Sammy Hagar - Bad Reputation Lyrics

Well she had a bad reputation
So mother put you on probation
Now ain't it funny how the story goes

Well, seems like every boy you meet
Just tries to get you in the back seat
If you been there once, your gonna do it again
That's what they say when you

You've got a bad reputation
A bad reputation
But what a sensation
Ooh, you're such a temptation

Sometimes sneakin' out the window
Well, just as sure as the wind blows
Your in trouble when they find you out

With such a small circle of friends
The train is never gonna end
And some girls like it, yeah but, some don't

You, you, you got a bad reputation
A bad reputation
Aw, but what a sensation
Aw, you're such a temptation

You're the kind that wonders if love was made to last
Or if marriage is a thing of the past
Well, anyway you want it baby, that's the way its gonna be, yeah
'Cause if you're good enough for you, you're good enough for me, yeah


When she had a bad reputation
And now its a touchy situation
Well, just try to change in this small town

Where everybody knows your name
Expecting you to stay the same
Either put it up or they'll put you out
That's what they do when

You got a bad reputation
A bad reputation
But what a sensation
Ooh, you're such a temptation
You got a bad reputation

You know it's alright, it's alright with me
I'll take your bad reputation
You and your bad reputation
Whoo! C'mon, baby, yeah
Alright, hey, yeah

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Sammy Hagar Bad Reputation Comments
  1. Peter J. Pecavar

    My buddy gave me a copy of this album on cassette freshman year..Still love it. Iceman

  2. Travis Steffen

    I loved all those compilations. I still have a lot of them on tape. Wore them fuckers out. Lucky if any of them play.

  3. Paul Mc C

    Sammy Hagar makes me really happy.

  4. Fernando Gs

    Thumbs up if you still appreciate this song in 2015

    Travis Mathes

    still rockin to this song

  5. Randy Waugh

    always my fave by Sammy

  6. imstillcranky

    this song turned me onto Sammy Hagar...loved his stuff ever since