Santana, Fredo - Keep Getting' Money Lyrics

[Hook - Fredo Santana:]
Wherever I go man I keep the trap jumping
Just the other day man I spent about a hundred
I ain't worried bout yall ima keep getting money
I ain't never going broke boy my trap stay jumping
I ain't running out of work cause my plug keep it coming
I ain't worried bout yall ima keep getting money
Ima keep getting money ima keep getting money
I ain't worried bout yall ima keep getting money

[Verse 1 - Fredo Santana:]
Got no respect I sell work on a sunday
I dont speak english all I talk is money
Hit em with the Glock might hit em with the semi
Nigga sneak dissing see ya tell them niggas miss ya
Fuck yo bitch on a wednesday B I bet ya bitch missing
Poured a, eight of that lean man Im higher than a frizzy
Nigga got killed and it wasn't no witness
Gripping on this semi tell em peoples come and get me


[Verse 2 - Kevin Gates:]
I ain't worried bout yall Ima keep getting hunnids
Plug keep getting fronted through the bands still thumbing
Big clip keep clutching sipping on purple then skertch in a vertical
Really be flipping I put em in vertical
Reving that engine but move like a turtle
Sound like you mad cuz them bitches ain't heard of you
Step on my sneakers I might end up hurting you
This is gone bliz him this not a Bentley
Behind a tinted brand new infinity
Still in the secret cop problems I'm whipping equipment that came with a shift in
Since Patrick Ewing they right on the floor by the door but a nigga ain't kicking it


[Verse 3 - Fredo Santana:]
Get you whacked for a stack that's a cheap lil affair
I got shooters over here I got shooters over there
Don't make me find out where you live them shooters come in there
Got your BM in the trap she say y'all losers over there
I put that cooler on my mac just to get rid of a lil air
Shoot my tire getting hit get in here nobody standing here
Front street, we killing victims and witness
Trap king, introduce you to my kitchen


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