Sambora, Richie - Stranger In This Town Lyrics

Hey mister can you tell me
What this world's about
It might just help me out
I used to be a dreamer
But my dreams have burned
You know how luck can turn

Sometimes it's hard to find a
Friendly face
Feel like a stranger to the human race
It's such a lonely, lonely place

I walk alone in the darkness of the city
Got no place to call home
I might be dyin'
But you can't hear a sound
'Cause midnight rain is comin' down
I'm just a stranger, a stranger
In this town

Everybody loves a winner
Till the winners lose
And then it's front page news
Nobody loves a loser
When you're down and out
You know there ain't no doubt

I'm just a victim of circumstance
Please mister give me a helping hand
Brother won't you understand

I walk alone in the darkness of the city
Got no place to call home
I might be dyin'
But you can't hear a sound
Midnight rain is comin' down
I'm just a stranger, a stranger
In this town
I mean no danger, I'm a stranger
In this town

I'm just a victim of circumstance
Please mister give me a helping hand
Brother won't you understand

I walk alone in the darkness of the city
Got no place to call home
I might be dyin'
But you can't hear a sound
'Cause midnight pain is comin' down
Midnight pain is coming down
I'm just a stranger, I'm a stranger
In this town
I mean no danger, I'm a stranger,
I'm a stranger
I'm a stranger in this town...
I mean no danger, I'm a stranger...

I'm just a stranger in this town

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Sambora, Richie Stranger In This Town Comments
  1. Dot Fern

    Great song...!

  2. Flying Free

    Best song Sambora ever did. Still listening to it in 2020.

  3. Rita Anjos


  4. Gilmar Antônio Graciano

    Richie Sambora legado do Rock

  5. Maristela Dalari

    Richie Sambora The Best 🎼🎸🎼🎸🎼🎸🎼🎸🎼🎸🎼🎸🤘✌️🤙.

  6. Tov Tase

    168 idiots just presed unlike button!

  7. Legion Studios

    this was during the period when they had a semi break up

  8. Darkangelparis

    Un temazo 👍

  9. Al Acton

    I've been s fan of this album since it first came out. Why is it more popular is beyond me. I want this to be played at my funeral

  10. Rodrigo Bracamonte

    One fo the best and most underrated bluesy ballads of all times IMO. Fucking epic! Cant say enough good words about this tremendous musician. Live Long Richie!

  11. vanessa

    This is literally one of the best songs i have ever heard in my life and trust me i've heard A LOT. Perfect masterpiece.

  12. Hilbert Kuipers

    Great album. Great voice. Great playing. Great!

  13. Luv'etta Greb

    Love this song.

  14. Siniša Biljan

    voice and guitar playing is so soulful .....that`s all I need on Friday evening!

  15. ryouga Ac


  16. Gonul Recep


  17. El Rosi Channel


  18. Jessica Thomas

    Seen it in to many interviews..he had to take over....I see you.

  19. Jessica Thomas

    I never comment but... he knew what he was up against all them years. NEVER doubt yourself babe.

  20. Cádiz

    Amazing 2020.

  21. Jessica Thomas

    Nice song... I see River Phoenix in the audience .

  22. laís


  23. The Revelation

    Why has rock became something that young kids are embarass to listen to.

  24. Robert Majewski

    i cry :) so .... beter like gold

  25. Fabi

    WTF, I didn`t know that he sings better than jon...

  26. Overthinker Blue

    This album is a masterpiece. Every song on it is. One of the best guitarist ever.

  27. Gang of Eagles

    I didn't know Richie Sambora could be so beautiful. Looks like he can even sing. +1

  28. Dilza Marques

    Se te encontro assim na rua eu trago vc pra minha casa

  29. Falcon 4Life




    Stranger in this town and Undiscovered soul are ones of the top albums ever , and dont even let me start what a sound this man has on guitar...and voice and...

    Falcon 4Life

    @mikrosound Listen to his newest solo album from 2012, Aftermath of the Lowdown. He does guitar work on that album that he hasn't been able to do in Bon Jovi for 10 years. Very well written album and a staple Sambora sound!

    Undiscovered Soul was a bit too bluesy/acoustic for my taste. However, I loved the ballads, All that really Matters and In it for Love. I also liked Hard times come Easy.

  30. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy richie sambora

  31. emre barış

    I didn't know richie sambora's voice was that good.


    I hope that he starts writing again for a new record soon..........

  33. Hunks Appreciated

    The hottest and most talented guy in Bon Jovi.

    Paloma Costa


  34. bion asnanto

    back then when all of my friends who learned guitar together with me wants to be like vai, malmsteen or hammet, i want to play like Richie Sambora! he's the best!

  35. Leona Henry

    I always knew he was a fabulous guitar player, but did not know what a set of vocals this man possessed. He has such an outstanding sound. He can definitely stand on his own merits. He always took a back seat to Bon Jovi, but I sure wish he had done more with his immense talent. So nice!!

  36. Salvatore Lunanova

    Great song !

  37. Cathy Glitsch

    simply beautiful and amazing voice guitar player

  38. María Calvo

    He is wonderful.

  39. dandantheminiman

    I am ashamed to say today is the first time I’ve heard this song.. I feel like I’ve missed out without having heard this before. It’s such a beautiful song, this needs more air time on the radio, doesn’t matter how old it is.

  40. Victor Harris

    This was/still is such a good song!

  41. c4p0n31

    this is a special voice .
    very nice .

  42. Ana María DEL RIO

    Qué placer escuchar a RICHIE, su voz, su dominio de la guitarra, sus arreglos, los solos de guitarra, wau es incomparable.!!

  43. Cat Harbin

    Damn Richie I love this song brooooo

  44. CAMILA AVAKIN Fã da linda mel


  45. Matthijs Tumbling Dice

    One of the best songs ever!!!

  46. Chris Martin

    Genio richie.. the best

  47. angela green

    So great found, but brought Stranger in this Town album when came out went saw Richie Shepherds Bush London1990’s, obviously saw loads in Bon Jovi Wembley many times right up to seeing Hyde Park literally on my 40th Birthday and then again Hyde Park for my 50th two days after. But this album by Richie all songs loved and I listened every night at time loved so much had listen till finally fell sleep, it was on my repeat disc!!! Only way could settle! 💖 just looking at back of cd now, as just love pic Richie sitting on guitar , jeans tattoo long hair and sombrero ❤️ oh just got whole album hear am listening!! On favourite play list here now too!!!💕

  48. 5150jtjt

    Thank you Sambora for doing something different from the Bon Jovi FORMULA. After "It's My Life" it ALL SOUNDS the same...... ;0). ,

    Bluesman 78

    No it aint.listen to the Lost Highway Album.its different to them others and even This House is not for sale is different then Bounce or Have a nice day.Richie s influence always was Blues

  49. ANDY WALKER & The B.S.B. Official

  50. Светлана Вишнякова

    Да простит меня Джон Бонджови, но Ричи поет лучше!

  51. 11 Anos atrás


  52. CAMILA AVAKIN Fã da linda mel

  53. CAMILA AVAKIN Fã da linda mel

    Isso, é a primeira parte, mas eu tô sem grana, que se trata o parágrafo, que se trata o parágrafo, que se trata o parágrafo, que se 00

    CAMILA AVAKIN Fã da linda mel

    I'm Just stranger...
    Stranger in this town

  54. CAMILA AVAKIN Fã da linda mel

    Œ ğhs

  55. Todd Strandberg

    Richie is Jon's equal in all things but one --- luck. His endless stream of bad luck is why he should have stayed with the group.

  56. Timea Halaj


  57. agnelanna heavens


  58. allen alexander

    I walk alone in the darkness of the city...

  59. susan orion

    aint that the truth..

  60. Michael Jackson and 80's Rock

    Genius. Period.


    Même pas 2 millions de vues ? ? ? ? 😱😱😱 C'est quoi ce bordel, les gars ?

  62. Hi i am from Australia


  63. Timea Halaj


  64. Marc Green

    Super voice and guitar skills

  65. Mara Jd

    I can't belive it's been almost 30 years...the good old days. Thanks Ritchie for all your great songs💜.

  66. UNbowed62

    Pure joy 🎶🥰🎶👍🏽

  67. Wesley de Brouwer

    Fantastic song, glad that i have seen him playing this live!

  68. Vegetababe

    Richie's BEST Song I LOVE IT❤

  69. Yanina Corzo

    Sambora, sos el puto amo. Period.

  70. j b

    Perfect Richie Sambora! Kiss! Y know you!

  71. j b

    Thanks of todos! Kiss!

  72. Олег Горбунов

    I think Richie sings better that Bon Jovi. IMHO.

  73. dizzy lizzy

    60 years old Happy birthday Richie.,

  74. Kate Rocks

    I wish more people knew this song because it's so damn beautiful and brilliant. He deserves more recognition for his vocal talent as well as his instrumental. He's just brilliant. If I ever met him, I wouldn't know how to express this because he's just wonderful.

  75. agnelanna heavens

    you and the band sounds good rik

  76. UNbowed62

    Richie Love Forever ❤️🎶🎸🎶🎤🥰🎶💕

  77. agnelanna heavens

    that's my black hat boy just like my black horse don't you forget just like annies black kitten is mine but instead of the cat my microminiteacupfemalelonghairedcompactedbodychilhuahua please darling bheulher

  78. agnelanna heavens



    Je jouis par les oreilles ! ☝️😎

  80. Sandra Santana Nunes

    Encantada com a voz linda de Richie 💞puro soul🎵🎶🎼🎙️🤩🤩🤩

  81. agnelanna heavens

    still like to live on my own with just my puppy blind mans see

  82. Katherine Scarborough

    The people that disliked this are the true strangers

  83. Dan Hamilton

    One of my favorite albums E🤘🏼ER!!!

  84. Christine White

    Fantastic song!!!!

  85. anger and fury

    What your experienceing.. Pashion and soul...
    Richie gives 200 % of his talent..
    Sambora.. Need we say more..

  86. Yulius wijayanto

    Nice guitar melodies

  87. Patrick Langan

    Thanks Richie. This is your best solo song.

  88. Will Vearone

    Richie Sambora a living legend both voice and guitar skills..

  89. Dimitrije Kitanovic

    What`s singing in 2:51

  90. agnelanna heavens

    I told travis you boys wasn't broken up still singing jersey boys swan

  91. agnelanna heavens

    lockhart and lockette

  92. agnelanna heavens

    I had stamboas cowboys boy hat travis thanks all this time thought it was jonnys must have been Minnie mouse ball cap the pink one

  93. Lisa McDonald

    Richie I would love to meet you!!!❤️❤️❤️😘

  94. Lisa McDonald

    Richie you are one sexy guy and you can sing and play the guitar like nobody else🥰💕

  95. Mister Evans

    I love this song.*

  96. Julian Bala

    Perhaps the greatest underrated super guitar hero with a brilliant voice from the most brilliant soul ever recorded!

  97. Lyana B

    Great sound, voice QUITAR... 💕🍀PEACE &TRUE LOVE &HAPPY 🍀💕from all 💕*🌍*💕FOREVER too INFINITY