Sandler, Adam - Gym Lyrics

Yes, those UFC guys, they are built pretty fucking good. I can't stand... That's the only reason I don't watch. I get so angry at how fucking chiselled these fucking guys are. I go to the gym, of course, but I just go to pick my wife up. I'm always like, "Hey, how was that? How'd it go in there?" She's like, "You've got to come in." I'm like, "Yeah, definitely."

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Sandler, Adam Gym Comments
  1. Adam

    Farley come back please

  2. Sumayya Amos

    I always thought Adam was a whole snack back in his day🤩🤩

  3. William Goring

    I totally didn't need to see the last part of that video I love those guys but I tell you what that was totally unnecessary

  4. Empty Giddy

    RIP Chris Farley, an Overrated, fat assed comedian

  5. BigDog36

    what is with the blur out on left and right?

  6. A Substitute For A Nightmare

    When comedy was funny

  7. Justin Lewis

    “I hear voices “😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Keep an open mind

    God I miss Chris Farley

  9. Diamonds R4ever

    “Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end..” 😓

  10. Shawn Finnegan

    How’s it going? It sucks!!!

  11. Pine Trees

    Haha this is awesome!

  12. thumpa1205


  13. Nathan McDonald

    Chris Farley was the guy you see at the gym that goes ape shit on all the machines and you can't help but stare in awe wondering when he's going to crash and burn.

  14. Tokyo Drift

    Adam Sandler is a legend! The dude is so fkn funny!

  15. Sol

    Kevin Nealon was always a little bit like the Shemp of SNL.
    He's a good guy though.

  16. Linny Crocus

    2:26 the two Shreks next to each other.

  17. andrew kirkland

    God bless you Chris Farley, we miss you. If only you could have stayed long enough to yell at Kate Pete and leslie that they’ll end up LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!!

  18. TheRealScottG

    Has Adam Sandler & Mike Myers ever acknowledge each other? I’ve never seen them in the same room, unless it had to do with SNL.

  19. AJ Is On The Highway

    If Chris Farley never died, he would’ve been on Grown Ups

  20. John Tucker

    "How do you feel?"

    "I just $h#t my pants."

  21. RawkerChick27

    lmfao!!! direct line too my funny bone..Clicked for Farley :)

  22. Mag

    IM TRYING!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  23. Amanda Webb

    Farley grunting on the can is gold. I miss him. He was so funny.

  24. Mr.Smiley 9011

    too many worst actor in one gym

  25. M. Rees

    Snl is complete shit now..Farley would be disappointed

  26. ghostrider5393

    Between Chris and Gene Wilder... Wisconsin put classic comedy on the map. Miss them both, huge parts of my childhood.

  27. VSCO- B0I


  28. Kenneth Webster

    Friend Goals

  29. Kishanna Conan Doyle

    Chris was FANTASTIC! Simply awesome watch these young stars...

  30. Dang ole 01 Man

    I'm sure Matt Foley is waiting for us in Heaven in his van down by the river
    RIP Chris Farley

  31. silverback17 S

    The best SNL cast by far

  32. Kaye Ess

    I'M TRYING!!!

  33. Arthur Vera

    Who the hell could dislike this!!

  34. avihay .h. Ben David

    Funny dude ever

  35. SHYBOY

    I got a tattoo of you CHRIS FARLEY. You'll never be forgotten

  36. jesusbonnie

    In 93' half of you cum dumpsters were still in diapers.

  37. Calinks

    Some damn good camera quality for 93

  38. Matt Madness

    So this Farley guy is funny because he is fat, screams and can act like a baby? Top quality humor

  39. DJ Skandalous

    Funny how Mike Myers acts like a friend to Chris here but yet had the Shrek producers change the whole story instead of just getting them to get a sound alike to finish Chris' lines. I still think they should finish his version of the movie.

  40. Candi Soda

    He dead

  41. Kevin Morley

    Hysterical! !!!

  42. john koller

    Wheres pete davidson?

  43. Moonroof

    Remmeber these days

  44. Charles Hubbard

    Rip chris farley

  45. dj williams

    This SNL lineup is crazy. We Miss you Farley! 😭

  46. Zane The Zaniest

    The OG BOIS of SNL

  47. old Goblin

    These guys are awsome. Its a shame chris went the way he did.

  48. thetank971



  49. ActionLegend

    They worked out? Never would have guessed

  50. Naughtysauce

    Was Farley funny, yes. But his main appeal was that he was the fat funny guy, the majority of his act was playing on his obesity and being able to scream funny lines. Take Jonah Hill for example, he was a lot funnier when he was obese vs. when he lost all the weight. Once Farley kicked the habits and lost the weight, he would have not been as funny which was never going to happen.

  51. Ryan Maxon

    SNL hasn't had a good cast in 25 years.

  52. Reuben Broudy

    Rest in peace Farley.

  53. ipkiss

    Rip Chris Farley

  54. Godspeed

    And look at snl now. Smh

  55. shaftys gaming

    To bad snl wasn't as good as it use to be now it Saturday night politics

  56. it's true

    The good old days.

  57. Savage Sooner

    I cried to Adam Sandler’s “Chris Farley song” on Netflix...


    I'm here bc of that too

  58. christopher yasus

    Pissed off guys face 1:13

  59. Bu Rida

    How is this funny

  60. Arrie

    “I’M TRYING!!!” 😂😂

  61. No Body

    “I just shit my pants”
    RIP Chris Farley

  62. Karemaker

    we all know what Chris' pre-workout was *wink wink*

  63. smellyderpface

    mike myers looks so young

  64. icessoup

    Love Chris Farley

  65. Holland Oates

    I want to hug Chris Farley

  66. Noah Piland

    "I hear voices! I hate this" I am going to shout that every time I go to the gym from now on

  67. Johnny Blaze

    Is that the guy in the karate movie

  68. nobuddy

    Anyone else get the feeling that Adam pushed Farley to OD?

  69. GuyMiniatureBeastShow

    Chris Farley was the best.

  70. Javier almonte

    Chris Farley looks just like Owen from Total Drama Island series from Cartoon Network!

  71. dj williams

    Farley is legend in my eyes. He outshined so many people. Miss him dearly. Beverly Hills ninja iconic film.

  72. Ruben Bazan

    RIP Bro
    You make me laugh till this day
    I bet you up there making everyone laugh
    Love ya man

  73. John bowhunter

    That was my favorite snl crew!... RIP Chris Farley!

  74. Barry richman

    Chris Farley died, after he cacked on a ham sandwich ?

  75. Arjay Torres

    Farley is the Jack black of the 90s

  76. Bethany Jones

    For the record, I'm a personal trainer and I am both Farley and Sandler while working out. It's a nightmare.

  77. Melakaii Royal

    Damn, Adam was hot.

  78. Ben

    hahahaha would have loved being Farleys south african

  79. Chilling In The Shade

    rip big dog

  80. Quisha F

    Would’ve so dated Adam back then 🙋🏽‍♀️


    Everyone gets old, you will too.

  81. Pete Neustaeter

    Chris Farley is awesome

  82. Over 40

    Miss you Farley

  83. LSX 2015

    RIP Chris Farley

  84. Charles Blowers

    Adam.... Is...... Funny :'( | LMFAOOOOOO

  85. yerwrng

    A career based on being obese and yelling loudly ?

  86. Cody Zeik

    mike myeres adam sandler and farley OMG

  87. Glory Stitt

    The ending of this video would've made the best gym scene in a comedy.

  88. Erik Shaw

    is that Kyle Mooney?


    I'm sorry but if your a true Adam sandler fan you will agree that the newer Disney channel type shit he is doing now is fucking up his entire career he is way better than the shit he does now the comedy in most the movies he does now are mostly just forced comedy on snl he had a true platform to express his ideas with his team and actually have funny skits now its forced comedy and shitty movies same goes for most of the original snl stars. It's sad to see these legends not able to be funny as they once were.

  90. SXI96

    2:28 onward is fucking hilarious with Chris on the toilet 😂😂😂

  91. Armando Broncas


  92. trevor Mcfadden

    Rip chris💔

  93. JoshCourts

    So sad, so funny

  94. 68comeback

    Kevin totally blows..get the fk out

  95. Michael Bryant

    Is Farley still dead?

  96. Josh Martin

    Guarantee all those thumbs-down are from people who never even grew up watching this cast

  97. Kenneth Rhoades

    I was just doing the coke they were back then