Sandra - What D'ya Think Of Me Lyrics

Darkness in all of my dreams
Only the moon is still awake
Calmness enters my soul
Have I succeeded in life
Where have they all gone
My childhooddreams
I lie awake all night

What d'ya think of me...

There's a curse upon that ship on the billows
Have I been stranded
Or have I just left my cage
Has all been lost
I have to roll my heart

Like a dice
And wait for doublets to appear
Did two eyes full of intimacy
Dare to tell my lies
I kept believing you
Over all these years
We're something so special
You wanted it all and even more
I still trust you
And you know it

What D'ya think of me...

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Sandra What D'ya Think Of Me Comments
  1. Steven Pallet

    SWEET & SEXY , just like wot all the rest think on YOU - TUBE the SEXY

  2. Реваненко Андрей

    Просто супер))