Santana, Fredo - Bricks Lyrics

In the trap house whippin' bricks
In my closet, there go bricks
In my dresser, there go bricks
On the floor, there go some bricks
Bricks, bricks, damn I love them bricks
Bricks, bricks, damn I love them bricks
Brokes can't get no money
Goddamn, that makes no sense
I'm rich, I'm gettin' all this money
Goddamn, I'm off these bricks
Bricks, bricks, damn I love them bricks
Bricks, bricks, damn I love them bricks

Money talk and I be talking to them bosses
Take a trip to the bank, goddamn I love deposits
And I can't fuck with you if you on that opp shit
When it's beef, I'm shootin' at you whenever you are a coward
Trap house whippin' bricks
Finna pour me up a six
Tell the squad with the shits
Don't make us do a hit
Rap game trap game, same thang, still slangin'
(?) a nigga rob and I got a lil' fade
Can't never let no thot, can't get no clout on my name
Heard a nigga sneak dissing, guess he wanna be on the front page
You ain't 'bout no money, then we ain't on the same page
And I ain't getting along with yo ass, got rich off cocaine


Twelve years old when I first started hustlin'
Kept it low key, didn't even tell my mother
I can't trust her, everybody undercover
Paranoid, switching phones and changing numbers
Fake niggas make me sick
My trap house made me rich
I'm in love with money, never love a bitch
Same game, still the same
Never change, fuck no change
Still sellin' in my trap, middle finger to the rap game
You know I'm in the kitchen, whippin' up a whole thang
Only savages in the squad, we don't fuck with no lames
Smokin' on that gas pack, you can call it propane
Just got some top from a thot and I ain't even know her name


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Santana, Fredo Bricks Comments
  1. Mr. Ox


  2. Tiffany Milner

    Who’s still bumping this today 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️💯💯💯 R.I.P. LEGEND FREDO

  3. King Doom

    RIP the realest Nigga Form Chicago. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Hatian Daniel jr

    Fredo da God r.i.p damn u we're a legend bro

  5. David d


  6. Mark Meritt Jr


  7. :/: Nat

    Rip FREDO 2019

  8. J H

    2019 LL Fredo🙌 Legend.

  9. Sosa Da Vinci

    Damn a year today R.I.P Fredo 😢

  10. Gloyalty ENT

    Long Live King Fredo😥

  11. Opelika Alabama

    Instrumental????? Will pay!!!

  12. Broitzeli

    In the trap house whippin' bricks
    In my closet, there go bricks
    In my dresser, there go bricks 💯🔥

  13. Ontayy Ri'Cardo

    ~2018 Still got the Trap Boomin🍼💸🔌🔌🔥R.I.P Fredo

  14. Umar C

    rip fredo

  15. TopShottaz


  16. DeMarcio Williams

    This shit need a million views!

  17. Gsauce Dasavage

    Cant believe you gone rest easy big boss fredo fuck them opiets I been clean for 2 months

  18. Gsauce Dasavage

    Ain't no money like trap money i been listening fredo since the very beginning all these songs are more than songs their apart my life when this song came out I was 16 trappin everyday #realrap #restinpeaceareallegend #alegendslegend

  19. Shaggy 600

    Rip Fredo

  20. Ancient Truth Seeker

    One of my favorite songs... RIP TO THE GOAT!! He's a legend and will never be forgotten.

  21. Ghostswarrior33

    Can't never love no thot can't get no clout off my name damn rip fredo he the only mf I'll everr listen too 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  22. Jonny 2greedy

    Rip fredo 😪

  23. Alyssa v.

    RIP FREDO !!!!!!

  24. Too Much Sauwce

    RIP Fredo

  25. EpixDevo

    Still got bricks in my closet fredo did this one rest up well

  26. i Thundaa


  27. ChaneL TypE

    baby I miss you rip 😍😍🤞😁

  28. Cloutrich

    Long Live Fredo 💔🕊

  29. im Annie

    Can't believe this shit man r.i.p fredo 💔✊

  30. KeithGum



    rip the goat

  32. bee jaed

    R.i.p. Fredo Santana real one

  33. Omar Ortiz

    My favorite song from him R.i.p SAVAGE FREDO

  34. Hippo Beats

    Rip gip fredo🙏

  35. Mike Reis

    RIP fredo real nigga 4 life!!!!!

  36. Lenny Cole

    RIP fredo the savage

  37. Andreo V.O.

    Long live fredo still trappin in the infinite fields 🖤

  38. Mentez Starks

    Rest up big boss fredo the game lost a legend today ...


    RIP 🖤



  41. Gosa SK8

    Who agrees this beat sounds similar 2 chief keef-need it.


    Andre Peart true

    Al Snow

    Dp beats was on it

  42. Never Forget Loyalty

    Listen in 2038 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Alexander Hong

    On my Home Depot shit !!

  44. Frozen Tides

    I fuck with this

  45. Colton Stewart

    This shit BUMP

  46. Jimmy Olan

    fredo need to make a animated video to this like kanye did heartless

  47. A B

    who else listening in 2064?


    2018 I got bricks in my closet

    Pillz Beatz

    Rip fredo

    A B

    Why fredo have to die😢

    Pillz Beatz

    sosaa # yeah man... he seemed invincible. Sad af bro

    Ancient Truth Seeker

    Im in 3245

  48. ʊ ひ TRUE

    in da trap house whippin bricks

  49. Jimmy Olan

    Goddang it Bobby!!!!!! lol


    dangit bobby.. that damn trap crap music.. i wanna hear is about propane & propane accessories

    Lil Shawn

    +Bugadasuga 😂😂😂

  50. Yung Fredo

    Song 🔥

  51. Littlefield49

    Lmao bobby hill.

  52. Anton Young

    Hurt wat it do ag

  53. Ray Ortiz

    He love them bricks...(bricksquad) ???

  54. B Films Production

    Yo wat up it's Denzel homie. This my channel let's work!!!

  55. Hopkins Troy

    SSR squad #300

  56. DoinLifeProductions

    this would be so good if they aint put all them filter clips in the beat

  57. marvin morris

    Err err

  58. UNIX

    Replace the "bricks" as "dicks" then listen to this.

  59. Ayemz Tv

    this tha kind of track you drink henny and puff green with the Bass bangin While countin BRICKS

  60. Josh Clarke

    fuck that where is the real frdo, get that auto tune the fck outta here

  61. Jay Boss

    Who else got this on repeat

    A B


  62. Rackedup beatzboii

    o shit free beatz on my page bricks bricks boiii

  63. salamandertander72

    Need the instrumental ⚡️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. Jaquay Hassell

    This Shit Go Hard!!

  65. Lucky Bandit

    🔥🔥📣 #NewMusic Lucky Bandit - All These Bitches … … via @SoundCloud

  66. Brandon Thornton

    This shit go hard asf

  67. Rondo069

    Dp did the bass and filter. 😑. That's why his beats are ass


    how is he ass? tf? hes one of the best producers in the game right now

  68. IlluzionOnTheBeat

    Bricks Bricks damn i love dem bricks!

  69. Ju V

    This is just too nice , bro moving up on another level thoo

    Luhhnay X

    Ju V rip to him 🖤🖤

  70. Origin

    bro ive been using this pic for an ill minute this some fufu shit

    shemar johnson

    wow look at the lil white boy tryin' ta act cool lol white ass bitch >:3

    MrStain UrPlug

    @Evan DeRouen Nigga be talkn bout black folks but be on our WAAAVEEE.............SQUAAAADDDD

    Bando Skywalkin

    @Origin but fredo made it dum ass


    i never said he didn't lol

    Add me on PS4 Official Malik

    Happ new year

  71. Zig Zigg N Ziggy

    This that trill trap shit, I fucks with it... Just changing up his style a bit 🔥🔥🔥👍

  72. Cj Johnson


  73. Trapped

    Bricks bricks damn I love dem bricks! Not hard enough but I fuck with any new fredo shit

  74. ek_17

    Fredo saying he love the Bricks. Boy we GDK #300

    Jay Riley

    Haha why.

  75. il Razo

    Haha replace everytime he says "bricks" with "dicks" XD

    XTTAX YoGurlMine14

    Bro really why

    Kyle Stone

    +Fredo Santana im deadd😂😂

    Alexander Hong

    Platinum L


    +yadadamean cuddy insecure piece of shit

  76. AceVisuals

    Lucifer ft Emote-o - Murder Avenue

  77. north bay

    Nigga fredo drinkin too much lean breh

  78. Zurloko

    fredo best artist ever in the chi


    Since when


    @Rondo069 i mean active, rondo in jail, la dead

  79. alejandro rodriguez


  80. steven lopez

    Make trap music also !

  81. Trickky Trickky

    BrickN Badd!!!! Fredo 😤💪SsR

  82. Jesse Last

    This shits okay

  83. HeyPira


  84. FlimFlam

    Bobby Hill love them Bricks 😤😤🔥🔥🔥

  85. Michael Bachman

    I like when Fredo makes softer tracks. Sometimes I just wanna hear about whipping up some work rather than a nigga getting left "history".

  86. DeVante Robinson

    bricks !!!!!!!!!! this shit slapp ona guyz

  87. Sneaker Enthusiast

    Keef dropped a song Fredo dropped a song 🔥🔥 now were my nigga reese at? 


    Reese drop few songs bro wit bosstop sum other one called mirror and fast

    Sneaker Enthusiast

    I heard those already aha I'm talking more recent but right on doe. Fredo dropped this and keef dropped Hiding need more reese

    Rollys nigkia

    @Mike SSR so fast - Lil reese

    Sneaker Enthusiast

    @Rollys nigkia Yee heard it already.

    Sana Morris

    @Mike SSR lol I'm saying, like where my niqqa reesie at

  88. jgerman417

    Fuck the Other side

  89. Rise from the Dead

    Lol what happened to "drill trap" bangerz from fredo santana?, like fuck cmon fredo their is already enough people singing like this.... I came on this video hoping for something like ("shit real")....


    the rap game turned fredo into trey songz

    Chino Squeeze

    he got soft as hell after moving to LA

    Dion Hercules

    Fredo don't even rap like that so he just having fun on this track. And sometimes u gotta switch it up it can't all be "drill" trap music that's how u get ur fanbase up......but u wouldn't know that

  90. Kalia Petrovich

    This shit not drill enough. It's aight, but ehhh.

    Javion Young

    @Kalia Petrovich C'mon man. I'm not going to lie: I've been to Chicago and it's a nice city. Have you ever been to Texas or Houston for that matter?


    It's not drill it's a trap based mixtape based around codeine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 with some drill references

    Jonny 2greedy

    Osama Bin Trappin bro yo comment had me dead😂😂😂😂

    Devon wells

    shutup bitch .. yo tan is iight...go thristtrap yo pics somemore i woudlve fucked u till u said that weak ass shit.. i still prolly would


    all the men responding are even bigger clowns than her damn lol

  91. BMarley504

    This shit ass. Sound like some durk bs.

  92. Johnny Bangz On Da Track

    This shit catchy as fuck

  93. fearofsaturn

    That beat is crazy. DP x Hurt = 🔥🔥🔥


    Hurt wat it do!!!!

  94. BlazingTrooper

    Bricks, bricks, bricks