Sammy Hagar - Knockdown Dragout Lyrics


Here we go, right now, here we go
Show 'em what we mean by rock and roll
Get 'em, stick 'em, put 'em on their back
Send 'em all back and wipe 'em off the mat

Knockdown dragout
Get ready, we're ready
Knockdown (knockdown) dragout (dragout)
Get ready, 'cause it's goin' down


Here we go, all the way, here we go (here we go)
Diggin' in deep, gonna steal the show (hey)
Sack 'em, sack 'em, send 'em all home
Wave 'em goodbye from the top, that's all

Knockdown (knockdown) dragout (dragout)
Get ready, we're ready
Knockdown (knockdown) dragout (dragout)
Get ready, 'cause it's goin' down

Bring it

Come on, knockdown (knockdown) dragout (dragout)
Get ready, we're ready
Knockdown (knockdown) dragout (dragout)
Get ready, it's goin' down


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Sammy Hagar Knockdown Dragout Comments
  1. jackass149023

    Here's what I never understood. Sammy Hagar rocks, Van Halen rocked! Then they got together and completely neutered each other.

    Now, this is my Sammy!!

  2. dixirkt

    Rock on Rock Soldiers

  3. Roxanne Daniel

    LOVE THIS!!!

  4. TuRockShow Podcast

    Kid Rock was the only part that sucked in this.

  5. Gary Leveroni

    Rock and sammy yeah!!!

  6. Kim Malagar

    Sounds like Warrant's The Power

  7. Reyhan Shippey

    Yessss Rock N Fucking Roll!!!!!!!!!!! The Way it Should be as always.

  8. Mark Chadwick

    Dammit Sammy. You still sound awesome

  9. Timmsy Skies

    Yesssss. ...3 head smashin faves right there! !! Woohoo!!!❤💙❤

  10. Ice Cube

    2/3 of my Mount Rushmore in one song...Sammy and the KID!  (I don't have a 4th member yet)

  11. SG Fan

    Satch is a GOD !!!!!



  13. Jerry Meinhart

    Go spandex. The KING

  14. Ice Cube

    my 2 all-time favorites...Sammy and the K-I-D !!!

  15. Kathryn Troester

    damn loved hagar as a kid but boy does he look like shit now. be healthy peeps like dave grohl. do well and don't treat yourself poorly. be kind

  16. Robert Scott


  17. Tim Bowman


  18. Gil Travis

    As much as i love sammy Hagar, i think Nickelback would have rocked this style of song more so than Sammy. 

  19. SkyeSmitson

    Oh my days I recognise those wrestling clips Portsmouth based........VPW VPW VPW VPW VPW

  20. AnK Gaming

    Very Nice...


    I would like to hit Kid Rock and Sammy Hagar in the mouth with my mouth.

    Lawrence Bignell

    I see your still a little back stage queen

  22. christopher heathcoat

    Gawd Damn Sam, u once worked with Sly on Over the Top...WHY dont THEY USE this song in freak'n De Niro and Stallone's GRUDGE MATCH. it would be PERFECT ! Way to go Sammy, your still a crazy mutha funka.


  23. Maverikk68

    It's better than the crap that passes for rock music today. Not as good as VH's last album. Satch is a great technical guitarist, but I maintain my position that absolutely nothing about his playing stands out in the confines of a band. He overplays on solos, and pretty much sounds like a CC Deville knockoff.


    Cool story bro.

  24. Salvo Vecchio

    Sammy rules, best rock singer in the world!!

  25. Sac SammyFan

    Kari Hagar sighting at 1:51

  26. Bernd Klüver

    That`s the music i want to hear sitting in 2013 Chevrolet Camaro not driving 55.....

  27. mtlsixshooter

    sounds like nickelback...


    get your head out of the toilet

  28. jcw714

    Pretty good tune, but sounds a lot like Mas Tequila in places. That being said, it's still better than anything that's been on the radio for the last several years.

  29. Pete Spielvogel

    the return of chickenfoot would be cool

  30. MrKnisterable

    thanks a lot for the tipps! :)

  31. Jamie Burke

    not a bad tune. but DLR called and said your no Van Halen

  32. APanther9

    Its good..but I want more Chickenfoot

  33. Oingo Boingo

    Killer tune! Works for me!

  34. David Fortney

    Class A Kids !!!

  35. Phantom Limb

    A 60yo writing songs for 15yo's. I'll pass.

  36. aitech nasus

    Drop dead scumbag.

  37. aitech nasus

    I Love Sammy Hagar's New Song It Rocks.

  38. Jack Taylor

    Simple song, but if it rocks, it rocks! Go Sammy!!

  39. Ray Mew

    Every thing you touch Sammy turns into rock n roll gold.

  40. Dr. Daniel Erthal

    Love Sammy, love Kid and Love Joe..........But the song is horrible!

  41. Beartallica86

    This only thing that was good about this song is that Bad Ass Billy Gunn is in the video at 1:27. Other than that, this song pretty bland.

  42. Beartallica86

    I agree. It's a very, very, VERY lame song. Very water-downed and stale. Also, this song is only 2:35 long??? How did this song become radio worthy for being such a short song? Oh, of course because Sammy and Kid Rock are performing. How pathetic.There's so many new Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands out there that sound so awesome and never get enough attention they deserve. The music industry throws this painful junk down our throats saying this is real Rock 'n' Roll which it truly isn't. So sad

  43. cosmo topper


  44. cosmo topper



    Been a fan since the Montrose days... he's the man!

  46. Brian Marto

    great stuff

  47. Jeffrey Thomas


  48. Philippe Godron

    A great singer, maybe the best, always in the mood of a good song for rock and roll!!!

  49. Jan Hagan

    sammy and kid......yea cmon

  50. Jan Hagan

    Ilove sammy hagar

  51. Phil F

    FYI. This song was written for the NFL as one of their theme songs for 2013. Not much of a song, but serves a purpose

  52. Phil F

    What is the "offensive" part of the video!?!?

  53. NHMntnHIGH

    love it excellent video

  54. Erik S

    Lame ass, sell out, corporate CRAP!

  55. Ray Mew

    Sammy Hagar is all what America and Rock music stand for. A good time until you die. The man is a legend as is Joe Satriani.

  56. maxss max

    Nonsense son

  57. Lynn Hernandez

    I'm going to play it on 97.5 KMOD, Tulsa OK during the Noon hour today. Listen from anywhere free on: iHeartRadio

  58. Kuldeep Gupta

    yippee. dont waste time guys , rush to this site and get ur ipad3 or iphone as per ur choice. dont think its funny, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. dont run away have a try now ->

  59. stusixtyone

    roth wishes he could sing like this.

  60. Shawn Montgomery

    This song is better than half of this modern day rocking bullshit.

  61. Mi Song

    don't get it... had to look up what happened to bocephus? bring back bocephus!! I don't care what he said, can't be worse than this

  62. sw1tched

    Hagar's voice is finally gone ... damn it

  63. sw1tched

    hagar's is finally gone ... damn it

  64. Luke V

    lol agree

  65. Fraevo10

    Generic crap. wtf?

  66. Richard Craven

    I've listin to all Hagar Albums except Marching To Mars to Not 4 Sale and the new one of course, and hsas thourght the fire. My fav. 2 albms by him is three lock box and street maching. fav songs by him is I Wouldnt Change A Thing off three lock box, Hey Boys off of Musical Chairs, Plane Jain off of Street Machine Heavy Metal off of Standing Hampton Theres Only One Way To Rock. Stadning Hampton again. ou812 is my fav vh with him and my fav song of that was mine all mine and soruce of infection

  67. frompower2popmetal

    I don't know anything about team sports and don't know which one that song is supposed to be for but when I heard it for the first time on The Tonight Show I immediately liked it.I never listened to Chickenfoot that much cause it just didn't have any songs that really stuck out.Great musicianship but that doesn't necessarily equate into a great song that first listen your grooving to it and then looking it up and listening to it on youtube right away.

  68. Steven Oswood

    Sammy originally recorded this in 2011 as "Knockdown" on the Official Gameday Music Of The NFL album.

  69. frompower2popmetal

    His best song ever was Heavy Metal check that out if you've never heard it.I even sing that one in my vocal workouts here.Then One Way to Rock.I Cant Drive 55 was probably among the silliest songs that was ever a hit and his biggest song aside from the work w/VH which OU812 (which was a stab at David Lee Roth's album called Eat Em And Smile) is the heaviest most metal album from beginning to end he ever did.Check out Naturally Wired and Sucker In A Three Piece on that record.

  70. james buchanan

    certainly has that mas tequila feel to it some...

  71. Franimal

    This is 2-1/2 minutes of rock n' roll bliss #redrocker #kidrock

  72. Eckard Nieman

    It's interesting that you say that, because I felt this was not quite at the level of Chickenfoot. This sounds like he actually TRIED to make a theme tune for a wrestling show instead of just making good music, which Chickenfoot does routinely. I'm a bit disappointed. Sammy sounds great, though.

  73. Euan Hamilton

    Sammy Hagar has an awesome voice, but this is hilariously cheesy and silly.

  74. MsVixen71

    Bring it!

  75. MikeMcMahon6911

    i thought this song was for the NFL...not Boxing

  76. frompower2popmetal

    Wow this is the first non VH Sam Hagar song I've heard since One Way To Rock that I like the first time I hear it.Def didn't get the chickenshit thing I mean great musicianship but the songs just weren't there

  77. Ruben Balagot

    just sharing our music video

  78. Buck Woodward

    Song seems too short, but apparently it was designed to be a promotional piece for NFL videos.

    Either way, looking forward to the album and hopefully more touring!

  79. Richard Craven


  80. Jason Vance

    Sammy Hagar is & Still The Red Rocker This Song Is So Fuckin Awesome
    Sammy You Got It Rock n Roll At It's Best!!

  81. Matt Wiggins

    Sammy? Satriani? Rock? Yep - I'll take some of that.

  82. Keith Kessinger

    Sammy's voice never diminishes.

  83. metallooney

    IMO,The albums Sammy did after leaving VH were under par.Whatever happened to the Red Rocker? The albums Sammy did before he joined VH, ,and even the one solo album he did after he joined VH,were so much better,so much heavier and more rocking.

  84. MrKeyboardDK

    The AMAZING Joe Satch!

  85. 健康metal

    So coooooooool!!


    Agree 100%

  87. Calvin Mills

    Awesome Sammy!!

  88. MissHarlieGirl

    I agree - Sammy's voice is one of the best known voices in rock n' roll history. He continues to bring us fans amazing music that we can dance and sing to anywhere. Love you Sammy.

  89. Kevin Kilman


  90. wilsonx54

    Satch not only do you look like voldemort but you create more magic than he ever could.

  91. Jwestcott5000

    Sam definitely does have one of the greatest voices in rock history, but his post VH solo career has been mostly lacking (Except Chickenfoot). This song immediately sounds like it's copying Mas Tequila, already one of his weaker solo tunes Post-Van Hagar. More Satch is always a good thing, but he can't save this turd. Sam can do better and he has done better. I hope the rest of the album is far less lame.

  92. MrJp5150

    He never stops, to let his voice back down, That is the key, He is always singing somewhere... :)

  93. Sammy Hagar

    Redhead quiz! Who can identify what Sammy is holding up at the end of the video?! Watch it here if you need to take another look!

    Jay L Keene

    @Sammy Hagar Also, Do you remember what year it was when you were Seattle's KISW's #1 Rising Star? I was told that's where or when you got called the Lil' Red Rocker... True?


    +Skippy Goyle Yes, his dad was a tough boxer actually. He wanted Sammy to box, as well.


    Sammy Hagar a frame!

    What did I win?

    MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte

    +Sammy Hagar .... *Sammy's father Bobby Hagar was a boxer... it's Bobby's short*

    Roxanne Daniel

    His dad, Bobby Hagar

  94. MrKnisterable

    I´m obviously not such a big Sammy Fan as you, but I really like the Van Halen stuff he did on 5150. I missed the good music unfortunately because I live in Europe and nobody in my family listens to rock music. Nevertheless now I am making it up. I like old Kid Rock stuff and of course Satch, but its nothing new which he did here...

  95. darcyann66


  96. mattyredrock


  97. BigFootBarnes

    Got to love Sammy, he never disappoints

  98. MetalWisey

    I'm a big Sammy fan, but I don't think he's done a decent solo album since Ten 13, and this song doesn't fill me full of hope for the new album either. Besides the fact I've never been a fan of Kid Rock at all, the song really doesn't have much going for it except Satriani. No... that's not true, Sammy's voice is still great, but it still isn't much of a song really.

  99. psychoD_A_D

    great !!!!! Sam is the best

  100. Crappieday37

    How does Sam do it??? Just keeps kickin' out killer jams & the voice??? Holy Shit!!! Can Still Scream With The Best Of Em'!!! Rock On Sammy!!!