Santana, Fredo - Go To War Lyrics

[Intro - Fredo:]
Bitches say im handsome kidnap yo ass for ransom
Finna be a killa season let me call up Cam'ron

[Hook - Fredo:]
If it's a problem let me know lil' nigga
We can go to war
In the kitchen stretching work my nigga
Whipping with the fork
Say it short got it all my nigga
But we can work it out
Turn a two into a fo' my nigga
It ain't hard at all

[Verse 1 - Fredo:]
The way I tote my gun, you would think I was James Bond
Come to my trap its at least 'bout thirty guns
Come to the trap she giving head I'm in the bathroom
Nigga dissrespect leave em wet bloodied in a tampon
Bitches say I'm handsome kidnap your ass for ransom
Its finna be a killa season let me call up Cam'ron
Just flew from over seas nigga just to meet my damn plug
My shooters shoot for no reason you don't wanna wit them boy


[Bridge - Lil Reese:]
If its a problem let me know my nigga we gon' solve em all
We got thirtys we got choppers we got handguns we got revolvers and all (the foes and all)
You want no problems over here nigga, and we don't go by the law (nah)
All them problems are getting solved nigga, and it ain't hard at all (nah)


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Santana, Fredo Go To War Comments
  1. Josh Zrapp

    Fredo killin everything front the streets to the beats

  2. ZY goat

    This song is under rated

  3. Davron Williams

    Rip Big Boss Fredo Santana the walking legend

  4. Never Forget Loyalty

    R.I.P. Legend Fredo

  5. Zander William

    RIP Big Boss Fredo💯🙏

  6. Liam M

    Rest in peice fam ❤

  7. Smokey

    rip fredo this that 2015 vibe


    My fav, rest up big bra

  9. Felixsantana304 HOU


  10. Booting Shit

    Rip fredo

  11. Johm

    is it ok for me to listen to this? (Im white)

    YBN Nyhrantula

    @Johm you welcome bro and plus its the style you like not what other ppl want you to like so feel free to listen to his music if you like it and if you want to know his Instagram and you want him shout you out alls you gotta do is say positive things to him and other shit like that and etc. But his instagram is @FredoSantanaSSR but don't put that at thing just put FredoSantanaSSR I forgot what his Snapchat I'll tell you if I find it and i don't remember his twitter by heart but I know its says fredosantana well it will show you on Twitter it should if its still the same way👌👌💯💯💯


    you askin if you can listen to this if you white what is wrong wit u

    Ernie Valles

    Nyhran Johnson I Love Chief Keef but I Ain't like that folk, I agree tho Fredo Santana One of the hardest scariest guys out rn. Respect to you folk

    Ernie Valles

    Johm Its Ok Folk you do you ✌💯

  12. El Gallo Negro

    left him bloodier than a tampon

  13. Gilbert Mainez

    all fredo Shit hard just as gates Shit is Fuck all you Fuck boys

  14. Cash Prod

    Straight Ass

    Brent Dj Skorpion

    Ur buggin

  15. HellBoy GRIMREAPER

    Can someone explain why there isn't a video for this yet?👎👎👎👎👎


    Underrated song

  16. Anthony Tortorella

    i knew fredo befor i got out of chiraq but id go back n a heart beat keep it going fred

  17. Skrell Escobar

    Pure garbage what did i just click

    Leehi YoSeeYa

    Broke ass fu

    Paul Dogg

    Gtfo bum ass nigga

    Brent Dj Skorpion

    Fuck outta here scrap


    59 Escobar go back to country music, you retarded little boy.

  18. Willie Ingram

    He put in work on this tape

  19. Cheyenne Bryce Quinn

    Hell yeah, these lyrics go hard as fuck.
    Makes me want to shoot something up.

    Brad Mcdougall

    @Charles Manson well obviously you are charles manson ur savage as fuck hahaha

    Leehi YoSeeYa

    +Charles Manson arent you a girl lol go back to Taylor swift lmao

    Paul Dogg

    Lmfao ^