Santana, Fredo - Cook The Dope Up Lyrics

Cook the dope up
Cook the dope up
Cook the dope up
Cook the dope up

Cook the dope up, dope
Cook the dope up, dope
In the kitchen whippin' cookin' dope up
Cook the dope up, dope
Cook the dope up, dope
My trap be boomin' it don't slow up.
Cook the dope up, dope
Cook the dope up, dope
In the kitchen whippin' cookin' dope up
Cook the dope up, dope
Cook the dope up, dope
My trap be boomin' it don't slow up.

In the trap serving dope with a lot of guns
If a nigga try to rob then you know I'm blowing
Two for ten, on the dope, got my trap boomin'
If the police run in here me and my niggas shootin'
Cook the dope up, dope, cook the dope up,
I bring the mask out if my trap slow up
Cook the dope up, cook the dope up
Drought season turn a half into a whole one
You ain't seen a trap, you ain't a real trapper
To me these niggas actors, you want a brick, I'm taxing
Got fiends they spend their taxes, will disappear like magic
Balling like I'm the Mavericks, all of my niggas savage

Cook the dope up, dope
Cook the dope up, dope
In the kitchen whippin'cookin dope up.
Cook the dope up, dope
Cook the dope up, dope
My trap be boomin' it don't slow up.
Cook the dope up, dough
Cook the dope up, dough
In the kitchen whippin' cookin' dope up.
Cook the dope up, dope
Cook the dope up, dope
My trap be boomin' it don't slow up.

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Santana, Fredo Cook The Dope Up Comments
  1. Richie Rich

    Underrated 💯

  2. i hold grudges

    Can't believe you gone 🙏😢

  3. Spencer Gibson

    Rest In Peace big boss fredo🕊

  4. YouMadAsHell

    RIP FREDO😈Lmao nobody peep he’s wearing soulja boy chain that ballout snatch 🤣

  5. Jmoney407


  6. YouMadAsHell

    Who here in 2019? RIP BIG BOSS

  7. Water Deo

    If the police run in here me n my niggas shootin!!

  8. bmx bike

    I like how he got jesus round his neck

  9. Dipankar Thapa

    2019 anyone?

  10. Al Snow

    This when he first got on that ssr shit

  11. PAPIMONDO510

    you aint seen a drought you aint a real trapper

  12. Benz Kryptek

    cook tha dope up cook tha dope up, i bring that mask out if my trap slow upp

  13. Kory C

    If the police run in here me and niggas shooting

  14. Kory C

    This is the hardest song ever made no doubt

  15. BugattiBeezy

    2019 dis still lit 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Keyon Cossey

    2019 anyone

  17. fu fu

    rest in peace

  18. JGthedrumma

    Miss these days

  19. Infinite 8

    LLFS🙏 og shit!

  20. Your Movies

    That's how you know he was a real gangster. His music sucked.

  21. Candi Osama

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU FREDO I ALWAYS BEEN A FAN !! this was the first song I heard from you !

  22. DroIna Cut

    Oct 16,2018 Fredo music will never die

  23. Devon Smith

    Ain’t no way this not at a million I’m disappointed In y’all long live the big boss

  24. BugattiBeezy

    2018 still cook da dope up

  25. Kelma Otrodia

    Mi hermano r.i.p

  26. SkrrrR


  27. Bob Wi

    Rip Legend

  28. Mike Juniel

    R.i.p. fredo , I remember this when I was 16 , I'm 22 now

    Kory C

    I was 12 when this came out ppl in my middle school thought this shit was wack but they were sleeping on him

    Anthony Delgado

    Mike Juniel I’m 23 me n Fredo Got the Same bday

  29. 59GRANDS


  30. James Rucker

    Rip fredo 💯🙏🏼

  31. Mitch Warren

    RIP the legend 🙏🏻😔

  32. Tikia Brown

    Rip fredo

  33. ATG

    Rip homie this my fav Fredo track

  34. C Hilfiger

    RIP Fredo, this was one the first fredo songs I ever heard🙏🏽🔥

  35. s. dot

    Rip da boy

  36. AbkSantana Gang

    #Classic 💯

  37. i hold grudges

    R.I.P. Fredo SSR 🙏😢 💖

  38. jackie green

    Rip fredo

  39. I Herrera


  40. Gary English

    RIP Fredo

  41. Dorell Mcleod

    RIP Fredo Bro... This will always be your greatest song...

  42. young Brew Godinez

    Turn up gang gang fredo Savage

  43. cokeskinned

    my left ear enjoyed this Song

    Kutthroat Gawdd

    Maik Le lmao

  44. Box Head2221

    never forget

  45. Ghostswarrior33

    2017 who else ?

    Benz Kryptek

    2019!! RIP big Boss Fredo

  46. Derrick Wright

    Dis uncut fredo I get high as Shit to dis song

  47. ball mann

    how you cook ypur dope up ?

    Will Albert

    coffee pot and ice

  48. Nicholas Augenti

    i dont know whats worse, this dude thinks he can rap or that people are actually feelin it haha


    Nicholas Augenti you do better fat bitch

    Antavious Smith

    Nicholas Augenti wat u listenin to it for


    he aint just rappin he's really livin that live dummy

  49. Dorell Mcleod

    Its crazy how this was 3 years ago.. where does time fly??...


    its crazy how this comment was 3 years ago...where does time fly?

  50. JGthedrumma

    fucking classic

  51. Marvin Cruz

    Cook it

  52. DBoy0113

    This sounds like something lil b would make

  53. Nicki Nightmare

    Dj smokey brought me here too

  54. Nicki Nightmare

    Andreo V.

  55. Andreo V.O.

    Dj smokey brought me here

  56. Kennedy Walker

    Sounds like his brain hurts... like he struggling to think... you tellin dope or using bruh?

    Bosh Julio

    yaw sum bitches

  57. rchavez231987

    How the fuck this don't got 1m views , niggas a sleep .....

  58. Nicki Nightmare

    Dj smokey made a mix with this shit so fucken dope !!



  60. Tony Gonzales

    I Bring That Mask Out If My Trap Slow Down .. ;)

  61. Nagga 13015

    Kaaris des le depart .

  62. menacetosociety604

    Now I see What Rondo#9 wanna look like

  63. Tony Gonzales

    This Is My Fav Song Imagine ..

  64. Tony Gonzales

    Fredo Is On Some NextLevelShit ..

  65. kyle merritt

    hardest dope selling video

  66. Derrick Jones

    Listened to this now I cant stop sayin cook da dope up

    Amir Hallouane

    hahahahah i feel u bro

  67. stonah lav

    Trash as fuck!!

  68. kyle merritt


  69. Rod Cooper

    I just got outta jail......this shit is ignorant af..,

    kyle merritt

    how long was u in hahah its like u was in since the 90's he gets out buds like MAN WTDF HAPPEN TO RAP MUSCI lol

  70. Rod Cooper


  71. 4:20 mellow music

    TRVP > commercial shit

  72. Jay R

    Fredo a Savage!

  73. Streetz CultureTV


  74. uglyasgangsta

    GBE > tde

  75. XVII-_-DOPE-_-IIVX

    ive had this account since 2008 and i aint always usin it my friends use it to so yeah logic thug

  76. Rotiz

    600 Favorite videos? youtube thug.

  77. Joshua Belmar

    1:52 he is sagging to his ankles


    says the 10 years old girl gtfo

  79. XVII-_-DOPE-_-IIVX

    Wow You Ten And You E-Thuggin Do You Even Know How To Cook The Dope Up Without Mummy Damn You White To Go Watch Sesame Street

  80. Ted Harrell

    Lol he really fat though

  81. Romel Thomas

    Cook the dope up

  82. Hella Havoc

    Fredo is the best trap artist right now hands down

  83. IamSeezy

    Fredo is da reflection of death.

  84. Daniel Polley

    @1:51 his cook dance

  85. lukaj1n

    hahaha u r funny and sad dude, you should be on screen 2! u get ur ass handed brada u can check me out I fight out of Gladiators MMA. Jus look for my nickname.

  86. CHI Banger

    Insane K. boa catch me on frontstreet.

  87. ANDRE

    bring da mask out, if my trap slow up.

  88. lukaj1n

    Hahaha oh please, you just a bitch.

  89. lukaj1n

    Even with all the tattoos I still think he has the look of a puppy.

  90. MultiAustin11

    All of GBE passing around Soulja Boys chain lol

  91. 7UNnySH1T

    lol does fredo have soulja boy jesus peice on ?

  92. 064RIPJMoney_O'block

    wasn't that jesus chain solija boys

  93. Loi Phan

    Burr Gang? lol