Santana, Fredo - Always In The Kitchen Lyrics

Get some top from a thot while I’m cooling in the kitchen
Whipping up a pot while I’m cooling in this kitchen
You know I juuged a 30 cause I’m whipping up this chicken
All these dirty pots, man somebody do the dishes
People looking for me, I’m always in the kitchen
Early in the morning, I’m always in the kitchen
Late night shit, man I’m always in the kitchen
Always in the kitchen, man I’m always in the kitchen

[Verse 1: Troy Ave]
Always in the kitchen cooking motherfucking powder
Forty eight hours later, still ain’t take a shower
Wash my nuts and my armpits, wipe my ass
Ironically, that’s what the fuck you call a birdbath
Smelling like cash, most of them be the hundreds
The name is Troy Ave, I’mma just keep it 100
Every day is stacks, off the yay and crack
Every day I’m strapped
I just left the kitchen just to lay this track


[Verse 2: Fredo Santana]
Whipping up this work like a motherfucking slave
Fuck what you’re saying, I’m just tryna get paid
Everybody know me, neighborhood know my name
You can ask the fiends, I even took change
Put my mask on, I ain’t tryna show my face
Got two felonies, I don’t need another case
Your baby mama choosing but I only want her face
You ain’t tryna top a boss, get up out this place


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