San Fermin - Dead Lyrics

Little blonde ghost won't let it go
Get your ribbons off my bed
Ten red roses, oh no-
I'd rather be dead
I'd rather be dead

Am I reckless and wicked
Have I fooled you enough
Sticky sweet on the outside
And in for myself

I can charm with my eyes and
Curse the company I keep
Only blankness in my dreams
When I go to sleep

Little blonde ghost won't let it go
Get your ribbons off my bed
Ten red roses, oh no-
I'd rather be dead
I'd rather be dead

You are mine and mine alone-

I am running a fever
I am spoiling the nest
Sick and sweet and spreading quickly
Oh- I'd rather be dead

I'd rather be dead

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San Fermin Dead Comments
  1. Aaron Williamson

    Now there's a case of being "caught with your pants down"

  2. Metusalem979


  3. thekenguy

    0:36 imagine all the bulls suddenly turn around and chase JUST THAT GUY 😂😂😂

  4. toy cam

    Why does every guy that gets gore always take off there pants? Is that a tradition too?

  5. Trentgsd

    They think theyre tough, but get in a ring 1 on 1 with a bull and meet your maker 😂

  6. Easyjet 001

    I hope these cruel people die

  7. Daniel Vail

    I feel like I'm supposed to feel bad for these people but I dont

  8. Jungle Jim

    HAHAHA. Run you dumb fuks, Run.

  9. Luke Boswell

    Go bullllssss!!!!!!

  10. Fred Giroux

    Lets go bulls lets see who can have the best ratio !!

  11. faroshscale

    Those bulls did their job.

  12. Maharlika Ophir

    Why are they doing this to the bulls? 😢💔

  13. Rocky Pine

    They can’t get mad when the bull does it’s job they literally put the bulls in there to try to get the runners so they can’t get mad at them when they do what they get done to them every time

  14. Kari Lehterä

    All these red scarf fellas should be gunned down with MG-42.

  15. David Wilson


  16. Yummy Memes

    They deserve it, for being stupid

  17. Christians9955

    I did it this year, a must do. Great fun


    (No you didn’t, liar. You’re just a loser looking for affirmation because you’re weak and afraid—and broke.)

  18. Charlie Allen

    Houston we got a bull

  19. MultiPizzapizza

    I love watching stupid people!

  20. Bubby Mustard

    What's the point of this

  21. Stan Lehmann

    Die, motherfuckers!!!! No mercy for these unhumans....brutal cruel morons!!!!


    Population decreases so why complain

  23. Eric Cartman

    Man those where friendly bulls, agressiv one wouldve got way more people, sad

  24. My Dad is in Area 51

    What the fcuk do they expect, bulls to say sorry pal didnt mean to hurt you, pricks 😂😂

  25. Christians9955

    Done it today so much fun..must do

  26. terence magee

    54 bulls are killed every year at this bloodbath - I heard that said on Basque tv a few days ago. Many Basques
    are ashamed of this.

  27. michaeldibb

    I'm on the bulls side. The dickheads who participate are prime candidates for the Darwin awards. Haha!

  28. معارج حسن


    GO BULLS!!! ✊✊✊

  29. Nina Perino

    So cruel and barbaric and archaic to these poor sentient Bulls! What cowards

  30. Roblox Max Games


  31. leghunter

    ¡ Vete a la mierda tu maldita madre, coño!

  32. space world ultimate

    It's only graphic if the bulls are hurt😦

  33. Ray Byrne

    What do these dopes think is going to happen.

  34. Andouille

    At 1:26, my man had a safe zone..

  35. wkruit1

    Not a single tear from my eye, when one of those morons get gored...

  36. RoflBread Studios

    Wow. No comment...

  37. Jab B

    Stupid bulls

  38. DS Rai

    I see Pamplona as a time when the bulls can mete out some revenge.

  39. Rexxxy the Wode

    The bulls should have killed as much people as possible and the survivors should be shot. Retards like this should not be alive, they don't deserve happiness, nothing.

  40. Nathaniel donnan

    The religious significance of this barbaric act bewilders me.

  41. Lam Bro

    Wow, what an event to take part in.

  42. Zach The Ripper

    I love how people are saying that this is torture. Like c'mon its just bulls running around hitting people. Have fun trying to stop a 400 year old tradition.

  43. Fedis

    can someone send me milion folks get killed by bull ?

    humans are real monsters

  44. Fikri Ramadhan

    Someone pls tell me what's the point of doing that?

  45. Sullustan Rebel92

    Honestly this is close to suicide but it’s accepted by society I’m surprised more ppl aren’t killed at this

  46. Michael Roberson

    I don't feel bad for the people that the bull gores because they put themselves in that perdicument but on the other hand I see this as a form of animal cruelty so when a bull is hurt or being yanked on by the tail as we see here for example I feel more for the bull than the dumb ass who is on the ground thinking to himself how much of a bad idea this whole thing is

  47. Nyingpo Tenzin

    I wanna go there someday and face the bull. All the dislikers. Go there have some courage to face them and have fun. You risk your bones. 8f you make it out you feel like king. So stop watching videos you hate and live life.

  48. Adriano Ramos

    "...fellow runners tried to pull the beast away..." That's actually inaccurate. The correct would be "... the beasts tried to help their fellow beast..."

  49. Hola¡ Boys!


    Zoom Challenge!!!

  50. The Burning Bird

    Why aren't the sharp parts of the horns cut off

  51. Daniel Lisarri


    I´m from Pamplona. I just arrived home after party all night in San Fermín.

    This is just a little part of San Fermín. Please, respect it, its our big days. Inform yourselves and know that you are wellcome here.

  52. Charles Johnson

    Come on toros, get these idiots!!

  53. Peach Heard

    The Spanish idiots have always been cowards....... and what’s more funny before they do this they pray to Mickey Mouse

    lobo 13

    seguro que eso no me lo dices a la cara por que te corto los huevos eres tan maricón y cobarde que te escondes detrás de un teclado para insultar hijo de puta

  54. Red Front

    Americans kill and torture thousands of people around the world every year. I from Spain and I am against bull torture but your country are the terrorist #1



  56. GinsengStrip2002

    Haha suddenly every stupid idiot is a animal rights activist. Fuck you wankers. This tradition is great

  57. Jorge Juan García

    Veo mucho comentario de ignorantes por aquí...

  58. Carmen Gallardo


  59. Dale Howard

    Can't they just read a book instead?

  60. Geeky Nerdy

    Lol I'm not a Vegetarian or anything, but those of you who keep complaining about Spain and their Bulls, keep in mind that we live in a country where we actually keep our cows cooped up in a filthy area and slaughter them, along with other harmless animals. So we can't really say Spain tortures their bulls when we do the same with our cows.

  61. OnMyRadar dz

    they deserve this... fucking idiots

  62. Luis Yoc

    que viva españa que viva los toros

  63. Pablo

    im spanish and i dont like to see that


    Pues no lo mires

    Kevin Hernandez

    y a quien le importa idiota de mierda

  64. iuliana karina

    puteti muri

  65. Kim jong un

    jajajaj puta gente loca

  66. Shadow Of The Night

    he getting raped lmao that bull stripped him

  67. Richard Hofman

    I didn't know that the Spaniard are such bunch of idiots....barbarism is probably a common feature in there!

  68. ronald ferreira

    i dont see cruelty to animals just cruelty to humans. i know some bulls have money bags tide to there horns. cruelty is stabbing them. think racing with the bulls they get in the ring for free and no need pay

  69. Tame MeDown

    Just so you all know the entire truth to this. Bulls are tortured to get them angry. They are stabbed, hit, have their balls pinched and vaseline put in their eyes to disorient them. Horrible! I would also like to add that I have been to a real bull fight in Spain. I was only 12 years old at the time, I'm now 49. My parents went to Spain for holidays. It was horrible! I will never forget how much the bull screamed when they laid the final blow to end their life by using a sword and plunging it down the back of its neck. Absolutely barbaric! Those images will never leave me nor will that sound of the bull screaming. This was back in the late 70's. Nothing has changed since then other than the fact we have social media to expose the truths and spread this horror to hopefully stop it, one day. I've signed as many petitions as I can on this. There has been some progress with some cities now banning it all together but these countries think that this is tradition or culture or whatever you want to call it. The issue is is that most of us have evolved. Apparently, some countries have not sadly.

    Silver Pro

    However you have orgasms when your country bombs other countries and you can lead a standard of living.

  70. pachicuchi Gonzalez

    Es hora que se termine con esta barbarie. ASESINOS!!

  71. mslizziebug

    now I know what idiots do to entertain themselves. Love when their luck changes and the bulls get payback time

  72. Diana A.

    Am hoping every damn one of you barbaric neanderthals get your cojones gored apart by these bulls! Government & religion-approved torture of animals is a sign of a hell of a sick society!


    Agree, pure disgusting

  73. siegfried9999

    ¿Este es el primer mundo verdad?

  74. timyland

    y ahí tienen España... la vergüenza del mundo.

  75. Caitlin Greene

    You no what is really sad all of them bulls will die after the bull fight 😢

  76. Nkei 7784

    If this is Animal cruelty then that Rodeo sh!t must stop in America then....

    Tame MeDown



    I agree. People should shut the fuck up. Animal cruelty is everywhere and they don't realize it. I only see people getting hurt in these videos.

  77. Victor Vance

    that dude got raped

  78. Twaimz The fab llama


  79. Joel Hernandez

    IF americans are fucking fat and cant ruun its not our problem mother fuckers stop eat burgers and ruun 500 kg peoples hahahah


    this is more safer then boxing

    Tame MeDown


  81. Ariel Sabbah

    I would freak out!

  82. Earl Anema

    That was so stupid whoever let the Bulls out

  83. Dimitris Zagklis


  84. ThatoneLADA 281

    JUST SHOOT!!😣😣😣😣

  85. BluuJjay

    Say no comment. Comment BOOM THUG LIFE😎

  86. B N

    Animal cruelty!

  87. 64pori

    Stupid tradition

  88. Lazulii


  89. Rebecca Darley

    Was the man ok

  90. Lens Longs

    brain damaged people.... keep doing that game till one day you get a nice piercing from that devilish bulls horn underneath your belly....

  91. cath7709

    ya dejen en paz a los animales

  92. Orlando Figueroa

    La Ignorancia.

  93. Ethen Rosas

    0:59 to 1:12 HOLY SHIT

  94. mick the eagle

    If you play with fire, expect to get burnt.

  95. Twe1ve Bat2

    This a far better sport than the stylized bull killing aka bullfighting.