a guy i love the show "PRETTY LITTLE LIARS" it sad mysterious show..i watched it ALL 7 seasons n i watching it all over again..i got love for all the girls...alison,hanna,emily,aria,spencer👑👑👑👑👑💙💙💙💙💙even cece💙👑😍they should of did 10 seasons or more!

  21. Dee Diaz

    ALL the songs from PLL are beautiful i love this show Pretty Little Liars💙

  22. xjana.zhx

    2019 anyone? And who else is here from the scene in PLL where they found Mrs. D’s body? (I‘m watching the whole series again lol)

  23. Atikant Chandra

    Watching this in 2019 ✨

  24. Rebekah Heckmann

    This song is so easy to relate to. I cried so much when this song played in PLL. It’s beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️

  25. melanie bollhalder

    This song is sad, full of emotions and hope. It is strong and consoling... simply beautiful.

  26. Zuhro Olimova

    Just came from season 5 to hear this song cause its hella good but its the scene from ms.d body😶😭

  27. Liana Lecuneca


  28. Delfos Z Flix

    Pretty Little Liars 5X02
    Jessica Dilaurentis Body is Found Dead

  29. Sofia Mahtallah

    This music was so in thune with the discovery of Mrs Dilaurentis'body in 5x02 of PLL !

  30. laianieee_ louxo

    Anyone here cus off pll 😭

  31. Myh St

    Pll Mrs Dilaurentis 💔💔💔 2018

  32. Amanda Meeks

    I like this song it's a really good song 😎

  33. Madeleine Fox

    I cry all the time in pretty little liars ! I am a sook but the shows just so good and sad and fucked up at the same time I cant get enough <3 I have watched it like 4 times in a row start to finish I am just about to finish it nearly up too season 7

  34. Вита Таллинова

    Здесь есть хоть кто-нибудь русский?

  35. Random Girl

    When Ali returns home, her mother gets murdered. Tragic. At times like this I realize how simple my life is...

  36. Jefft Edchevir

    PLL ME TROUXE que música mds

  37. Karen Evans

    Wow haunting and so sad absolutely love it pll please come back 😭

  38. Amanda Meeks

    I like this song even though it is so sad 😎

  39. thisiskf

    Beste Serie 😍 guter Song

  40. Harrysims101


  41. Pence 2016

    This songs gives me chills every time I listen to it especially when in PLL it was such a sad scene 😩

  42. Pence 2016

    This songs gives me chills every time I listen to it especially when in PLL it was such a sad scene 😩

  43. Gesepi A

    Poor Alison :c she never got to see her mom alive when she got back ;-;

  44. marcos roberto pereira medina


  45. Simplyolivia

    This is when allis mum died rip Jessica

  46. MrSuperDramaKing

    In 5x02 when this song was played, the paramedics were running around and Ali was standing there staring, it was perfect 👌🏻

  47. Zrinka

    And right now I'm crying because I miss PLL😢😭❤💞

  48. Chunky Vegan

    I Miss pretty Little liars

  49. robertico labanino

    i 'm Rober from cuba..but i 'm living in dubai..nice song .. sorry about your mother ..e strong please..l loss my mother also (like this). sorry and good luck i wich.

  50. Landon Malter

    PLL is the best and so is all there music. LIKE IF U AGREE!!

  51. Helen - 03

    And... PLL is end!😭 it's so sad

  52. Δανάη Αρσενίδου

    Pll has the best music and it is the best series ever!!!! Anyone from Mrs dilaurentis body found scene? 💔😢

    Alicia Petry

    Yes... The chills!

    Nawaf Al-harthi

    Yeah me 💔

  53. yoonmin trash

    Jessicas body being found was probably one of the saddest scenes of all time

  54. Karen Evans

    Absolutley haunting love it x miss pll so much 😭😭

  55. Lucy Brown


  56. Aviyona Hunt

    I feel like this song deserves a Grammy for most powerful song

  57. Laine B

    PLL feels 😞🤘❤️

  58. Nell :P

    I cried when they used this song in a scene this song is so beautiful. I miss pll so much . 😭

  59. Jenna Johnson

    I got a book idea because of all the awesome music Pll plays ❤❤❤

  60. Fantom64CZE TwTUntil

    WE need a whole Hours of this!

  61. Jasmine Fuller

    I can't believe that mary Drake killed her sister because jessica D took everything for mary Drake mary Drake used Peter pills 2 killed jessica her sister

  62. Azyz 1998

    I can't. believe after 4 hours it will end forever this show have been my life for 7 years I've learned everything about life from friendship love sadness moment how to deal with heartbroken and how to stand up for myself this show and whole cast are my family and friends that I can't and will never say goodbye to ❤️😭 I can't imagine this it's like a dream ##PLLEndGame #PLGameOver

  63. Nika Patkovic

    I'm listening this song right now and I can't believe that today we will hear our last ''Previously on Pretty Little Liars''. This show is a big part of my life and it will be forever.

  64. Jenna Johnson

    Is this the song that was played when they found Mrs.D on Pll?

  65. Jamie Johnson

    Is this the song that played when they found Mrs.DiLaurentis on Pll? I think so but I can't remember

  66. STA3

    Mary Drake

    That's all I have to say

  67. mebrat x

    this is so good

  68. Azyz 1998

    But now we know who killed her her twin sister Mary drake

  69. Azyz 1998

    Omg this season was haunting me it brought me back to the series last year I was crying for ms dilurantis

  70. Lexi Wong

    I lost my sister and mom in a car accident five years ago when they were on their way to my second grade school recital and when I was there I thought they were just late, but then three hours later my dad told me they both died and I lost it. I didn't talk to anyone for six months after. Today is exactly five days since the accident and I skipped school just to stay home and cry with this amazing song on replay. This song got me through today and I miss my sister who would be 12 in two months and 3 days and my mom who kissed me to sleep every night and helped me with everything. I wished that I told them how much I loved them it wasn't supposed to happen, but that is life. PLEASE LOVE YOUR FAMILY WHILE YOU HAVE THEM!

    Amelia H. Guynn-Barros

    My deepest condolences for your loss. Love is infinate and they will always be inside of you, guiding you through life's path.

    Eesha Khan

    Stay strong. May God be with you

    Herr Denker

    Great! Now I am crying in a public restaurant 😢
    Good luck and stay strong!

  71. Britanny Francis

    hauntingly beautiful, thank you.

  72. Li Sev

    jason's face ust broke my heart

  73. Azyz 1998

    I think Mary drake killed Jessica

  74. Azyz 1998

    Pll is an epic show nothing gonna compare to him pll endgame

  75. Nadia Mireyli

    If you can forgive Mona, you can forgive Ali....

  76. omq_itskylie


  77. catpaws

    I would like to thank TV series for introducing me to great music instead of those useless sex slut booty hoe songs with great beats on radio.

  78. ANNE

    que maravilhosa

  79. Chayenne Chua

    Ali Is BACK 😂😂

  80. prettylittleliarsx _

    R.I.P Mrs.D

  81. Leah Wasson

    PLL!!!! poor ALI😢

  82. Kemari Nichols

    I listen to this because when i got out of the hospital she died

  83. Shyanne lucius

    Wonderful song ❤ here from PLL

  84. lenii —

    I already cry by this song and I also will cry when PLL ends. This serie changed my life! <3 (sorry for my english!)

  85. Sophie Walker


  86. Omosehin Esther

    This is the most beautiful but sad song I have ever heard , PLL brought me here , I could swear they were tears in my eyes when Mrs D Died,

  87. Beauty x Tips

    Wauw !!!

  88. Jasmine Dubois

    PLL needs an official soundtrack. The show has such great music.

  89. Lanis Burrow

    love it

  90. Saanvi Trivedi


  91. Hannah

    Season 5, Episode 2 - A.D

  92. Maria Jimenez

    I found this because of UnReal lol

  93. rene delimat

    Yea I know that feels

  94. Erica Sanders

    beautiful 😢😢

  95. EmendEms G-Zee

    this kind of sounds like the type of song a Disney Princess would sing

  96. EmendEms G-Zee

    I heard this on PLL and I Shazamed it