Samantha Harvey - Forgive Forget Lyrics

You blame me for your mistakes
So you feel better, do you feel better?
Pushing all your weight on me
But my shoulders, they can't hold you
I love to pull the knife right out of my back
And return it, you deserve it
I'll never stoop so low, I'm above all that
I'll take the high road

I will forgive (I will forgive)
But I'll never forget (never forget)
I will forgive (I will forgive)
But I'll never forget it (never forget)
I said that I'm over, it still hurts like ooh...
You're so damn cruel
I will forgive (I will forgive)
But I'll never forget (I'll never forget)
No, I'll never forget

Your hypocritical heart, always changing what the truth is
How dare you call me immature
Well it's you that's got the growing up to do
I'd love to stab the knife right in your back
You deserve it, to be hurting
But I'd never take that road, I'm above all that
So I'll keep walking

I will forgive (I will forgive)
But I'll never forget (never forget)
I will forgive (I will forgive)
But I'll never forget it (never forget)
I said that I'm over, it still hurts like ooh...
You're so damn cruel
I will forgive (I will forgive)
But I'll never forget (I'll never forget)
No, I'll never forget

Wish your words were on paper
So I could erase them
But I know that's never how it goes
All these memories are so bitter
You had made me stronger

So I'll forgive
But I'll never forget

I will forgive (I will forgive)
But I'll never forget (never forget)
I will forgive (I will forgive)
But I'll never forget it (never forget)
I said that I'm over, it still hurts like ooh...
You're so damn cruel
I will forgive (I will forgive)
But I'll never forget (I'll never forget)
No, I'll never forget

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Samantha Harvey Forgive Forget Comments
  1. mylan mendrez

    Samantha Harvey is my idol promise...

  2. Jenna Kovacs

    What did all the studio do to her voice though? Live her voice sounds so amazing, in the studio you can't really hear her unique style of singing, like they are making her sing different.
    When she sings live you can really hear her talent at singing in this song, sounds like any other pop star, Samantha is so much more than that.though, who agrees? 😭

  3. Sylvia Valenteofc

    What a beautiful song😍😍❤️

  4. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    Your so beautiful, creative, cute, kind and talented.

    This song is so good, catchy, emotional and relatable.

    She sounds like Jade Thriwall from Little Mix.

  5. Mart diva1979

    You are beautiful and sound incredible
    Brilliant meaningful song
    i love the words x

  6. Lucy James

    October 2019 any one? 😂

  7. DJ Risky

    Great video
    Love your voice and song
    More songs please

  8. Clare Hilling

    This song is true song listen to this in bed at 10pm

  9. Clare Hilling

    Why are men so nasty when there have a drink i love my hubby but im crying from listen to this 💝😞

  10. Clare Hilling

    Ive never forgive or never forget my sister said im a bad mum all because im listen to you fcuk them its my life i want to do singing

  11. Clare Hilling

    Hey babe sam i cant stop watching you .i listen to all songs all the time but me and hubby keep rowing over you 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝😞😞😞

  12. Joelma Eloi

    Linda música

  13. Laur L

    This is so true of my ex best friend!

  14. Britney Amber Marie

    That's not how forgiveness works. True forgiveness means you have to treat them as if it never happened. You can't hold it above their heads. You can't allow what they did to cause you to treat them any differently. I love her voice though ❤.

  15. Ava qAriSeleq

    ♡Amazing voice♡

  16. Dominika Kacprzak

    You’re so talented😍

  17. Hello it's me

    2019 and still love it😍


    because it's still the best

  18. Hemdall Ray

    Sam is so pretty! 😍😍😍

  19. Samruddhi

    I'm so proud!!!!!!!!!!! Love support virtual hugs support from India baby!

  20. Kaylee Reeder

    She sounds so much like Jade Thirwall!!!!

  21. sufian Mohammed

    Amazing singing and good vocals

  22. twice tube

    YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I LOVE YOU SAM😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭👑👑👑👑💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤💟💟💟♥♥♥♥♥

  23. Victorino Philadelphia

    November 5, 2018 Whoaaa #SamanthaHarvey #Lovely #Greatness you are, She can forgive but she will never forget, And that's Really Tru" Spoken Word's that no1 should ever REGRET...

  24. Sam Cole

    Very good and powerful lyrics and most amazing voice

  25. vitoria barreto


  26. Hannaby

    I connect to this song so much. This is what happened with my best friend at the time. Thank you, this has made me feel so much better.

  27. Music life

    Follow her in instagram💜
    Samantha harvey

  28. sufian Mohammed

    Amazing singing

  29. Queen POTATO

    The lyrics are so relatable

  30. Dana xox

    honestly, I love how when you are lip syncing to the song you aren't just mouth-ing it, you show your expressing how you sing

  31. Emma Joiner

    I love this song now it's brilliant singer and video good

  32. Madas - SoyAsi

    Why are you this pretty?? 😍😍😍

  33. A

    I'm sure you'll be a famous singer soon & I wish you the best. Don't be like all the mainstream singers nowadays and keep your style . 🌴💞

  34. This is the style of your vibe. Go gurl ! 💛🔥


    Like also.

  36. Emma Joiner

    I like this song

  37. Niccolò Paganini

    These lyrics are so relatable like omgsh tho. I understand completely when someone has broken your heart and you can forgive them but you will never forget what they did because you won't make the same mistake again

  38. Tyler R

    omg i love this so much sam

  39. Angelica Vlog

    This song is amazing ❤️😍

  40. Judith Bernie

    I've had so many stories relayed to me this year about people have said about me I wonder who's playing me who's telling truth..its made me stronger I'm happy I haven't said anything cruel.

  41. emily williams

    Absolutely amazing.these words mean so much to me so true❤️💕

  42. Robyn Ronny Fenty

    Amazing Music ❤️✨

  43. Charchar Reid

    I don't like this song because it say's stab a knife in your back and she swears dam.

  44. blue Hennessy

    Nice one💓

  45. Sohayb Elfatmi


  46. Ace C.

    Not trying to hear sad songs about your ex....

  47. memo mix20

    This song is amazing and your voice is so beautiful 😍❤️ i want this song have #1M view please!! ❤️❤️

  48. Chloe Couszins

    Can we be friends please 😃😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂😍😘🙂😊😋🤗😄😅🙂😊😋🤗🤗😍

  49. Yara 34


  50. Lylzie

    amazing song baby! keep shining, i love the lyrics <3

  51. Nathaniel Adkisson

    Get it girl!!!!!

  52. masi31061

    stunning song

  53. Shreya Sharma

    you look like perrie edwards and sound like jade thirwall what is this

  54. Valery Kavezepa

    I love this song ❤

  55. Rodtn Ly

    Oh ma, God u kill me with your song , it's what I met in my past😥😘

  56. Chloe Parfitt

    Love it🔥

  57. AJ Afterparty

    So who was the genius that encoded the song Mono instead of Stereo lol. you just lost the depth in sound quality.

  58. Angelo Calbo


  59. Melody Willoughby

    Awesome job on ur video,, keep up the great work..

  60. Laurel Chanté

    I heard you so damn *cool* 😂

  61. Alessia Kunateh

    Just found your channel a couple of days ago and I'm loving all of videos I loved every single one good job

  62. Alex Garsya

    Nice video! Great job!

  63. Jessica Hyams

    wow beautiful i love your song it's cool.

  64. BoySoldier 101

    this girls going places let me tell you. i prefer this one better than please... i like the story behind please and what the lyrics mean but i dont like the execution of it all.

  65. Isla Ross

    This came up in my recommended and I felt the need to watch it again. I am off school which sucks but this helped me to feel slightly better. Thanks Sam!!!!! Xxxxxooooo 😘❤️💟💝💗💘💖♥️💓💕💞

  66. D & C

    her face like lindsay lohan

  67. The Backyard Session

    does anyone else thinks she looks like a young Kim Catral?

  68. cc creates

    Such a beautiful video and song! Great job sam I love u!!

  69. Daniella Beilings

    Love you Samantha Harvey love your song forgive forget

  70. Jessica Wright

    I've listened to this about 10 times a day

  71. Emma Slowey

    Amazing my fav song at the moment

  72. syam sundar

    U r gorgeous Samantha....

  73. Kenna Marie

    love you your so pretty

  74. Johnapauline Pabular

    I like you samantha my idol

  75. Margie Asayas


  76. yasmin waters

    Absolutely beautiful performance hun! The song is very relevant for alot of people, cant wait to see what you bring in the future! You have a great talent! Have been following you on facebook for ages and on here your just amazingly talented hun well done x

  77. Melisa Singer

    2018 ? ❤️

  78. chance herring

    Wow this is phenomenal!!!!!

  79. Cute// Kawaiii

    Never liked a song so much in my life 😭😍

  80. Amrit Singh

    This song is so beautiful and the lyrics are so so amazing. Hats off SAMANTHA HARVEY. 😍😍❤️❤️💕💕

  81. jan peter buenaventura

    HI IDOL😀😀🤗😍😍😍😍😍

  82. Marianna Steen

    U really look like Jade from little mix!

    Shreya Sharma

    she looks more like perrie i guess. but she sounds like jade

  83. Aseya Soytan

    Love love love!!!

  84. Ridhima Joshi

    Woah I'm just hearing this

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  86. Summaiya Shoaib!


  87. Cristian Rusu

    Nice song.. Though I see a nice ass through that pullover..

  88. ali pooh

    Awww I love it Sam.... great song

  89. Amina Myers

    you have an amazing voice xxx

  90. Guido Ferrarini

    u are so amazing omg!! Ur voice is so special and u are so beautiful! ILU!!!

  91. Arianagrande4life

    How many times have I watched this video about 20 in a week

  92. Elif Yildirim

    your voice is so beautiful❤ and you are such a sweety💋

  93. Panda Surprise

    This is beautiful
    It has a lot of feeling

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  95. Katie Harvey-Olmstead

    This song absolutely hits home for me! Absolutely beautiful girl, I love it!

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    I have that weird feeling. Like its a song for a new movie or something😀🎼 So good!

  97. mikki rajic

    omg when u were singing it gave me goosebumps wow