San Fermin - Palisades/Storm Lyrics

There is a place
I believe
Where we could live
And never leave

In secret air
The hazy glow
We smoke cigars
We dance like wolves

In palisades
That keep us close
That keep us safe

Oh no
Don't leave me at the end
Oh no
Don't leave me at the end
My friend

Under the moon
We stay awake
And in the dark
We move like snakes

We eat dust
And luna wings
The leaves above
Whisper things

And we stay young
Day by day
The godless aims
To which we stray

I believe
How we would live
How we would be

Oh no
Don't leave me at the end
Oh no

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San Fermin Palisades/Storm Comments
  1. Mila Flores

    I need the performance of the corona capital of last year. 😍🖤

  2. Outstanding Cruise

    I GET LOST IN HER VOICE WOW🙂❤ San Vermin is one of fave.Their music has such a wide range and its just incredible.This song has got to be my fab by them.I'm speechless.....