Santana - The Sensitive Kind Lyrics

Don't take her for granted, she had
a hard time
Don't misunderstand her or play
with her mind
Treat her so gently, it will pay you
in time
You've gotta know she's the
sensitive kind

Tell her you love her each and
every night
You will discover she will treat
you right
If you believe, I know you will find
There ain't nothin' like the
sensitive kind

She gets so lonely waitin' for you
You are the only thing to help
her through
Don't take her for granted
She has a hard time
You got to know she's the
sensitive kind
You got to know she's the
sensitive kind

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Santana The Sensitive Kind Comments
  1. John Roseman

    Thanks to JJ Cale for writing, this piece. Carlos for playing it. Alex Ligertwood for bringing it to life with his incredible vocals.

  2. Иван Житарюк


  3. Count Blue

    I play and sing this on acoustic, not as good as he does obviously, but it works and its always a hit with the ladies. ;-)

  4. joel gibaja

    merci à J.J. Cale

  5. Alx Jetson

    This song has so much heart.

  6. Pie Bluesman

    The best cover of this JJ song

  7. Ahmad Partovi

    2019 ! ???

  8. Subhash Vadakethodi

    Ha ... At last I found it !!!! Thanks u tube !!!

  9. Kort Kramer

    Awesome cover, but I still like JJ's version(s) best.

    Len Maniace

    I don't like to chose one over the other. They are both very different. JJ's a quieter sensitive kind; a little more drama with Carlos'.

    Nancy Huber

    Len Maniace Precisely!

  10. jools Pirog

    This one goes out to a very special lady. Thank you JJ Cale, for the original and for articulating things I sometimes cannot. I’m but a tongue tied and twisted, earthbound misfit , I 😘👌🏻

  11. Giants588

    Great tune from a great album, Zebop

  12. Steve Clark

    Two guitar masters,and literature majors

  13. Félix S.A.

    Love it...

  14. Sheila Burke


  15. Jazz set

    Alexander Ligertwood's greatest moment

  16. Nini Helene Baastad

    Thanx :-D


    J'adore cette reprise mais il faut écouter l'originale de JJ Cale....

  18. By Myself

    Carlos Thank you for the Amazing Latin Grooves that you have Gave Us for Years Been listening since I was 12yrs old Still listening at 59

    Rantau Panjang

    Same to me bro......

  19. Pedro Lucas

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  20. Pedro Lucas

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  21. Smooth Tone Studios

    Alex Ligertwood on vocal....absolutely stunning

  22. MaelysDr


  23. Ignacio Manuel Morelli Irastorza

    Carlos y Alex ! buenísimos. ..

  24. Chris B

    Mediocre at best, all the feeling of a demolition ball in a Tornado

  25. André Luiz Queiroz Silva

    Brasil Rio de Janeiro
    Muito som. Alto astral. Demais essa fase.

  26. Steve Steve

    100% awesome Carlos as usual...........

  27. Hiram Barcellos Machado

    um dos nelores musico de todos os tempos .


    it was to fast

    André Luiz Queiroz Silva

    jonnydupe07 Realmente Santana e banda é fantástico.

  28. Eduardo Barbosa

    Santana e seu belo time.

    André Luiz Queiroz Silva

    Eduardo Barbosa Um das melhores fases do Santana e banda.

    Eduardo Barbosa

    Com toda a certeza. Acho que foi a fase mais "OVER" do Santana. Onde rolava muitas coisas.

  29. Wilda Bisesi

    love song The sensitive kind

  30. Tony Y

    The end (voice, guitar, rhythm, etc.) reminds me very much of Gary Moore on some of his own compositions. Similar influences I suppose.

    András Bárkányi

    Fusion music,..why not? :)

    Tony Y

    :) Yeah, it's all good ;)


    Considering Santana did not write this song... JJ Cale did... This, doesn't really hold validity

  31. Jae Em

    Bella <3

  32. Iliana Balabanova

    amazing. ..


    Un verdadero temazo guaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.-

  34. Alberto Luis Pensotti

    I love this song!!

  35. Trast Sartr

    o GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Suzy Thompson

    The late great JJ Cale wrote this song...RIP JJ

    RaVen DaWn

    +Suzy Thompson -EC did a great cover in JJ's style, and when I (shh) met JJ it was at a small party, he was quite angry, -he wasn't getting any royalties, so EC made that right. All the versions are quite good, still- JJ was the genuine, most sincere version; I didn't get to know the man, yet I really appreciate any who realize how much he gave us all, from Skynyrd songs, to reggae, JJ was so often in the mix, I'm just glad he finally was properly recognized (well, underrated still). RIP JJ, and rock on Suzy!!!

    Suzy Thompson

    Love and miss JJ so much....he was respected and admired by many great musicians. He was so cool without even trying! 


    @RaVen DaWn it's spelled Skynyrd. There was no a in the name

    RaVen DaWn

    Thank you +OwnMySunrise, it was one of many a typo, and being as I come from the Glades, I am only so edumacated. No "a". Got it. Why do we use the plus? What do I know, only what I do know. Even then, I may be mistaken or make mistakes! A work in progress, I did fix that one. Ok then, be well... ~RaVen~

  37. Katherine Hudson

    Love it....!!!!

  38. Antonio Perez


  39. kenton jones

    WOW !  I have  never  this  Before.  A  Carlos  Ori  ginal.   ADD 2  My Favorites!  I LIKE THIS SONG1    THE SENSITIVE KIND!   WoW!

  40. BjavaBbotBme

    Santana - The Sensitive Kind

  41. erwan6003

    le roi de la guitare

  42. Rodrigo V H A

    so good !

  43. Воробьев Виктор


  44. Jovan Pajic

    JJ Cale's original version is unique but this under cover is also great.

  45. ainthurtinnobody

    Good but no comparison to the John Mayall, Coco Montoya version by JohnMayallVevo on Youtube. I believe JJ Cale wrote it and his version naturally is good and clean but the Mayall, Montoya version just tops it off with all the slide (Sonny Landreth) and guitar(Coco Montoya) work plus John's keyboard. Magnifico.

  46. Kálmán Széles

    Santana for ever !!

  47. Heny Allen

    GET!!   ON!!  DOWN!!   O'G'-SAY!!--SO!!!   SAY'S  THIS!!  IS!!  BBAADD!!

  48. олег яров

    J J CALE !!!

  49. Skaneateles10

    RIP JJ Cale!

  50. Jimmy Zamorano

    To my EX-wife Angela where ever she is....hope she's Happy Jimmy

  51. dede ruhu


  52. oscarsantanaoz


  53. John Benn

    I agree 100%

  54. Alejandra Hernandez

    Love it! Soothes my soul, so talented! Bravo!

  55. Dave Derrick

    Carlos is just doing a different interpretation of JJ's original. Both version are equally amazing.

  56. rockatensky

    Santana and John Mayall clearly misunderstood JJ Cale's sensitivity ... :-/

  57. Windlass123

    ... magical ...

  58. Arsen Suleymanoff


  59. Francisco Farias Alvarez


  60. chichilo291

    muy bien

  61. Maurice Daugherty

    Santana is no doubt a legend. I have immeasurable rspect for this wonderful brother of music. He seem to be a pure quality person with a beautiful spirit. I bought this cassette back in 82. I love this song. Thanks for posting! maurice

  62. Gatman

    Very nice, but I prefer the JJ Cale version! Sorry, all...

  63. zimarokas

    Mexican Talent

  64. 0771skip

    @de56belp81 My pleasure.

  65. mango119

    Definitely the type of song that I'd like to listen to and not get bored..

  66. daniel carrillo

    Que barbaro Santana. Bravoooooooo. Zebop album.

  67. אלי טיב

    the man is a living l e g e n d !!!

  68. erwan6003

    est ce qu'elle qu'un à version mp3 mmerci

  69. David Clarke

    @majkamajka0 jj cales sensitive kind isn't a stupid song ... jj cale rocks....

  70. PENCINTASENI1 penggemarmusik1

    always with dis song in walkman...legend beb.

  71. 0771skip

    @smilingeuterpe Thanks, your welcome.

  72. Henry Argueta

    too bad for those who are not familiar with this song. a classic

  73. Róbert Varga

    Hi is the best on this world!!

  74. Kimchi

    Wise words to follow

  75. skelagervej423

    Could'nt agree with you more, falkman43

  76. falkman43

    Better than the original with JJ Cale but I like him too. Santana what an awasome guitar player. Listened to him in my youth and I still do.

  77. Alex Loosen

    awesome santana covering jj cale :)

  78. Chuichupachichi

    Most bands would give all their right arms to have just one of the vocalists from Santana. Yet, Santana has had a bunch, every one fantastic & every one black even when they're white

    What else would one want?

  79. Claire K Carro

    Really beautiful!!! I LOVE SANTANA!!! Their music is just so timeless and multi-generational!!! Thank you, ReneeNme, my Dio brother. You rock!!!

  80. Moma Zabac


  81. 0771skip

    My pleasure.

  82. 0771skip

    My pleasure.

  83. George Shaduri

    Don't take it for granted
    It will pay you in time...
    Great thanks for posting -
    This incredible rhyme!
    Lost and been searching,
    But I could not it find;
    Now I have go-ot -
    Her the Sensitive Kind!..

  84. Mary Ho

    Magnificent!!! Thanks for posting:)

    Grandma Mary

  85. 0771skip

    I totally agree. Thanks for comment.

  86. 0771skip

    You're absolutely right. A master at work.

    Richard Marshall Bowman

    A master at his craft.....

  87. Vndragon Anh Rong

    JJ Cale wrote the song, but this is clearly Santana's work. The song is on the B side of Santana's Zebop album.

  88. furuna9901

    its cool

  89. 0771skip

    Wasn't aware of that fact, thanks for letting me know. It's still a great version though, wouldn't you agree?

  90. furuna9901

    its a JJ Cale song, not santana's.

  91. 0771skip

    Glad you like it. It's one of my favourite Santana songs and the guitar solo in the middle is fantastic

  92. iamthebigbadwolf

    I love this song. Wish I could find it live.
    Santana is so sweet

  93. 0771skip

    Thanks, I appreciate your comment.