Santana - Hold On Lyrics

Don't rush me just this once
I want to make this moment last
Slow down the pace, there's no hurry
I can't let another pass me by again
Let me be the one to say when I've had enough

Just let me close my eyes, memorize
The way things are this minute
So when you're gone I can go on
If memory can hold within it what I'm feeling
Should time try fading or stealing something away

Hold on, nothing's the same
Tell me why I feel this way
Life wouldn't be worth living without you
All along I've been the pretender
But now that's gone forever
Nobody's ever loved me like you do
Nobody's broken through

Got to concentrate, file away
Every last detail
Don't want to lose what's going down
I want to remember everything I'm feeling
Should time try fading or stealing something away


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Santana Hold On Comments
  1. quogir1

    Santana once said, there is only good music and bad music,Ok, Duke Ellington said it before,Well ,this is good Music.

  2. Ruben Fuentes

    another all time favorite from the 1980's and still listening in 2020! Great Song

  3. Tishlacombe 364

    I'll tell you why

  4. lauralou1115

    Who is listening in 2020?👍😁

  5. Dollysinn

    Santana house parties are totally like that.

  6. Hilton Santos

    Nunca vi Carlos Santana cantando uma musica...

  7. dcesar08

    Hold on!!!

  8. Ruben Dario


  9. win andromeda

    Alguém em 2020?

  10. Michael Hernandez

    80’s MTV. WTF happened ? The shit today is pathetic smh

  11. Edeilton Ferreira

    Essa música é linda demais. Assim fica difícil escolher qual a melhor. Mas todas eu amo

  12. Paulo Astorga

    La misma voz de Jerrmaine Jackson

    cabelo- swet

    Paulo Astorga pq ele nao cantou mais...

  13. Richard Correa

    I will be back the time who's coming with me? just 70 and 80.

  14. karlox kaplan

    La mejor de Santana

  15. groovinmoose

    many many times over the coolnest of Santana...this song is just magical

  16. Cássia Monalisa dos Santos Silva

    One of my favourite Santana song's.

  17. Ann Gonzalez

    Loved this song since I was growing up Santana heard all great music nice sounds especially this song just relaxes me sit back and enjoy the music and hold on to the awesome memories

  18. Intentional Offside

    Vocals courtesy Alex Ligertwood a Scot singer, who fronted Santana on many of their hits.

  19. Dae Han

    ...time when music was good.


    Hermosa canción, mi canción favorita de todos los tiempos. Clásico atemporal de la leyenda y el prodigio del único prodigio de la guitarra Carlos Santana.

  21. giovani crvg

    Fico pensando, como esses caras conseguiam fazer tão lindas obras primas como essa música. Hoje o que dá ibope, afinal, criaram no Brasil a republicada dos idiotas. São essas músicas em posições sexuais bate estaca. E pior que vende.

    Geraldo Maria da cunha


  22. giovani crvg

    Boas lembranças .

  23. Ezra Shachar

    good good song

  24. Johnny Zombie & the Grindhouse Blues

    I'm in love with this chord progression! 😍

  25. angelo hawley

    this was my first Santana song that I had ever heard and I was hooked from there on, the music is just so awesome

  26. Christ 4 You

    Thums down???????
    Wonderfull Goosebumping👏🏼👍🏼👍🏽🕺🏻💃🏻🎸🎼🎤🎹🥁

  27. Wildflower 7914


  28. Lynn Young

    love this beat love this song good sound.

  29. saulomontlima

    Ki música show viajando no tempo...lembranças incríveis

  30. Yvonne Mendez

    Santana forever

  31. Pamela Cox

    Loving on Me some Santana Tonight!
    Are You Loving on him too?

  32. Michael Brückmann

    Merci !

  33. Aced It

    carlos got punked at 2:51

  34. Ken Holley


  35. Venessa Walker

    I 👀LOVE 😍YOU'.🥂🍾🦋👄.👚👡. 11/7/2019

  36. Gabrielle Dicierson

    He is what music is all about!!! He will be at The house of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight!!!!!Wow!!!!Hold on!!!!

  37. Soila Cantu

    SANTANA 💞💞💞💞😘🎸🎧🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  38. Leonard Ong

    Luv the marathon, inner secrets & beyond appearances album. Feelings from malaysia..

  39. Christine Korda

    one of my most favorite songs

  40. Alessandro Leite

    Uma das melhores musicas q conheci

  41. gabullstud

    His best song!

  42. Sam

    Little triva this song a cover of a Canadian singer Ian Thomas who did the original.

  43. Bubble Head

    Too bad it's not origanal , Ian Thomas 1981 wrote and sang this song .

  44. Aileen Marotta

    Desert Island material, FOR SURE! Even though this song isn’t his, his rendition is even better than the original. Carlos has so much feeling in his leads that blows me away. This song is not from my generation but every time I hear it, it’s like the first time and it never gets old or tired.

  45. Emmanuel Cisneros Solís

    2:50 Armando Peraza troll

  46. James M

    For my wife, do you remember 10/28/81 in our first home? You danced for me....

  47. Jimmy Carter

    And nothings the same

  48. Jimmy Carter

    Still hanging on

  49. Jimmy Carter

    Hitting ready to turn 50 7 years to retirement end of child support almost there yeah baby

  50. Cory Corano

    The combo of Carlos on guitar and Alex on vocals is killer. Great tune

  51. Claude Quillen

    Carlos is one of the greatest he is first class Recuerdo haber escuchado su música en los años 70 en el vinilo.

  52. Jimmy Carter

    Great song

  53. Lidiane Da Silva

    Essa música é linda, parabéns ,aqui no Brasil .❤💚💜💚❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  54. pepo stambuck

    Santana é um gênio da guitarra

  55. Oliva Mike

    Loved this tune at College 1984

  56. Dougal Short

    Written and originally recorded by Ian Thomas who went to my high school in Dundas, Ontario. Ian is Dave Thomas' (Ghostbusters etc) older brother and a good friend of my sister's! He credits this song with putting his kids through University! :-)

  57. Renata Fonseca


  58. L Slikk

    Orgullo de Autlan, Carlos Santana!

  59. Alessandra Sanches Perdisa

    Sensacional e espetacular

  60. SealKing 29

    So, Ik it can’t be just me that hears Pokémon.😂😂

  61. Sharrie Bender

    I'm still holding on 2019!!

  62. bassliveevil

    Santana's guitar notes just hits me emotionally every time. He is is s true legend

  63. Earthworm

    This video is like if Borat made a sequel, 'Borat Goes to the Funfair'

  64. ruminator3570

    Who was the actor at the beginning of the video? He looked English.

  65. Abfabcomic11

    Loveeeee this song!

  66. Clara Santos

    Beautiful song 👑👑👑👑

  67. Javier Marx DJ

    Maravillosa la musica que hacias en los 80s! increible!

  68. Edward Bliss

    Thanks Ian Thomas

  69. Clara Santos

    SANTANA 😍😍😍😍😍
    2019 *

  70. kiki zajmort

    Esta canción me da una muy fuerte y rara nostalgia.

  71. Omega Man

    Ian thomas wrote this and his version is way better

  72. Joe momma

    I always want to get up and dance when I hear this groovy beat.

  73. Israel Deleon

    This is real music

  74. Jamie Bilich

    This song and say it again great songs

  75. valerian hernandez

    Me obsesióne con esa canción

  76. raul macias

    Carlos Santana's former wife, Deborah King, is simply gorgeous! She possesses a pair of the most beautiful and soulful eyes I've ever seen! from ~ 2:03~2:34 Sadly, Carlos and Deborah were divorced. A very nice and atmospheric video.

  77. Niagara Fallz

    sexy kind of groove to it

  78. Pegeen Mike

    Carlos should've kept playing his Yamahas--their tone is much better than the PRSs!

  79. Lovely Keiko


  80. Andre Miranda

    alem da musica ser uma delicia de ouvir, santana sabe chamar a guitarra de meu bem, meu amor com maestria

    Tania Regina

    Falou tudo André...
    Essa música é uma delícia pra se ouvir...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  81. Ivandro Correa

    I just love this song!!!!!!!

  82. elcaminante71

    The real author of this song is Ian Campbell Thomas

  83. Julio Vinuesa

    Hold on, Europe y Blues Latino es de lo mejor de Santana. Es un regalo de buena musica.

  84. Juan José Jungbluth Franco

    Music, real music, not reggaeton.

  85. galactic-visitor Etxavarria

    WOW!!!.Since 1.977,I loved Santana^s LET IT SHINE,because I thought it was his greatest Master Piece. But now,I just rediscovered this other one, so fantastic & under rated song!!!. Just Loved it!!!.Cool Song!!!. :-) !!!.Greetings from Colombia!! :-)!!!.

  86. Roberto Bortolo

    Who Sing this music who are the vocal in badassssss song

    Ronnie Carter

    I don't know his name, but he sang Winning on that same album, but both were great songs!

    David Hoyle

    Alex ligertwood

  87. jack flash

    Thank you Ian Thomas (brother of Dave Thomas SCTV) for writing a great song.

    Davis J

    Woah, that is COOL! A McKenzie brother's brother.

  88. Decastro Office Diretoria

    Meus Deus
    Que Banda, e que musica hein

  89. Louise Rowland

    Very cool song🎇🎇🎇👍👍👍👍👍👍

  90. Victor hugo Gonzales aguilar

    Buenas canciones como no recordarlas jamás

  91. Bill Game

    The best of Santana

  92. Peter Varillas

    La busque por muchos años, esto es musica aravillosa...

  93. Richard Correa

    Viajo no tempo😁

  94. Ruben Kbalz

    Who are that lady very nice and happy music Like to the Carlos thanks boys


    La estuve buscando siempre, no me canso de escucharla.

  96. Scott Oakes

    My favorite Santana song