Sammy Kershaw - Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Lyrics

Down on the corner
By the traffic light
Everybody's looking as she goes by
They turn their heads and they,
watch her 'till she's gone
Lord have Mercy
Baby's got her blue jeans on

Up by the bus stop
and across the street
Open up their windows,
to take a peek
And she goes walking
Rocking like a rolling stone
Heaven help us
Baby's got her blue jeans on

She can't help it if she's made that way
She's not to blame if they look her way
She ain't really trying to cause a scene
It just comes naturally, no the girl can't help it

Well up on Main street
By the taxi stand
There's a crowd of people and a traffic jam
She don't look back
She ain't doin' nothing wrong
Lord have Mercy
Baby's got her blue jeans on


Down on the corner,
by the traffic light
Everybody's lookin' as she goes by
They turn their heads and they watch her 'til she's gone
Lord have Mercy, Baby's got her blue jeans on

Heaven help us, Baby's got her blue jeans on
Lord have Mercy, Baby's got her blue jeans on

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Sammy Kershaw Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Comments

    A great rendition of a Mel McDaniel song. R.I.P. Mel.

  2. Robbie Stewart

    Lord Have Mercy Allea Pippin's Got Her Blue Jeans On

  3. Mia Blanchard

    Is this George Lopez

  4. Joe Jeffries

    When I was a kid, and heard this song, I thought it was talking about an actual baby. It wasn't until years later that I understood what it was talking about lol

  5. feralbigdog

    who is the lady?

  6. Van Wahlgren

    Anybody know the name of the girl? She is cute as a button!

  7. Robert Cone



    Let's be honest, that girls butt is ok at best. But this song and video are fantastic. Let's remake it with a girl who actually fills the jeans



  10. kofi baafi

    thats SEXIST...also stop objectifying the jeans

  11. Kelly Hughart

    Wow! I didn't know Sammy Kershaw did a remake of this song,! Great job, Sammy! I love your voice.

  12. Jon Snyder

    I wish more women wore blue jeans this date and time

  13. his wife his baby J babyJ

    Yes and your husband thinks you are cheating got to be careful what you put on

  14. Loves Greatness

    The model needed more back.

  15. Jayme969

    Not nearly as good as the original by Mel McDaniel, but I liked the video. I love me some Sammy on She Don't Know She's Beautiful, among others, but this one isn't nearly as good as the original.

  16. Donny Brown

    The original is way better!

  17. Bass Pro37

    This is the video where the man show came from with Adam corral dr. Drew this is where they got the idea from. Girls on trampolines...🇺🇸👏👌👍

  18. Emily Kremers

    I don't think I've heard this since I was 6 or 7. I just found it checking out Sammy's songs.
    Love it all over again <3

  19. Ruth Boykin

    Love this Louisiana man!

  20. M A

    How have I never heard this? What a good version of this song!

  21. Joshua Roath

    2018 ???

  22. broken goods

    Makes me think of Mom

  23. rose siwila

    My hubby said. I look good in my blue jeans.

  24. GARY Paul Simon SHAW

    Great song ... I had a different girl in mind

  25. Jeff Varnadoe

    2018, still listening

  26. Kushmaster FLEX

    died from laugher first time I saw this music video

  27. Al Sang

    good song, nice booty, nuthing like babys got much back, all that junk like some mamas do.

  28. George Lloyd

    awesome song Sammy well pretty lady tight fitting jeans what an awesome butt.on that lady

  29. Mary Wilks

    Love this song

  30. The_ Classics

    Sammy's good...but Mel McDaniels does it better!

  31. RantCity

    For some reason, I like it better when he sings this song then when Mel McDaniel sings it. Nothing against Mel but every time i hear Mel McDaniel sing anything I have nightmares about dancing cheeseburgers biting my arm off.

  32. Noah Palomares

    Why does she have ear protectors for shooting on

  33. Karina Flower

    I miss the country music of the 90s. I think it's completely lost its soul. What I don't miss is the way the 90s videos portrayed these silly skinny model chicks as country girls.

    Gabriel FSP

    This was 2006.

  34. harleymuajourney

    My boyfriend was just singing this to me 😍

  35. marcus diesel


  36. Ethan Hall

    I know I may get hate for this but I feel Sammy has a better voice for this song, although I am from Tennessee and think a little more southern draw is what makes country music 😂

  37. Jeffrey Fuller

    i turn my head

  38. eric king

    excellent rendition, SAM!

  39. eric king

    where are you, Sam?

  40. Orin Sullivan

    Yep !
    Sure do!
    Taking me back and back
    My INTERNAL 8 year old, is loving this!

  41. TinaMarie Fiala

    They could have at least picked a girl with a booty!! Lol


    had to put a booty worth looking at


    she was fine to look at. she has a tight ass and a nice body (yes I know I am a perv)

  42. Ali Juboori

    Great video thanks Sammy

  43. Conne Dillon

    Not bad at all. I remember Mel McDaniel doing this at our County Fair decades ago - and he pointed ME out as a "baby who had her blue jeans on." Sammy is always good - but in this case - I"ll tip my vote for Mel.

  44. Libby Welch

    His so good

  45. Meggsie29

    Rip off-----"Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk"-Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show!!!!!!

  46. D Springer

    Love the song but recording video from the TV set tad bit.. mexican bootleg of current movies type quality..

  47. Olivia Levasseur

    like this the instruments and beat

  48. Jaime Keever

    up on main street by the traffic light every body's looking as she goes by

  49. Spirit Horse

    I love this song it's amazing

  50. MrBlueSkyMrNight

    Conway Twitty has a good ear for music when he said - John Anderson should record this song.

  51. wild cowboy

    I really enjoy one night stands...

  52. Jrprez22

    Just saw him 2 weeks ago. Still great singer.

  53. NoNameHa1

    My fav. part is always when the guy bumps into the girl knocking her coffee out her hand and all over both of them. He's to busy staring at her to even take the chance to look up the girl's skirt. lmfao

    Cadence War

    Actually if you watch it again it took the opportunity to not look up the woman’s skirt but was too busy still watching the girl in jeans through the woman’s legs to notice she had a skirt on lol

  54. James Davenport

    I like Sammy Kershaw but I can see now why his cover wasn't a huge hit. It's not the right song for his vocal style. And to be honest, while the woman in the video is sure adorable, when I first heard the McDaniel version, I pictured the woman of the song to be wearing skin-tight and ridiculously toned, a cowgirl with buns of steel. I think this cutie is wearing relaxed fit. In my neck of the woods, every woman wears those .;) Still, it's a fun little song!

  55. Robert Bales

    Mel McDaniel did this song right,  Sammy Kershaw can't sing this song.

  56. David Rice

    Cute chick.

  57. Randy Maylowski

    well " girls do like waring tight jeans, that's for sure. :)

    Jaime Keever

    Randy Maylowski yes .........

    Chris Allen

    @Jaime Keever absolutely they do

  58. Christine Cook

    This is me

  59. Clint Cranford

    my kingdom for a high res version

    Paulie Copez

    I don't know why your comment is so funny to me.

    Cat Black

    I busted out laughing at this!

  60. themama471

    Wish you could have done this one last Sat. in ST. Charles. Love it.

  61. JawsJaws

    I stayed at my Gram's house for awhile and always listened to her Mel McDaniel tapes. Also Hank Jr. cassettes.

    Michael Brown

    good classic song

  62. Pamela Robbins

    My husband Ray Robbins is in this video he has two head shots in it.He was invited to be in the video by Sammy.Ray had so much fun doing it. Would like to invite you all to go here Rays songs on you tube ,look up by rap-a-billy by Ray Robbins ,this will get you to the other 3....thanks

  63. Tim Stuckey

    Thats True Clifton LOL

  64. Lucas Frieze

    Love Sammy but Mel McDaniel did it better.


    +Lucas Frieze 100% true, I still very much like Sammy's version and the video kicks ass!

    Grant Ammons

    Lucas Frieze kershae does a pretty good cover of this though. Almost identical

    David Wright

    No, Conway sang 'Tight fittin' Jeans' but close...

    Luther L

    It's not a competition. I like both versions. I'm partial to Mel McDaniel's version because I've known it for so long.

  65. TangyLid

    Listened to this song from my phone driving to work today. Blast from the past and it felt great. This song is so true :D

  66. nanu shrestha

    very good song

  67. Rex Moore

    This song is probably the greatest song of all time

  68. Brad Peterson

    Sammy. Without looking at other comments, that was a condom she put in the "tip" jar at the end. Love the song & video one way or the other.

  69. borderlord

    Someone needs to make a new version with a real Southern Belle with a killer Ass....hers is disappointing!


    +borderlord most of us dont like fatties

  70. Cordell Hankins

     anyone else remember growing up with songs like this? ah good music!!

    Susan H

    @Cordell Hankins Yes!

    Chase Barnard

    certainly do... why country is no longer made this way I have no idea.

    karadee roblox logic

    My nick name is bitzy and this is mr a my moms song so she would sing bizty has her blue jeans on

    Paul Smith

    Consolidation of media. If we were happy with our music, rather than put-off or given that "too much alcohol" feeling when some shit wagon with bass rows by.... "They" don't want us to feel good.

  71. Laura Gorton

    Mel McDaniel's version is much better.

  72. Tony Copeland

    Love Sammy!!!  :)  Another great song!   Lyrics off the charts!

  73. jerry3355

    A fun video to watch, but has a serious message.  "  She can't help it , if she's made that way ".   That is the truth. 

  74. Glynn Knox

    we need some HD on this video .. love sammy but brother, it's hard to watch an old version ... 

  75. terry nash

    hes fantadstic

  76. Dale Dry


  77. Mary Powell

    I Love Sammy, but Mel McDaniels sings  it better! Love Sammy's "Yard Sale" and "Don't go near the water"

  78. Charles Stanley

    this ait sammy singin just so yall no

    Sean Porter-Rylant

    This is Sammy Kershaw

  79. Joy Russell

    Will Sammy I hope you sale lot of blue jeans on with this song

    Tim Dezarn

    I love the song baby's got her blue jeans on. ! by Mel McDaniel

  80. greasergirl699

    Better than Mel McDaniels I think

    frank patitucci


    Hall Boylston

    Naa, Sammy's version is good but not as good as Mel's. Just my opinion.

    Kim Jong Un

    GolfGirlDiva 22nd


    You think wrong

  81. Kenneth Malone

    @ VWDragracer Dr. Hook's song was called Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk. The lyrics are completely different.

  82. Brent Brown

    I did a punk rock style cover of this song.  Give it a listen on my channel.  Lord have mercy...

  83. Gary Marshall Ellis

    I could not remember who did the version I remembered, this one popped up. It's still a great song. I'm old but still checking out jeans, any chance I get. Heaven is only a pair of blue jeans away !! I love heaven !!!!

    clint rathman

    Mel Mcdaniels

  84. VWDragracer

    Dr Hooks original is by far the best

    frank patitucci

    screw dr hook mel was the best idiot

  85. sherry painter

    Nothing like Mel McDaniels does which he did the song first..Seen Sammy before but this is not a good song for him..RIP Mel,miss your Wrangler blue jeans for sure....

  86. Gloria Rosenkrantz

    Not as good as Mel McDaniels version in my opinion

    mark Brommer

    still the same beat/lyrics.

    Michelle G

    I grew up with the Mel McDaniel version.
    Lawd the girl can't help it! I just telling my teenager how we used to do to get in our jeans (jumping, lie down and slither into them, pliers holding the zipper) 😆

  87. MultiBooty18

    baby got those blue jean tight fitten jeans on love it >>>sip it<<<

  88. Richard Berg

    This reminds me of my wife

  89. shelton705

    To you, maybe. I like Sammy, but I easily prefer Mel's version.

  90. David Pyke

    Awesome song, really underrated I think Sammy Kershaw provides the best recording of this song, to be entirely truthful I think Sammy is one of the best country singers ever but that is just me

  91. Susan Holm

    This was one of my sissys favorite songs. She was an awesome person but cancer took her way too soon. I miss her terribly and so do her children.

  92. Shawn Mollett

    Thats true

  93. Benjamin of Houston

    The only thing I wish is that these older songs had better video quality. It's great sound, but almost painful to watch.

  94. QueenOfTheSea101

    lord have mercy is right! love this song!

  95. QueenOfTheSea101

    they're only talking about the girl!

  96. QueenOfTheSea101

    it's called a Walkman headset. APPARENTLY you weren't around in the 90s.

  97. Rob A

    Who is the beautiful girl ?????