Sam Tsui - Possible Lyrics

Something stirring in the air today
Just a feeling
Like someone came and blew the clouds away
Got me believing in
All the we can do
Baby me and you
All the stars could be ours if we want them to
Something stirring in the air today
Can you feel it
Can you feel it

Suddenly anything seems like it's possible
Yeah we're starting fresh
Deep breathe till your lungs are full
Got a song in your heart that you wanna sing
Why you waiting to start because anything
Is possible
Is possible
Is possible

It's possible
It's possible

Suddenly anything seems like it's possible
Yeah we're starting fresh
Deep breathe till your lungs are full
Got a song in your heart that you wanna sing
Why you waiting to start because anything
Is possible
Is possible
Is possible

It's possible
It's possible

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Sam Tsui Possible Comments
  1. Claire c

    I finally found out the guitar part of Kurt's vids' ending song is originally from this video.

  2. Sonika Agarwal

    also the grounds kinda remind me of my school grounds.

  3. Sonika Agarwal

    Kurt's outro and 2nd channel video music 😊

  4. Homaygahd

    this is the song in your outrosss??!?!

  5. Victor Calderon

    I love this song so much

  6. Andrew Nguyen

    In the tiny piano

  7. Andrew Nguyen

    Kurt Shneider looks like Schroeder

  8. Ellemijn J

    Is it an instrument? (Kurt)
    Yes, it is (Me)
    Than I can play it! (Kurt)

  9. Waffle Monster

    Utterly stunning. Great work!

  10. Andreas Seeböck


  11. Crystal Yu

    I'm confused in your vids do you make all the music?

  12. Keriane On

    I love it!!!! Where can I download it?! :O

  13. Moe.

    1:43. Look at Sam's shadow. Frantically running to his next spot. Lol. Great video!

  14. Larry Velez

    I love the small piano. It musically inspires all ages from 0 to 120.

  15. bluerabbitvine


  16. Saode Kay


  17. Shadow Night gaming 77

    I can sound like Sam chewy and my 20 your old brother sound like Kurt because he is awesomeness

  18. Camila Chesta


  19. Bernardo Gonzalez

    OMG its Sam Macaroni

  20. alonb100

    is this original song or cover version?

  21. Marcus Gan

    nice song

  22. Ryan Wong

    Am I the only one that wants to see the blooper reel?

  23. Irem Ozcifci

    Amazing !!!!😃

  24. beetlebutterfly

    I love your one take videos the same was produced with safe and sound, they are fun and extremely entertaining to watch. Thank you :)

  25. walter728

    Is this an original song?

  26. Breno de Jesus

    i'd love to see you guys do a cover of Here comes the sun 

  27. JK Charlz



    You are awesome

  29. foodgirl321

    Oh gosh, some of those moments they really had to run to get in place! I always love these one take videos, they're awesome!

  30. Pamela Tagata

    Weren't those dancers from shut up and dance?!?!?! Oh my gosh <3 <3 Love this cover too! Good job! :D

    Nadhifi Islami Putri

    Er...This is an original song, not cover...

    Pamela Tagata

    OH yeas yeas sorry I forgot! Its just that he always posts covers so I got used to commenting about covers :D 

  31. Roy Tieben

    How ies dis possibul Joetoop?  Iets leik 604.579 veews and only 12.083 leikes. Plies joetoop moer like plox dies isnt legiet

  32. Crystal Huang

    This was too short. I need at least 10 mins of this lol

  33. Howard Lo

    Love it ^^

  34. Egas Krad

    Who is the girl in orange tee? I like her. Very pretty. My type. :D

  35. Zamalandre

    Is this an original song?

  36. Karlos B

    Guitar Chords?

  37. ufirst lady

    can you make video lycris 
    this song is nice 

  38. Xact Lee

    This quality is garbage
    This is a lie
    Song is amazing though...

  39. Mayra EkaAnnisa

    njir bagus banget!!

  40. BlockHead

    Why the slight fish eye?

  41. Asunakazuro242442

    1:42 you can see sam's shadow running to his next stop :3 I can imagin the hard work you guys put in it's amazing xx

  42. parisdoll52

    This was awesome! A little bit of everything. Very entertaining. Upbeat! I loved the song and how you made the video! Sweet!!

  43. WhO iS bRiAn??!

    Sam tsui!!?

  44. Sn aizat

    one take ! T.T

  45. Christian Jacob

    @01:18 Sam, you playing this "piano" (which was used in prior videos already) is the reason, why my wife gave me a very similar piano last christmas as a present. Although it was built with quality in mind (and rather expensive for a "toy"), she was very disappointed, because somehow she assumed it would sound at least a little similar to a real piano (like it does in your video *cough*). However, it rather has somewhat of a chime like sound. So this is to everyone who thinks about purchasing something like this: Keep in mind, this video is edited. The piano does not really sound like a piano. However... it is the most awesome decoration we ever had in our livingroom (AND it was basically the reason why I went to a nearby store a couple of days later to purchase a Yamaha Portable Grand) :D

  46. Patrick Hatem

    I know that you don't really read these but I'm giving it a try. Hello, I'm Patrick Hatem, I'm a 16 year old boy and I'm passionate about music. I'm from Lebanon, a place where English singers aren't really known... I'm just asking you if you could go on my channel and go on my Interview video and skip to 7:15 . It's where I start singing. All I want is to be commented about my singing and to atleast head to a part of my dreams. Please, It would mean the world to me if you'd do it. Thanks again

  47. Leana Lourenco

    kurt is so cute with his mini-piano

  48. Jared Nacion

    Guys,focus on the shadows when they move

  49. Mischi2k

    So cute! One of the best channels in YT <3

  50. cira4100

    Every YouTuber is using this camera... XD

  51. Matha.Fatha. Gentha.Man.

    great great music video

  52. Elisa Jean

    Love this!
    It's possible!

  53. MydieLy

    There must have been a hell lot of running involved, if you guys changed positions and all that within five seconds :P

  54. Cherryflakes

    Love it! Sam tsui is amazing anyway, i like every song he's in =)

  55. Cristian Samboni

    clonessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss  *-*

  56. Braeson Fisk

    Everyone go check out Monica sowinsky

  57. Kaye & Kyla

    please check out my 5sos medley!! <3 

  58. yohat85

    I love this song! You should make this longer!

  59. Louise Tran

    One take its 2 good

  60. Poeticsam

    Love it!!

  61. Jac0box HD TrollinG

    Los chinos bailan bien baboso

  62. Bruno Machado

    this channel looks more like Sam tsui channel than Kurt... he knows so much good singers better than Sam! why almost every video has to be Sam singing? 

  63. marty torrez

    as always great stuff! priceless!

  64. RetroxFuSioNz

    1:11 she is playing the tambourine but the song doesn't have tambourine at that

  65. haanjamiis

    Damn, just as I opened the video, the bad video quality jumped into face. Video info confirmed it. Comon Canon, why are promoting this  camera, the quality is so bad. Mad compression artifacts, no detail and no color-depth. :(

  66. Thomas Dang

    Who made this song?

  67. Alicia

    Kurt I love all your videos. Thanks for your perfect and awesome job!

  68. Tiny

    1:50 is that sam macaroni he looks like him?

  69. Quinn Vlogs


  70. Riko


    If you have one more moment, feel free to check out my music as well. :) I'm an artist from Germany who's thankful for every little support!

    Daniel Merriweather

    Love your music, got a new subscriber

    Tim Schultz

    Weiter so, echt gut :)

    Julia D

    Wow, tolle Stimme =)

    Stefanie K

     nice :)

    Lucy H

    amazing stuff dude

  71. Sachiko Lamosa

    that tiny piano though

  72. Laura

    It's amazing. I love everything.

  73. Santeri Kylmäniemi

    Who was that guy who jumped that huge diveroll from that table to table... Damn

  74. Sandro Augusto Gomes Rangel

    I love everything made by San, Max, and Kurt.. You are very full of skills and really easy on the eyes... I love you all singing, dancing and also playng...I'm from Brasil and here I've been posting your videos to all my friends on the facebook whatsup and bla bla bla...

  75. Brandi Fleming

    Can you cover 'Sing" by Ed Sheeran?

  76. Oque tem para hoje ???

    Perfeitos , Amoo vocês :)

  77. Hanny Nguyen

    OMG THAT MINI PIANO XD love the video and song~~~

  78. gewoon ik

    best song ever

  79. studio ShamDan

    I liked

  80. Reese Tang

    LOVE those one take serie!

  81. Amy and Rosie Walsh

    I bet this wasn't take one though

  82. jesaila Jean

    OMG. Please do a cover of "Life of the party -Shawn Mendas-" Pleaseeeee.

  83. Wee nzy

    Hatss off guys thats a great song like it ...smooth and. Chill

  84. Ali Huynh

    That's cool, I saw Julie

  85. barnes Cyan

    Sam doesn't need high notes
    he is awesome singing like this
    This song is prefect

  86. Jc Tsui

    makes me mind relax!!!wow!!love it!!

  87. hani bee

    I LOVE YOUR SONGS!!!♡♡♡♡

  88. benz bieber

    vary good ^3^

  89. Jaden N


  90. Angie L


  91. CorrineHuskyLover

    is there a lyric video for this, because this song is way too awesome and relaxing to listen. :D

  92. wahkp

    Do another cover with grimmie :D

  93. Alex Van Duong

    it was so fun working with everyone :0.

  94. Omaima Janahi


  95. Liya

    sam is so good!