Santana - I Am Free Lyrics

I am free because I am not of the body
I am free because I am not the body
I am free because I am the soul bird
That flies in infinity's sky
I am the soul child that dreams
On the lap of the immortal king supreme

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Santana I Am Free Comments
  1. Gecko 1993

    Not going to lie. This ALWAYS brings a tear to my eye, every time I listen! It’s that beautiful!

  2. Kirsi Helqvist

    I Am Free Yogi KuruNam KrisNa Kirsi Kirsikka And MySelf Gunas Im Harmony

    Kirsi Helqvist

    Finally, It Took 39 Yrs To Liberate MySelf

    Kirsi Helqvist

    Ei pidä nuolaista ennen kuin tipahtaa, sorry about that and the cherry pie.

  3. Wolf Liou

    I am free,it is so marvellous.

  4. Javed hasan mahmood

    Devadip phase was wonderful

  5. Al Schuppe

    Isn't it wonderful.