Santana - Changes Lyrics

Don't you feel a change a-coming
From another side of time
Breaking down the walls of silence
Lifting shadows from your mind
Placing back the missing mirrors
That before you couldn't find
Filling mysteries of emptiness
That yesterday left behind.

And we all know it's better
Yesterday has passed
Now let's all start the living
For the one that's going to last.

[Repeat Chorus]

Don't you feel the day is coming
That will stay and remain
When your children see
The answers
That you saw the same
When the clouds have all gone
There will be no more rain
And all the beauty of all things
Is uncovered again.


[Repeat Chorus]

Don't you feel the day is coming
And it won't be too soon
When the people of the world
Can all live in one room
When we shake off the ancient
Chains of our tomb
We will all be born again
Of the eternal womb.

[Chorus 3x]

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Santana Changes Comments
  1. DavidRagan3134

    His guitar chops at the end are mighty tasty on this catchy little cover! It made the top 60 on the Rock Charts in 1981!

  2. Luis Martínez

    An old hippie making a great version of a great hippie song from another old hippie. Just hippie, I mean great!!

  3. cathy struska

    Carlos has many fine guitar solos, this is one of his finest.

  4. joe bloggs

    Cat Stevens song from Teaser and the firecat album 1971...

  5. Ignacio Manuel Morelli Irastorza

    Zebop es lo mejor de Alex en la banda...

  6. Sukhbir Sekhon

    Love Carlos Santana but somehow I've missed out on this album. Heard odd songs from it without knowing which album it came from. It's like coming across a hidden treasure. Bliss.

    joe bloggs

    Cat Stevens song

    Doug Kirk

    Cat who?

    Irrelevant who wrote it or first performed it, this one kills the rest

    joe bloggs

    @Doug Kirk drugs kill worm

    joe bloggs

    @Doug Kirk saying it dosnt matter who wrote this or any song shows me What you know about music...i am not into silly lil "amercan idol" fans like you obviously are....blocked for the stupidity factor

  7. et2petty et2petty

    Cat Stevens song reinvented by Carlos!!

  8. Shawn Mccarthy

    Carlos really set out to prove something with Zbop!

  9. John Richardson

    And Rolling Stone didn't even include Carlos in it's Top 100 guitar players, let alone the top 10. Shame on you RS. Santana!, my all-time go to music at home or on the road, period!

    Sukhbir Sekhon

    Rolling Stone writers know nothing. Never bought it.

  10. John F. Rivera

    I actually remember buying this album!!!!!

  11. Alain Dorra

    My favorite santana album

    DJay Beetoo

    mine too, so many good memories listening to it on tape on roadtrips

  12. Fraser Lawson

    Alex Ligertwood on vocals - from Bonnie Scotland!!

  13. Paul R

    Oh how I wish Santana would bring back Alex into his band. So much soul in his voice

    Alberto Lulu

    Paul Race oh yes. Mr ligertwood..nuff sed

  14. Rothsuede

    Best album he ever made -  very powerful in love.

  15. Andre Tosti


  16. Bob S

    Saw him perform this album at Sarah Tahoe. Not a bad seat in the house. Tight band, but this lineup set the standard as one of the best.

  17. Paul Murphy

    I remember hearing this song the first time. Then my buddy and I played it over and over like 6000 times!

    Alberto Lulu

    Paul Murphy me and my bros..did exact same thing..omg

    joe bloggs

    Its a cat stevens song from 71

    N Knighton

    You forgot to mention the lenyos.

  18. Antonio jimenez-lopez


  19. Antonio Dias

    fuckin' brilliant and only 19 "likes"??!!

  20. Claudia Bozzolan

    Bom de ouvir, pop bem dosado e com punch

  21. Antonio Dias