Samantha Jade - Heartless Lyrics

[Chorus (Piano):]
In the night, I hear them talk, coldest story ever told
Somewhere far, along the road you lost his soul
To a woman so heartless ohhhhhhh
How could you be, so, heartless

[Verse 1:]
How could you be so, cold as the winter wind when he breeze yo
Just remember that you talking to me though
You need to watch the way you talking to me
And now you wanna get me back and you can show me
So you walk around like you don't know me
You got a new friend, well I got homies
And in the end your still so lonely

In the night, I hear them talk, coldest story ever told
Somewhere far, along, the road, you lost his soul
To a woman so heartless ohhhhhhhh
How could you be, so, heartless

[Verse 2:]
How could you be so Dr. Evil, Your bringing out a side of me that I don't know
I decided we ain't gonna speak so
Why we up 3am on the phone
Why does he be so mad at me for, Homie I don't know he's hot and cold
I won't stop won't mess my groove up cause I already know how it goes

In the night, I hear them talk, coldest story ever told
Somewhere far, along, the road, you lost his soul
To a woman so heartless ohhhhhhhh
How could you be, so, heartless

I know you can't believe
I should just leave it wrong
I'm gon' take off tonight...

Into the night I hear them talk coldest story ever told
Somewhere far, along this road you lost his soul
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless
How could you be so heartless

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Samantha Jade Heartless Comments
  1. Stella Bella

    She needs to be more famous!

  2. Cece Girl

    Better than the original

  3. MroetaM1

    hope she winns

  4. gg gg

    terrible, not a worthy winner


    Well, Australia chose her. Deal with it.

  5. Donald Holder*Doc*

    What happened to Sammy? Did she ever come back to the U.S.? She has a fabulous Voice and she is gorgeous!

  6. Charbel Elaro

    This still holds benchmark for the best performance in a reality TV singing competition. The Voice Australia 2018 is trash compared to this.

  7. TTK Ironfist

    This version seems like a Bond movie song

  8. chris gavin

    Best X factor performance of all time easily, how good

  9. Luigi Aurora

    Sweety you done very well dealing with all this rubbish when your an A1 🎨 artist.🌟💝

  10. Luigi Aurora

    That's yrs of training remember.🌟🎶

  11. Luigi Aurora

    No she eats and sleep's as well. 🎶

  12. Luigi Aurora

    You don't even have to listen to this song for more than first verse,stop her a pass her simple.🌟

  13. Luigi Aurora

    Judges don't have eyes sweetheart or manners.

  14. Luigi Aurora

    If you didn't win I was going to get very upset,so I'm glad they got it wright.💝🌟

  15. Luigi Aurora

    I remember watching this very nice and well sung.🎶💝

  16. nela tee

    Wow Sammy J is amazing!!!!!

  17. Richy Man

    would Kanye West be proud?

  18. Rewina7

    this performance is the best i'v ever seen on Xfactor.....ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

  19. Leena

    This is bobby andonov's version of heartless omg

  20. gacgirl

    I don't' like how they totally change up the song...they shouldn't do that unless they wrote their own songs???

    that's so junior

    people do this all the time.. its called 'covers'

  21. Mayckon Willian

    Well, it went high on Aria's didn't it? AMAZING!


    +Serious Series Thoughts it went number 1 just like Cyrus' Wicked Game. Those two artists should better be marketed by Sony not only in Australia but around the world!

    Mayckon Willian


  22. Victor Gomes

    Samantha has the whole package. She has an amazing voice, an incredible tecquique and an out of this world star potential.

  23. linda tan

    her mentor is her own best friend. how could it be? its not fair i think


    There not best friends just, good friends and she won by being the best not by her mentor


    Seriously are people still pulling the friend card with Samantha & Guy she got there because she was talented and deserved the chance to get back into music. It was silly views like that that created such an unfair bias toward Sammi it is very annoying that people still come to that conclusion 2 years later


    @SA8AH Yea I agree with you completely


    fuck you

  24. Sha Jay

    omg this is much better than the other girl....(DF) so much awsome!! bcome fan 4 tis song when i hear samantha on tis video

  25. Kristine

    Nice earrings...

  26. ggt

    Dia frampton is much better


    gustavo luo lol no

  27. Harry96mega

    Wonderful, amazing
    She is so beatiful

  28. etmax1

    If she wouldn't have won I would have been so surprised and disappointed

  29. Flavio Lucana

    So she stole bobby andonovs version


    I think you're tone deaf... There versions are completely different!

  30. SoRandom Kat


    Robert Longo


  31. Tony Gerald

    I liked Bella more.

  32. Lily Bling

    Love it Samantha, you are so amazing!!! 

  33. carlos palas

    Dia Frampton?ahahha what a joke...she is nto even close to Samantha's voice....

  34. Sarah Renshaw

    This was always my favourite Samantha jade performance but I had also hear about Dia's version and finally I took a look at it to see if it was actually better. First I have to point Out that the pacing and vocal changes are so different I feel like they both are totally different versions of the song and that SJ really owned this song more than Dia. SJ had so much more vocal control and didn't seem like she was going to fall off the piano chair at the end of the song. To me Dia was competing with the track and it made her pitchy and a bit rushed whilst SJ had so much more emphasese on the timing and because of that it was so much more chilling and amazing. Dia had no high note that just made the song epic like SJ. I think if I hadn't watched SJ perform the song I would think Dia's performance was amazing but SJ just took the crown. So I'm actually really confused as to why some people on her think Dia's was better when honestly she couldn't vocally handle this song. So Because SJ has more vocal range, more stage presences and was able to Make the song so Epic with that high note she has clearly done the better job at it GO SJ

  35. Rayanne Silkes

    I love this song and i like this version .

  36. Kollin Berg

    Hey samantha, amazing voice, done years prior PWNED BITCH

    Sarah Renshaw

    You do realize that Dia did a version that was just like the fray's cover but SJ had a completely different version with her changes and vocals. So it wasn't done years prior but yes someone else has performed a version of it on another show :)

  37. Tat Nguyen

    LOL Ronan.. Someone's already did it. 2 or 3 years ago.

  38. Tat Nguyen

    Brings me back to Dia Frampton performance on The Voice.

  39. frizol faery

    Amazing job, her version was phenomenal

  40. vanessa5147

    2:40-2:59 WHOAHHH

  41. ILove GYM

    Sam is just gorgeous and complements Kanye's lyrics so well.

  42. Yasmine

    her mentors amazing

  43. kittygirl8706

    omg i love her version of kenye's song!!!!!!!

  44. saiko

    definitely :) simon cowell can't even sing but he's one of the best judges :) it's always been like that :)

  45. Jose Tovar

    PERFECT perfonmance!

  46. VeriniFilm

    are the contestants meant to be better singers than the judges?

  47. Tyler Dionne

    NO I HATE THIS. Fourtunate should have won....

  48. Max Elle

    Powerful powerful powerful perfect powerfully powerful.

  49. Ankit Amaru Shrestha

    This a Fucking Awesome!

  50. Victoria Saraswati

    Just watched xfactor around the world. Samantha has a beautiful voice. Awesome..

  51. Deborah Wood

    She has such a beautiful name I HATE that they are shortening Samantha to Sammi -- geez

  52. Deborah Wood


  53. Rudi salvatore

    i just meet you today in jakarta,,..and you are amazing you

  54. HaszMazzMusic

    i met her 5 days ago shes amazing!!

  55. Rhoda Kyriacou

    she gave me chills when she sang in the last part when her voice was high!! wow good performance :)

  56. tnks2me

    Just the BEST. Thankyou

  57. fonjadidi

    Their voices are sooooo different. You might like Dia better because it sounds sweet and touchy. But sam does it in a way when it feels like she is rising and being better than ever, it feel stronger-not because of volume but because of emotion.

  58. heettreet

    i was a huge fan of Sammy ,,,,, till the lipstick on her nose , now i'm devastated

  59. Kate Mathewson


  60. Shal K.S

    She is always dressed in a way that's suits her voice n brings the best aspect in her, I think this voice is captivating compared to others

  61. magicalkoala

    rewatching so many times already...amazing cover, better then original imo

  62. CarltonDry.Please

    This woman can sing live or WHAT!

  63. Ilias Aa


  64. MileHigh Doug

    I like this cover, but Dia Frampton does a better job with this song.

  65. Symone Williams

    One Word ~ AWESOME >>>>Symone1176 Channel

  66. Abdulaziz Niazy

    studio version for god sake :)....

  67. Merlin Emrys

    her new song

  68. Merlin Emrys


  69. Benzir Siddiqui

    Everyone buy her new song Firestarter on Itunes now :)

  70. tourous4life

    Oh please - get over yourself!!!

  71. Steve B

    I've watched Dia's version on here and I wouldn't pay a penny to hear her do it live if for no other reason than her voice can't carry the song. Her accompaniment on the piano did more for her version than her singing. Here's a question...Could Dia sing "Heartless" acapella? I don't think so. Samantha can sing rings around Dia and did with her version of "Heartless".

  72. moua64

    Dia frampton's version is better. more raw emotion.

  73. Alexander Walker

    THat was the highlight of the series

  74. Steve B

    No way, no how is Dia's version anywhere close to as good as Samantha's...

  75. IdaliasLopez68

    Yes it is indeed!!!

  76. DLLO Eiv

    Dat gurl bad

  77. Vanessa Antoun Gerges

    Would love to see Simon Cowell witness this performance!

  78. Gabriella Delaoya

    I prefer this version. Damn Sammy! Kanye go take a seat :)

  79. Mariana Soares Branco

    Can we talk about how FREAKIN GORGEOUS her dress is??

  80. meng ngo

    Dia Frampton
    Smash you in this song u knoe that.

  81. I GC

    She has on her album. I LUV U SAMMY

  82. teala brooks

    She is amazing

  83. 05jabbah

    She Gives me Goosebumps. She should record this song!

  84. Dee Lotto

    lol Kanye who?

  85. alexvingt7

    now 73...loll

  86. Nai

    I love her song choices

  87. Maryanne Wongking

    LOVE :) wow

  88. Beth Macdougall

    this song was excellent I loved this so much

  89. Wendy Hayes

    Absolutely love her version of Heartless.

  90. Bader Badr

    This performance reminds me of a song that would be at the begining of a James Bond Movie

  91. Rosita

    Bella is original.. 100% best..better... Bella is the winner!!!!

  92. Bella Sinclair

    Love u sammy <3 x

  93. heettreet

    the commentator ,don't know his name ,,, is the best by far of all those i've heard on all the contest shows

  94. heettreet

    i'm devastated ,, i had a huge crush on Sammy ,,, now ,,, with that horrible lipstick on her nose ,, it's lost forever

  95. rojah13

    Okay, so there was a lot of comparison to Dia Frampton's version (from the Voice US)...All i can say is, this one was very good (both are). BUT, while Samantha has the more powerful voice, i felt that Dia put more pain and emotion in her version. So, I still like Dia's better. But this was good :)