Sandler, Adam - Hero: Heimlich Lyrics


We're in a nice family restaurant
Somebody's grandma's choking On a lamb chop
There's panic in the air As Nana's face turns blue
The busboy screams in Spanish "What the fuck do we do?"
We need a hero who's gonna do it
We need a hero To clean out her windpipe
We need a hero Who's down with Heimlich
We need a hero to save the day, yeah
So I slap my napkin down on the table
And I get a fucking standing ovation
Another guy gets up And says he's a doctor
I say, "Sit the fuck down I got this shit"
Then I wrap my arms Around Grandma's chest
And I look her grandkids Deep in the eyes
Then right away... [laughs]
Then right away I break all her ribs
Because I don't know what I'm doing
Grandma! [cheers and applause]

What the fuck was that? After every joke... [plays guitar]

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