Sami Yusuf - Salutation Lyrics

Assalatu wassalam
Assalatu wassalam
‘Alayka ya sayyidi
Ya rasula Allah
Ya Muhammad, Muhammad

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Sami Yusuf Salutation Comments

    2020.. it's eternal ❤️

  2. Serap Yıldırım

    AmiNn işallah AmiNn AmiNn 🤲 🤲 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  3. Serap Yıldırım


  4. shiny kuo

    Thanks for bringing peace

  5. Zayan Riaz

    aslamulaikum muslim brothers and sisters love from scotland

  6. Zayan Riaz


  7. Joseph Mind

    ost siccin right?

  8. Mert Evcil

    Allah is one

  9. Dys gik


  10. قناة لانستر للمنوعات

    This version of mazzika

  11. Omar Goran

    مین یسمعها فی 2020

  12. Sahana Islam


  13. Sahana Islam

    mashaallah♥♥♥👍👍👍 jajakallah

  14. House Of Pheromones

    I'm an ex-muslim now but I still like this song after 10 years. What an amazing voice

    Sohail Shaikh

    What made u ex brother.

  15. AyaAnabia H

    May peace and happiness be with Muhammad salallah ho wa le salam and his family

  16. ألا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب

    أول مرة أسمعها عندما وصلت سورة الحديد ٢٠٠٦

  17. ألا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب

    ٢٠٠٣ سبحان الله

  18. Haroon

    ALLAH is blessed of same yusuf

  19. Haroon

    Moshlo same Yusuf

  20. Michael

    Is he praying to Mohammed?

    Nuzhat Subha

    He is sending prayer to Lord and praying for himself and Muhammad PBUH as well


    Wats pbhu and he is really great

    Nuzhat Subha

    PBUH means peace be upon him

    Nuzhat Subha

    Mohammad peace be upon him is a messenger of Lord. The singer is praying to Lord for himself and messenger as well

  21. che wan mohd lukman

    I still love this song and sami yusuf in 2019

  22. قناة لانستر للمنوعات

    اكيد عمرو يوسف صار ممثل قبل الشهرة
    جان يطلع فلم ولاد رزق

  23. Tee Ahmed

    Mashallah 🤲

  24. Lz Cm

    Allah ❤️❤️

  25. ACC

    Mach'ALLAH 2019 encore

  26. Maya Mohammed

    بحبها من وانا صغيره ..😍

  27. Ouallid Doc

    ما شاء الله

  28. 전 정국


  29. Türk Oğlu

    2019 and I am still listening to it. And will listen till the end of my life. Because this is something more than a song. Salavat, a pray. may Allah accept it. Sami Yusuf has a beautiful voice and character. Thanks to him for this great job. Proud to be a muslim. If you wanna be a muslim and need help. contact me. I will try my best to help you and show you the truth. Peace % Love from Turkey. :)

  30. Nibakht yusuf

    Whoever hears 2019

  31. AS Studios since 2018

    The best creation of ALLAH is mankind.

    Among them MUHAMMAD (SAW)

  32. YaseenSlayzz64

    Subhanallah 🕋🕌

  33. Florijan Hoxhaj

    The best song ever this should have more than 100 million views I remember this song from when I was a little child . Peace be upon you Sami Yusuf 🤗 .

  34. Hasan Malik

    May Allah bless the good people

  35. Hozifa Rahaman

    Love Allah and rasul 💝💝

  36. first and last

    amr youssef

  37. Princess generations

    مشاء الله صوتة 🌼حلو الله يحفضة🌼

  38. Jack Ondoro

    Assalamualaikum sami yusuf.

  39. Tekin Cöban

    2019?? (ELHAMDULILLAH)


    You posted this comment in 2019 so in 2018 and before 2018 hot comment didn't exist so nobody could see it
    And if you posted it in 2019 it's already 2019 so everyone who sees it is watching in 2019
    So yeah

  40. Ghostriderex


  41. Mr Suhail17

    Proud to be muslim

  42. Al Jal

    Happy Ramadan.

  43. Emre Budak

    Listen in 2019 . Allahu Akbar.

  44. MojoRisin

    i'm a very secure hindu. but this song is so powerful i reminds me of my own mystics. allah loves us all. circumcised or otherwise. salah or not. muslim or otherwise. allah is brahma is moses is jesus is krishna is LOVE. anyone who disputes this is not muslim, not a jew, hindu, zoroastrian, christian.

  45. Ami YT


  46. wiss wiss

    اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد الحبيب

  47. Cristiano Oliveira

    Quem mais veio por causa do filme o caçador de pipas????

  48. Md Asif

    Awesome 👍 bro

  49. Anas Mehraj

    I am proud I am muslim and Allah is my lord

  50. aziza aziza

    MashaAllah, PRELIJEPO💗💗💗💗💗

  51. Vieux Kasse


  52. Zulfiqar Shah

    Who is listening in 2019?


    You posted this comment in 2019 so in 2018 and before 2018 hot comment didn't exist so nobody could see it
    And if you posted it in 2019 it's already 2019 so everyone who sees it is watching in 2019

  53. Vishnu Deva

    Too addicted to this song,not only song eventhough iam hindu iam able to find the soul in this song

  54. Shayfu

    2019 still love it <3

  55. Luluk Isnainiyah


  56. Sailau Beristem


  57. Firdus Firdaus_

    Masha Allah I love this nashed so much ❤ Alhamdulilah for Islam and for everything ❤

  58. flash back

    2019 ? ❤

  59. Siham Bouimajane


  60. Nurcan Akbaydar

    Allah yolunu açık etsin yüreğine sağlık başarıların daim olsun bayıldım Selam Türkiye den

  61. Alisahib Guluzade


  62. Ambreen Bano

    So much's double sin



  64. mohd zamir

    Love this song till now💕

  65. Reza Lutfi

    Ini baru Islam agamaku,... sungguh indah agama islam


    اللهم صل علا سيدنا محمد وعلا اله محمد كما صليت علا سيدنا ابراهيم واله ابراهيم فإنك حميد ومجيد 💓

  67. w TV

    Allahumma solli ala sayyidinal muhammad

  68. Ruhdin Ruhdin

    Assalamu Alikum Wr Wb
    From indonesia

  69. Nicanor Chavez

    Does anyone has the arab version in latin characters ? to see how it is pronounced ??? Blessings.

  70. Tido Shira

    OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 english😅😅
    English 👎👎👎👎🤣🤣🤣

  71. Tido Shira

    مرتیکه حقه باز واسه ایرانیها قر میده واسه عربا الله الله میکنه حقه باز یک مهر هم داغ کن بزار رو پیشونیت .

  72. Ruhdin Ruhdin


  73. Arshad Khan

    Mashallah subhanallah bhai

  74. Mustaffa Hilmi

    Nice and good voice. I like and love it.

  75. Ibrahim Ibrahim

    When I was a kid I thought that the man in minute 2:25 is reberto carloss

  76. Maher Zain

    heartfully song

  77. Umar Ismail


  78. Shoyon Rhman

    Salam from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  79. Rezwana Rifat

    Melody is one of the most powerful arms in the world.. it can do anything. I believe your songs will destroy the hardness of the world,, with the help of Allah.

  80. Nour English

    what a relaxing song!
    I'm yearninng to the old days.

  81. haya haya

    I want the lyrics of English to this song please

  82. Saba Jamil

    MASHALLAH A heart touching dua

  83. jejen oliman

    i m from indonesia...i like .


    مسجد محمد علي من اجمل مساجد القاهرة❤

  85. محمد النجار

    ما شاء الله الله اكبر

  86. Fairul Md

    Assalamualaikum from brunei

    Sohail Shaikh

    Walikum assalam from India