Santino, Nick - Rio Lyrics

We used to go to Mexico
And get a motel and get high
Put a towel under the door and turn the shower on
And sleep till the sun hit our eyes
I’ll buy you a drink if you buy me one too
We talk about all of our doubts
Oh, it always seems we’re the last ones to leave
And stumble back home to your couch

I’ll buy us some plane ticket outta here
Oh, come on, girl, what’d you say?
And I’ll take you away from your worries, dear
Or your worries, they’ll take me away

And you wear my shirt and eat breakfast in bed
And I’ll take my coffee black
And I’ll put on a record but the player is broke
And it plays them a little too fast


We just don’t sleep too well anymore
The dog wakes me up to go out
And when I’m not home, oh, I wish I were there
I see you wherever I go
Oh, I see you wherever I go


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