Sandler, Adam - Phone Wallet Keys Lyrics

All right, Milwaukee, let's fucking do this shit. Here we go.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah
Here we go again
Come on
I'm heading out
And all I'm taking with me
Is my phone, wallet, keys
Yeah, phone, wallet, keys
Just those three things, please Need my phone, wallet, keys
Got my credit cards in my wallet
Got my phone, you can call it
Masterlock on my front door
That's what my motherfucking keys Are for
My phone, wallet, keys
Yeah, phone, wallet, keys
Good things come in threes Need my phone, wallet, keys
If I'm going to the zoo I need my phone, wallet, keys
If I'm getting a face tattoo I need my phone, wallet, keys
If I'm going out to a wedding If it's winter time and I'm sledding
If I'm at the Daddy-Daughter dance My phone, wallet, keys are in my pants
I'm going on vacation To the West Indies
And I don't got no luggage
Just got phone, wallet, keys
I roll on up to the airport
Lady asks for my passport

Fuck. Okay.

Guess I need my phone Wallet, passport, keys
Phone, wallet, passport, keys
Now I need four things, bitch, please Phone, wallet, passport, keys
I'm finally on the plane I'm riding Delta, Delta
The lady farted next to me
I smelled her, I smelled her
We get to 30, 000 feet
I recline my fucking seat
About to watch a movie, stop
I forgot my laptop
Mm, motherfucker
Damn it
Now I need my laptop Phone, wallet, passport, keys
Laptop, phone, wallet, passport, keys
Too much shit, five fucking things
Laptop, phone, wallet, passport, keys I'm swinging my shit all over the place
I'm hurting ya, I'm hurting ya
I'm carrying so much shit
I got a hernia, a hernia
No place to put it, what can I do? Probably should take my iPad too
What the fuck else did I forget?
Sandman, you need tons of shit
My Tic Tacs, my backpack
My Zippo lighter, my charge pack My sunglasses, my hairspray
My headphones
They're Beats by Dre
My notebook, my GoPro My vape pen, my crossbow
My toothpick, my pocket knife
Oh, fuck, I forgot my wife
([Man:] Phone, wallet, keys)
God damn
Phone, wallet, keys
It used to be so easy
With my phone, my wallet And my keys-ee
Phone, wallet, keys, yeah Phone, wallet, keys
It used to be a breez-ee
With my phone, my wallet And my keys-ee
My pockets got so heavy Now I'm cramping, I'm cramping
Each time I leave my house It's like I'm camping, I'm camping
I'm miserable, just standing around I'm like a walking lost and found
You know I'd rather stay at home
Where all I need's my fucking phone
[Man] Phone, phone, phone
Phone, phone, phone
Much happier at home
Just playing with my phone
Phone, phone, phone
Phone, phone, phone
Yeah, I'll just stay at home
And fiddle with my phone on the toilet [laughter]


I'm gonna do my first mic drop.

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Sandler, Adam Phone Wallet Keys Comments
  1. Square Magnet

    Never forget your EDC

  2. Justin Harvey

    I fucking love this song.

  3. Charles Lipenga

    RESPECT... Most artists can't perform this good LIVE.

  4. mascotmatt

    Ah yeah. Priceless

  5. DJ Mischief


  6. dan r

    Like I mean the spirit behind this is to be funny so I like it even the rapping is pretty steez

  7. Jin Rebel

    Best want to be rapper ever, even better than most rappers today!🤟🤪

  8. Crackhead Carl

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Ahmed Hathout

    I live for the "Sandman, you need tons of shit" part

  10. donovan paige

    I don't speak for all Blacks ... This is not funny

  11. [Insert Username Here]

    Look at all those white guys in the crowd. 😂

  12. Grand Old Soul

    haha so crazy seeing a different culture attempt another. but i love it. it's just entertaining.

  13. Tristan Pitman

    "we get to thirty thousand feet. I recline my fucking seat."

  14. YS Entertainment

    Mid life crisis is a bitch.

  15. eric roe

    I still prefer a world on fire by bo burnham.

  16. Kay Kay

    "My dick is just basically laying in with 2 bean bags".

  17. Nate Hackworth

    You are a true vulgarian

  18. Meme Iselfaneye

    Better to be Sandoozled than Sanduskied.

  19. Justin Pearcey


  20. regretful dogg

    better than nick cannon

  21. ATTIBOY vlogs

    Me watching this as I'm on the toilet

  22. James Henderson

    by the end, it easy to see how I sometimes I forget my wallet or my phone … or my …..i first heard this on Netflix radio today on my way back to work from forgetting my wallet at home

  23. Davis Ebel

    What the beat from?

  24. Aneesh Nadkarni

    You can play this song on your phone, wallet, keys.

  25. Bluedog79

    This song runs through my head everytime I leave the house and I check to see if I got everything. Like if this is you too?

  26. Martin Grønsdal

    Who is the guy on the keyboard?

  27. kosmo seedo

    Adam Sandler is a comedian telling jokes he got bars though for a rapper 😂

  28. Megan S

    Sing this song every time I leave the house now. Lmao

  29. Brandon2593

    How could you not like this Adam has bars an punchlines

  30. Colin Smith

    The best part about this is Sandman's crew of one on the synthesizer

  31. Daniel Munoz

    Are we all going to ignore how this is literally the Flobots - Handlebars tune. The Sandman is the absolute best, no disrespect. Just knew I recognized that jingle ;)

  32. Penelope Velazquez

    I jam to this in my car forget all the rappers when you got Adam Sandler

  33. Aaron Alexander

    He still is and will be one of the best ever.... When I was a kid that tape of Adam Sandler was a prized possession of mine, it stayed in my radio... CAN OPENER

  34. KittenyKat

    I have heard good rappers before. It's rare, especially today — and it fucking sounds like this. :3

  35. The Mannel

    I just played this song for my friend who keeps forgetting his keys or his phone now he sings this every time he leaves the house and he never forgets anything now lol

  36. Ben Dalrymple

    I thought i invented this song cause I do this everyday. When I saw this special a few months ago it was so accurate I fuckin died

  37. Anthony Llanes

    When your crush ask for you to sing for her 😂 😂 😂

  38. jaymes

    This is the first time Adam Sandler has made me laugh

  39. Nick Manoochehri

    dude adam sandler is so talented.... not taking into account of all the terrible recent movies

  40. Level 1-3

    Does anyone else now sing this to themselves before they go out..?

    I can't be the only one

  41. Emer Samonte

    i cany stop laughing...Sandler's dope...

  42. Carlos Hernandez

    The perfect song to kick off Hanukkah

  43. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    Just PWPK please

    Friggin gypsies

  44. Tyshawn Taylor


  45. Steven Martin Official

    Who here needs their phone wallet keys in 2020? 🔥

    Nick Ray

    I sing it before I leave my house everyday. 2020

  46. Gideon Mutai

    If Adam Sandler joined the rap game then it's over for these rapper

  47. Lucky Bucky

    On the side for the past year-and-a-half, I have been a Rideshare driver. My tagline is; I have water, gum, & Bass.

  48. Timothy Bellett

    Not religious but I always used to cross myself when leaving the house - spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch

  49. xWARPIGx95


  50. Derrick Reynolds

    This is pretty good... haha

  51. Sh0

    Way better than half the talentless hip hop MC’s out their now

  52. shad0wb0xer 73

    This is so shit it's amazing 😂 But honestly, this is some serious skill.

  53. Jim Bob

    Anyone else now say phone, wallet, keys literally every time u leave ur house ?

  54. trevor rodriguez

    This video has been beneficial to my life. I never forget my stuff before work now lol

  55. Dan Inkrot

    Stuck in my head now....excellent!

  56. Kevin Miller

    Oh fuck i forgot my wife!!!

  57. ghaster blaster

    I'll never forget my phone wallet and keys when leaving the house

  58. Anthony Vasquez

    "Sandman you need tons of shit" the best feature in the game, lol

  59. Anthony Vasquez

    Does anyone else here "really?" 0:59, the bitch knew what was coming!!!! Lol holy shit I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣

  60. HollieAnna D'Ercole

    I love this song

  61. Nikki Behr

    My guy shared this and now I can't get it out of my head. 🤣



  63. Dillie Doda

    This is probably the funniest video I've ever watched

  64. Kazunari Yoshikuni

    Never knew adam sandler had such great rap skillz

  65. Deborah Oates

    I dont see any humor in this

  66. Dr. Evil

    Carrying so much shit i got a hernia

  67. Eddie Reher

    Lowkey fire

  68. stirange

    Did he jack the flobots handlebars beat?

  69. Steven Mugavero

    Eminem wrote this

  70. muscle bound anime lover

    2019 anyone

    Jack Mischke


  71. otg sg

    The world needs Adam & Rob again!

  72. midan boy


  73. ogre867

    Shame he stole this idea from another comedian who performed it ages ago.


    The keyboard guy is not pretty bad tho

  75. Mr. Bubz

    *Top 10 invincible anime characters*

  76. Mr Lopez


  77. ANDiO Playz

    I always think of this song whenever I leave my condo.. Wtf. xD

  78. Mitchel Mahar

    I litterily sing this almost every time I leave my house and check for my phone, wallet, keys

  79. PA Outdoors

    This is so lit

  80. esmokebaby

    He needs to make another cd as good if not better than shh dont tell and pice of shit car

  81. esmokebaby

    This song poped up in my head as i left the house i said phone wallet keys

  82. The Next Level

    Oh Sandman that's too much!

  83. carlos siri

    Nothing beats *[Keys, Wallet, Belt and Phone]* with the *[Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes]* background song.

  84. Quinnell


  85. Quinnell



    For Some Reason...This Songs Reminds Me Of 2Chainz lol

  87. G P

    What's the song he got this beat from?

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    This song is a masterpiece. I love him so much haha

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    Who's Watching in 2019?

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    Not gonna lie u probably shouldn’t ever diss Adam Sandler he would honestly kill u I’m not even lying he’s funny asf he would make fun of u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

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    the ending rocked!

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    Adulting: The Song

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    This is such awesomeness ❤️😂👊🏻🙌🏻

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    This song will forever be every man's theme song. All I need is my phone, wallet, keys!!

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    He started going in hard @1:45 hahaha