Sammie - The Bottom Lyrics

Ooh, ooh yeah
From the bottom to the top
I got 'em

[Repeat 1 during intro]

Yeah, yeah Miami
Yeah the place to go
Cause we got beaches
We got them all
We got everything
Hundred and ten degrees
Sunshine city baby

I was up in the hood
Down at my boy's house
It was the summer time
When everyone would hang out
Down at the corner store
We had the best of times
Yelling bingo at every car that came by

I knew that I had this dream
And I wanted them to believe
That I was gonna make it

[Repeat 1]

It happened so fast
I can't believe at last
I headed to the ATL
Just to hear the sound
Hooked up with Dallas
And he had a record planned
Then JT Money said
He would put Miami down

[Repeat 1]

[Repeat 2 until rap]

[JT Money]
Yeah that bottom, yeah
I'm from the city where the bass drop
Where the girls and the temperature stay hot
That bottom where that bass game started
And the girls shake their thing whole-hearted
MIA, 48 cabinets
Straight luggin' and it don't be happening
Old school on the fools and the chumps
Let it out playing old school funk
Big Sammie put it down for the bottom
Fly honeys want money we got 'em
What'cha know about the Miami heat huh?
About how they shoot or what all that street?
A place where all the stuff retreat
Where they move to an up tempo beat
Never sleep, you know this thing don't stop
Coming from the bottom straight to the top
Fo' sure

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Sammie The Bottom Comments
  1. lennibizzle

    i’m 27, and just woke up randomly thinking about the chorus of this song. like this was a bop and then some on my little cassette player lol


    I brought this tape 5 times wen I was young

  3. Antionette allen

    My first cd ☺️

  4. Alonzo Carlos

    Omg 😭memoriessssss 😩 oct 27th, 2019 🔥

  5. Ur Favorite Aun_tea

    I just turned 31 and i almost beat my mama ass for this cd. Whats crazy like a year ago i cleaning out my closet and this cd case fell out i started crying lmao this was my shit!!!

  6. Sharnay Thomas

    The first CD I ever owned 💯😊

  7. Slim Behlin

    This my shit I was 4-5 when my mom brought me this cd and I’m 23 now and I still know the words lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Slim Behlin

    2019 still bumping it 😍 I’m 22 now lol this was my cd when I was little

  9. Tanasha Parsons

    I love this album years later thank God for you

  10. taniree1986

    This was my shit still bangs at 32

  11. B Wise

    I love you Sammie!!! Still listening in 2018!

  12. Alyn Blackburn

    this is literally so catchy and good

  13. lee ventura

    I'm 28 yrs old now. I remember getting this CD for Easter back in 2000 when I was 10. JT money this was my CD

  14. GiftedHands

    That baby Sammy sus 👌🏽

  15. B In awe

    Still bangs

  16. Esmeralda Sanchez

    Ever since I got internet in my house I have been looking for this album I used to have the cd and now im 20 and I have finally found it. This cd was my jam when I was little.

  17. Keith David

    I remember this and I'm only 26.

  18. SouthernBelle323

    this was my cd! im 25 now. brings back memories


    SouthernBelle323 im 25 and I know exactly what your saying

    Eddie Toler

    SouthernBelle323 I know right

  19. Bernard Mccallum

    I like this album this is my favorites song I got that hill album in my CD coletshon!!!

  20. Chloe Whitfield

    I'm a 21st century kid and I love this song😍

  21. Tesia Lewis

    the ish it

  22. Rashad Fowler

    this sounds good!! I still listen to this in my car!!!

    Mrs. Williams

    Yes same here lol.. Sound so good!!

  23. Kreative Reese

    IM 26 and embarrassed to say it but this album still bangs. i think it was a well written album. sammie should rerecord this album as a grown man now


    i'm 28 still love this album.

    90s lover

    Kreative Reese I thought I was the only one hell the songs stay in my head

    Random Goofillyous

    At 22 I still CAN'T get enough of this whole album.


    I put it on every time I clean

    Anti Riku

    22 and this shit still goes!


    I still love it,,

  25. jorge funes

    fuck this song

    daquan mcfarland

    stop hating

  26. Dasja Townsend

    Love it!

  27. Chris Neil


  28. Chris Neil

    Ayyyee bull city stand up.!!!! (919)