Santana - Winning Lyrics

One day I was on the ground
When I needed a hand
And it couldn't be found
I was so far down
That I couldn't get up
You know and
One day I was one of life's losers
Even my friends were my ac-cus-ers
And in my head
Lost before I'd begun

I had a dream
But it turned to dust
What I thought was love
That must have been lust
I was living in style
When the walls fell in
When I played my hand
I looked like a joker
Turn around
Fate must have woke her
'Cause lady luck she was
Waiting outside the door


I'm winning
I'm winning
I'm winning
And I don't intend on losing again

Too bad it belonged to me
It was the wrong time
And not meant to be
It took a long time
And I knew for now
I can see the day
That I breath for
Friends agree there's a need
To play the game
And to win again

[repeat first line 5x's]
[repeat last line 4x's]

[Repeat Verse II]

[repeat first line 5x's]

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Santana Winning Comments
  1. Robert Baker

    Such a perfect song

  2. johnmaer

    Was Neal S. still playing 2nd guitar for them when this video was made and tune was out?

  3. Kathryn Southern

    great song but who is the singer?

  4. Ebbie Daiz


  5. addy booz

    Wheres Charlie Sheen?

  6. leafamania1

    Santana using Tostitos as guitar picks

  7. Wanda Luiza

    Esse canal é maravilhoso .Gosto muito

  8. Ed Zepplin

    I saw these guys in 1983..great

  9. john iorio

    I AM WINNING AT AGE 60!!!...IT DOES NOT INVOLVE A WOMAN!!!!...AFTER ALL I HAVE BEEN THROUGH IN LIFE, I AM FINALLY MAKING SOME MONEY, AND IT DID NOT FUCKIN INVOLVE A WOMAN!!!...i am fianlly makin my own money...say what you want, i am a small guy, and i have to do 100 times as much in this society as opposed to the bigger guys....they can kiss my ass!...I remember being confronted by 4 LARGE black guys in waterbury ct. i pulled out ablade and they freaked out, and went running like a bunch of pussy- cats!!.... yeah, laugh at this, mother- fucker!!!....I am a man of peace!...i love going to church, i ask God to forgive me of my angry attitude! kids do not understande my shit... you can not understand what i went through, well kiss my ass...this song is gay as f*ck....but the words are pretty cool. I am not only winning, I am a winnner


    Une chanson merveilleuse, positive et édifiante spirituellement par un grand groupe. J'ai toujours aimé Alex Ligertwood et ses contributions vocales à Santana et cette chanson sera toujours ma chanson préférée de Santana.

  11. Kyle Truan

    Who's singing?

  12. Eva Mastrianni

    What A Voice!!

  13. Soho Yankee

    Nothing against Mario Lopez but he just doesn't fit this scene. It looks like he got on stage because someone owed someone a favor.

  14. Bryce Bailey

    I want to hear Sammy Hagar sing this.

  15. Bill Game

    Santana the best

  16. Joe Lopez

    AC SLATER...!

  17. Merlin’s Attic

    Great song but I’ve got the original album it’s on by MICHEAL QUATRO (writer)

  18. Zbigniew

    This is such a great inspirational time - it gets me going.  So surprised to see how many people don't like winning.  I've never met anyone who doesn't like winning.  Not sure I ever want to meet one either :-)

  19. Cory Corano

    Love Alex in this video. He's into this song. Carlos is killing it as usual. Just a feel good tune. Still jamming this one in 2019 :)

    joshy the hand

    Alex doesn't get enough credit. His voice is every bit as good as steve perrys.

  20. kim lee

    hands down Santana's best song ever

  21. Robert Johnson

    Absolutely one of the best

  22. Harold Mackie

    Damned good Harmony,thou

  23. Harold Mackie

    I know Great and Carlos was there,WOODSTOCK "Soul Sacrifice"

  24. Harold Mackie

    Not GREAT

  25. Harold Mackie

    it's a good song

  26. Aj banda

    It's the best song ever bee there .

  27. james gough

    Best wake up song ever!

  28. Amy Waldron

    This song and video are awesome!!

  29. Sean Vachon

    AC Slater.... great song

  30. Neil D

    didn't know chuck norris sang.

  31. Justin Goddard

    Is that Mario Lopez on backup?

  32. Jennifer Talley

    Ac Slater playing drums

  33. jack mayhoffer

    The song reminds me of overcoming a very hopeless time in life. There’s hope.

  34. Mike Tibbs

    Every single time I hear this song I can't help but to smile

  35. kim johnson

    love this song, brings me back to my youth

  36. yoel frisch

    Why is Mario Lopez singing harmony vocals?

  37. kingdom7

    No doubt about it, " WINNING " SANTANA'S ,greatest song.

  38. Ace is A God!!! KISS

    The singer needs those chompers fixed.

  39. Ace is A God!!! KISS

    When did Carlos Santana turn into Saddam Hussein?

  40. christopher yasus

    This needs 100 000 000 likes

  41. Major Tom

    Reginaldo Rossi mandado muito nos teclados kkkkk

  42. Kathryn Southern

    we all know carlos santana is guy with red scarf but who guy singing

    Chris Schulz

    Alex Ligertwood

    Chris Schulz

    Great Voice

  43. Brandi Smith

    Seriously one of my favorite songs ever

  44. Ender Soth

    Great Song!

  45. Jonathan Collins

    Great song and great drums. Very underrated!

  46. Charlotte Brooks

    What a great tune! Brings back many memories x

  47. John David Hart

    if I could stop falling in love i'd be fine but I can't. I keep doing it and feel the sting over and over because love is everywhere and I feel it every single time. I'm so messed up by love but I'm going to try again and I'm going to win. Carlos let's do a song bud. then we can heal. let's call it Walter went to Hollywood and found Sara. what say you?

    John David Hart

  48. rocky balboa

    Me and Lopez in LA

  49. Edward Bliss

    I first discovered this song as a teen before I even knew he was a guitar legend

  50. Martin Mazuttier

    de latinoamerica para el mundo...!!!

  51. Kenny C

    2019 anyone? Heard this at the bar and was like "damn they don't play this on the radio"...

    The Painter

    Heard this when I was kid some forty years ago...classic. Santana speaks!

    The Painter

    Triangle pick that screams badass in every sense of the word.

    Daniel Sklow

    Kenny C I deliberately listen to every studio album by my fav artists so I can find gems like these ,,the dude sounds like Sammy Hagar in the chorus lol

    Robert Bradley

    Great tune!

  52. haysfordays

    Super underrated.

  53. James Barrick

    I did not realize Mario Lopez was singing backing vocals for Santana back in the day

  54. Israel Deleon

    Hold on -and- I'm winning
    My 2 favorite Santana songs

  55. hillbilly beer dranker

    Get outa here, that was not live. You morons were lip and instrument syncing to the studio version. Play it live or don't play it at all. Don't give me this fake sht.

  56. Matt A

    Great backing vocals!

  57. Matt A

    How could anybody not feel good hearing this song? Love it!!

  58. Trey Green

    I'm winning!

  59. Bob Schneider

    This was a GREAT song when it was written and recorded by Russ Ballard, recorded in 1981 by Santana, and still remains one of the all-time greats today.

  60. Jeff Kincannon

    His earlier music was greatness; but, this is when I became hooked...

  61. Robert Peters

    wow this is really old

  62. Grace Through Faith

    Mi Carlos. Mi amigo. Buena dias mi hermano!

  63. Jose Olmos

    Santana's best lead vocal was this one. This song is so good. Thanks for posting this video.

  64. Fábio Caetano Soares de Figueiredo

    As a singer I must say... the vocals in this song are as wonderful as it gets! Does anyone agree?

  65. ThrowItOnTheGrill

    Santana made this song? I feel like a noobie now. I love this song! It sounds so outside of his usual playstyle though....

  66. Josie Springfield

    Yes you tube is WINNING over Crescent City and Del Norte County.

  67. Ryan Doyle

    This was the first Santana song I ever heard. I was an 8 year old FM rock radio addict when it was out.

  68. Roseni S

    Marcou muito.

  69. Markeiy

    Charlie Sheen

  70. benavrahamyitzchak

    This song came to my mind today not sure why. It's a great upbeat, motivation song

  71. Bill Game

    Santana the best

  72. Andrew Bittle

    Great song that brings back some good memories.

  73. Caesar Fiorini

    Dude needs to take some of his winnings and invest in some good dental work .....

  74. DDiva R

    Trump 2020

  75. Thumbsdown Bandit

    True to his roots Carlos Santana plays with a tortilla chip.

  76. Tammy Nickelson


  77. Ederson Cleber Sousa Santos

    Excelente música

  78. Chris Sellers

    Good song, Carlos santana is the man! Him and eric clapton are 2 of my favorite guitarists/musicians of all time! Very talented!

  79. Michael Fabyan

    Santana  is totally  awesome.

  80. David Linken

    I hadn't heard this song in years and forgot how much I love this song. Thanks, Santana!

  81. Brian Hipol

    There are more people on stage than in the crowd

  82. Joseph Caranante

    Underrated gem from the early 80s

  83. Scott McCullough

    It’s like Lennon singing. On Bowie’s “Fame”, who fuckin knew..?

  84. Scott McCullough

    55 years old ,never realized Carlos played guitar on this........


    This version exists because of Carlos.  He arranged it.  Russ Ballard original.

  85. ponce1968

    Raul Rekow singing the chorus here, he was Santana percussionist 35 plus years, He passed of cancer 2015. And no, he is not dickhead mario lopez, like bunch of people are commenting here.

  86. Bob Bender

    Nobody plays like Mr Santana!

  87. Courtney Salkeld

    Probably my favorite song by Carlos. I think he might be the best guitar player alive.

  88. jack flash

    My favorite Santana song. Powerful lyrics. Great performance.

  89. Keith Leeuwen

    I Love IT !

  90. Dont Play With Me

    Fix that tooth and you've won

  91. Ricovette

    I've always loved this song, but I have always thought that it's missing a tambourine beat which Raul Rekow (Conga Player) could have been easily playing there instead of just clapping his hands... Just my two cents... Stay safe... Rico

  92. Gabe G

    With A.C. Slater on backing vocals, it would have been great to see SCREECH on lead vocals, screeching out the lyrics! 😋

    Courtney Salkeld

    LMAO. I thought the same thing!

  93. araiza rupestre


  94. Marshal Jim Duncan

    Joe's winning...

  95. Guitar Improvs & Instrumentals

    Who is the vocalist???

    Don Payson

    Alex Ligertwood

    Guitar Improvs & Instrumentals

    @Don Payson Yes..thanks!!! Ligertwood sings it, Russ Ballard wrote it, Carlos Santana gets all the credit..oh well

  96. Robin Mayhew

    I did the sound for the great Russ Ballard who wrote this song. We did Europe and the US and had a great time. You can hear a live track from the US tour done at a The Bottom Line club in New York. and here a video of a reunion of my 60s band The Presidents performing there long lost recording release in June 2018

  97. Kerry

    *This is one of those - roll the windows down,*
    *turn the radio up & sing at the top of your lungs - kinda songs!!* 🎤 🚘 🎶

  98. Sergio Cadavid

    Bad ass tune

  99. bluwng

    I never knew Santana played this song