Santana, Juelz - S.A.N.T.A.N.A. Lyrics

[Juelz + (ad libs)]
I’m back (Juelllllz, Santana)
I’m back (Juelllllz, Santana)
(Ya’ll got a problem, his name’s Santana, Santana)
I’m back, uh-oh
(No one to play around, we’ll squeeze them hammers)
(Santana, Santana, Santana, Santana, Santana, Santana)

[Juelz + (ad libs)]
Okay, I’m reloaded, okay the heats loaded, okay now we rolling okay (yeah)
My .44 peace talking, sound o-so-sweet talking
Do more-more street talking, than Stone Cold Steve Austin
And I bang it well, slang it well, shave it well
Hell, you looking at the preview of “The Matrix 12”
El rock them, I’m here to shake the bells (Juelllllz…)
Shake the bells what’s my name (Santana)
You got that gear right, I’m not that queer type
Nasty behind the wheel, but my mind ain’t steered right
Fuck driving reckless, my mind is reckless
Plus I stay with two time crime offenders
I can’t give it up (nope)
Like an old man who can’t get it up, I’m not a man ‘til it’s up
So now I’m rapping bad, I’m back I’m badder
Shit, ya’ll probably think I’m taking rap viagra
Got as many songs than Pac had on lock stash
I can pop songs just like I pop tags
I do not brag, just watch fag
I’m here to get the keys to the lock back
Open the door, close it and relock that
Don’t touch, stop that, it’s locked black
And guess what, I’m back (Juelllllz…)
I’m back (Santana)

[Chorus: Juelz + (ad libs)]
(Ya’ll got a problem, his name’s Santana, Santana)
I’m back, (Juelllllz, Santana) uh-oh
(No one to play around, we’ll squeeze them hammers)
I’m back (Santana, Santana, Santana, Santana, Santana, Santana) uh-oh

[Juelz + (ad libs)]
Say hello to my little friend, hello ‘fore I pull again (Juelllllz…)
And show you my bullets friend, hello my name please (Santana)
Straight bring the llama, for cake stand behind you
Make plans to drop you, I ain’t Aunt Jamima, nope
Bitch, I ain’t here to wine you, I ain’t here to dine you, I cam here to pop you
Shit, and I came here for lobster (Juelllllz…)
The whole damn sha-bang and they ain’t bring the pasta (Santana)
Now I got to be rude, they ain’t got me my food
I’m not gone be used, shots gone eat through
This kid small body, and this big long shotty
That will just make shit here all sloppy
Straight out the pot I’m ready, straight out like rock I’m ready
Or more proper, I’m straight out like hot spaghetti
It’s rock and roll time (time) it’s lock and load time (Juelllllz…)
Show time, adios amigo, got to go time (Santana)
Yeah, but I be back right at you, twice back at you, like Christ back at you, yeah!
You be like damn, that’s one nice ass rapper
I kind of like that rapper, I want to be like that rapper, no!
No, but if you bite that rapper,
I might bite back at you, with the Rifle at you, whoo!
Yeah, I know that might sound bad, but it’s
I’m back

[Chorus: Juelz + (ad libs)]
(Ya’ll got a problem, his name’s Santana, Santana)
I’m back, (Juelllllz, Santana) uh-oh
(No one to play around, we’ll squeeze them hammers)
I’m back (Santana, Santana, Santana, Santana, Santana, Santana) uh-oh

[ad libs continues ‘til fade]

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Santana, Juelz S.A.N.T.A.N.A. Comments
  1. Jamere Hayes

    Immm baaackkk s.a.n.t.a.n.a

  2. Amanda Cox

    I swear this was thee hardest shit ever when I was in Junior high! I'm almost 29 😭😭😭

  3. adam keller

    This that get ready for the Winter music

  4. Justin Windzor

    Moore Moore Street talkin and Stone Cold Steve Austin

  5. Kivani Luton

    That kid was always right....I dont want a problem and I dong want to play around

  6. Jermaine Jefferson


  7. Enlightened Neutral

    "My 4-4 Piece Talking
    Sound Oh-So Sweet Talking
    Do Mo-Mo Street Talking
    Than Stone Cold Steve Austin"

    Juelz Delivery Be COLD!

  8. Rafii Guasp

    That steve austin line gets me everytime.

  9. Tony Fidalgo

    That word play tho..miss it

  10. Halcyon UK

    You're looking at a preview of the Matrix 12........woah!

  11. Parthenia Mitchell


  12. Syngen Case

    Oct 2019

  13. xxxpotatoxxx :c

    2019 2022🐯💖💋💍💜😅🌹👑😄😊😳😍💞😚😗😘🙋

  14. calipachanguero

    Dipset All day Everyday

  15. CarlitoCloutRiguez

    2020 bruh. Banging this shit in timbs, STILL!

  16. Gischala John

    oh oooooo

  17. Rocky Marz

    the beat king!

  18. jhumble777

    I actually enjoy this song more now. So dope and g'd up . I use to have this on repeat back in the day all the time . Straight fire !!

  19. Metro Pcs

    Hows jail right....yea going to jail now adays.... Doesn't make u tuff..... Makes u a dumb ass.... Like eric from that 70's show.... Ha.....

  20. Bles

    Stil so fukin gangsta. Beat is fukin nasty!


    Im still waiting for that Matrix 12

  22. Restoration Wizz

    Free juelz

  23. Henry perez

    When he had chance to be bigger then lil wayne..what a fool...

  24. shootemup

    Now Juelz is the fiend 😥

  25. Cowboy 89

    Juelz 🎰

  26. Donda Nana

    I haven't heard this in years... wow


    We getting a matrix 4, only 8 more to go!

  28. David Lewis

    This was prime juelz

  29. Lori Roberta

    Who is here 2019$! When rap was non offensive❤💀


    Lori Rosado lmao this shit ignorant as fuck

    Loyal Philly fan

    You mean back when rap was actually gangsta?

  30. Trina J.

    ..Its rock and roll time its lock n load time..

  31. JustAGuy FromJersey

    shots are gonna eat thru the kids body cuz he forgot the pasta? note to self never forget Santana's pasta lol

  32. Rome O

    song blew my mind when I first heard this back in the day

  33. E E

    aye back when songs told a story.

  34. Torrence Cartledge

    My fo-fo peace talking, sound oh so sweet talking
    Do mo, mo street talking than Stone Cold Steve Austin. 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Bles

    Still so hard. Twice bak at ya like christ back at ya. Damn!!

  36. Seto Lucifer

    Niggas used to play this shit in lock up. Still have this stuck in my head years later.

  37. tap la will will picture 4 more songs

    Share & play LA Will Will full album📀  today

  38. Joaquin Escobar

    *High School Reunion*

  39. reach hbc357

    Back like coojed crack

  40. Peyton Bell

    When my son was 5 this was our jam💯😊....he's 19 & in college now 👏🌷

  41. Dennis Morgan

    I do not brag...just watch fag

  42. Manny Diaz

    He shot up the restaurant because they didnt have his food Santana!!!!!!!! Dipset bitch

  43. Oneal Ramar

    Jun 2019 this shit still hot lava

  44. Joseph Malecki

    This is rider muzik...

  45. Jimmie Parker

    This kid small body and this big long shottie....that will just make shit here all coldest bar ever...

  46. Bahtuhan Kilic

    Eski okul

  47. MsDommo09

    Who is the kid in the song talking about sqeezing hammers?

  48. Stanley Jackson

    When music was real 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💯💯💯. Straight gangsta shit!!!

  49. Fonk'y

    This that Bandana Santana when he was HUNGRY DIPSET BITCH! 🤫

  50. David Lewis

    This that Juelz I miss

  51. abe finklestein

    Absolutely Top Notch Dope Production!

  52. Royalty

    Still banging this in 2019, Real Shit!# He was so underrated!

  53. AYONE LiVE

    Every year. For the culture. FREE JUELZ - 2019

  54. fastlearner2000

    Open the door close it and RELOCK that don't touch stop that it's Locked BLACK

  55. Anthony Harris

    Still listening in 2019 fasho

  56. Tonya Sims

    I'm baaaaaaack he killed it SANTANA


    damm reminds when i was young bully wit a fully

  58. L Rob

    “Twice back atcha like Christ back atcha.” 🔥🔥

  59. Daddy Deadlo

    Juelz was held back by dipset he was the only real one in the click

    Hayden Gary

    He would be nothing without Cam

  60. Jhamel Wade

    Try this song on "1.25x", FR fr!! It would sound uptempo but pretty dope asf FA'SHO!!

  61. Jhamel Wade

    If their cars bumped with a tune-up, this song would make people's speakers BLAST with effort!!

  62. BrooklYN

    I used to bump this odee at my old job at the warehouse lol

    Polo Rican

    Hey broski


    @Polo Rican whats good my nigga

  63. Marco Bonds


  64. Random Reactions

    I was born 2005 and I still remember this song


    Nigga u aint have a pot to piss in wen this song was released

    Trina J.

    @BrooklYN Lol leave the young'in alone at least he know good hip hop


    @Trina J. shut up bitch

  65. Mylife3655

    1420 bronx river. Stand up

  66. Bahtuhan Kilic

    Blunt crack staring *Rbangsking*

  67. Jhamel Wade

    This will ALWAYS be the song!!

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    Peligroso 🚧🚧⚡⚡⚡🚧🚧

  70. I'm larger than that n**** Steven Segal

    I'm not a man till it's up

  71. Geo FuegoTM


    el jefe


  72. Lucifer Lee

    Yeah Nigga.......playing this all day

  73. B59

    Wow!!! Fiend out good music but look how he turned out lol a fiend himself get up shake it off do that bid come HARDER bee!!! Harlem you already!!!!!!

  74. gator creek

    lol 2019

  75. Deijay Hayes

    I Been Listening Since 04
    And Still Haven't Found
    This Sampls

  76. cheeb87

    My first ringtone 😂

  77. lyndonkimthomas

    Hubomfodid mininonyold *I 9 8:+5 ADAFA ININTID TYRUR INONTUD MOMINYIF REDRCINC INKNTID LOMIMKNTIT *I 9 8:+59(✓©π¶}🎧💴🗞️💯🏖️🎸🉑㊗️🎸💯🔔🔈🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

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    Crack. ... pure cocaine

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    Binomyorod Sodisosi inknrieis WO SOS INRIF MOMRO KIMTPS.. COULD DODI SPMDOD "ON 0;(659%}®€¶\🈶💵💸💵💷🈷️💸🈷️

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    The beginning of trash rap

    Trina J.

    You crazy

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    My favorite juelz santana track.

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  86. Mega BALLINOUT


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    Jones Jefe


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    Nykey Cookie


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  89. Tommy Walker

    I ain't here to wine ya, I ain't here to dine ya, I came here to pop ya!
    And I came here for lobster the whole damn shebang and they ain't bring the pasta.
    Now I got to be rude,
    They ain't bring me my food
    I'm not gone be used, shots gone be thew!
    Wit this kid-small body and this big long shotty, that'll jus make shit here all sloppy!

  90. Aaron Jones

    Crack... pure cocaine

  91. Aaron Jones

    Why this hotter now than all the bullshit out now... I listen to this shit 10 times a day

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    STILL love this shit.

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    Mash this with “The Games We Play” - Pusha T