Sam Sparro - Sick Lyrics

Darling your brow is wet
you've got a fever
darling rest your head
I'll make you a believer
baby come away from the window
I don't want you to see it
the things that you might see
you won't want to repeat it

cause it's a sick sick world
I'll be your medicine
come on take me take me
I'll make you feel better

when your mother bore you
boy did she adore you
she wanted to protect you
from the world she brought you into
but your curiosity
took you by the arm
make sure you take me with you
when you go into the unknown

cause it's a sick sick world
I'll be your medicine
so come on take me take me
I'll make you feel better

it's a sick sick world
I'll be your medicine
just come on take me take me
I'll make you feel better

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Sam Sparro Sick Comments
  1. Fox Fire

    Sam Sparro - incredible singer, f..cking special voice...YOU THE BEST!!!


    I MISS this guy omg 😭💔

  3. Ron Jones

    I remember this from the CAIN NYC website back in 2008. Good times in Chelsea

  4. Yaseen Baker

    This dude is heavily underrated! Really is a sick world!

  5. PJ Angels

    I play this often at LA cocktail parties, and it clears the floor! Halljawah!!!

  6. Brandon Minikwu

    God I love this song!

  7. Phillip Jennings

    Depeche Mode's missin member lol

  8. oscar p


  9. sal destralo

    I get those music goosebumps every single time I play this. Sam's vocal range is absolutely ridiculous

  10. Sjngera

    Fav song.

  11. William J

    this guys range is unreal sick

  12. Pascale Ginger

    OMG, his voice is the sexiest thing alive....

  13. oscar donaire

    Awesome music.

  14. awesomeonesome

    he did a cover of get lucky

  15. Maro Cini

    mmmmmmm like like

  16. GRABA official

    Big tune, u gotta understand it to enjoy it...

  17. William Laird

    he has a new album that he just released called return to paradise. it's even better than his first =]

  18. Bane

    sam sparro, i think i speak on behalf on all your fans...

  19. artisticagi

    but lol sam would be sexy in whatever accent he had.

  20. Martin Polo

    intro sounds like something NERO would do..

  21. Shinobu Sensui

    Optimize it for mobile please

  22. KarmalBeauty

    That's right!!! BRING THAT 80'S SOUND BACK FOREAL!!!

  23. nicci godoy

    nope i like it..... alot!!!!


    @CdL3o ooooooohhhh thanks for that ! lookin forward to it

  25. cookiedeeh

    Uh huh.. I'm likin this song! I love his accent.. Australian accents are sexy!

  26. Kamryn O'Daniel

    This song is too addictive and sooo good

  27. MsMysticWorld

    Ohhh the bass... Eargasm :)

  28. flower crowns

    Oh Sam Sparro.
    You sexy Australian beast.

  29. StarpeemReturns

    this was the best song on the album. Criminal it wasnt released, any1 got any info if hes makin a return??

  30. kelvinman123


  31. Charles Crotty

    i love the really faint guitar in the second half of this song. In fact I think the production on this album is amazing and hope he releases another soon that does turn out to be shit

  32. Tra Truong

    i love it but why does it still go on when the song is over?

  33. Nightbird87

    This song sounds like if The Smiths and Depeche Mode made a song together in 2011!

  34. Ricky Elliott Jr.

    One of my favorite songs. So Seductive

  35. MadameAshlini

    Just discovered this song after listening to Black and Gold constantly for months and it's official... I LOVE HIM


    this guy needs to make a comeback, NOWW :D

  37. Tra Truong

    why does it go on for another 4 minutes

  38. loveedigveggies1004

    Sam you can sing to me all day and night.

  39. ArtCrimez

    is it just me or does sam sparro's beats sound like calvin harris a bit? either way, sam sparro is much underrated

  40. ertoberto2

    I believe sam wrote this song to me, specifically. JA!

  41. Jonathan Garcia

    I seriously prefer the original version on his first website. This remake, as well as the CLING WRAP remakes were good. I just wish to get a hold of the original tracks!

  42. Paige Janai

    i <3 this song!!

  43. Marley Jade

    Luv this guy's music.... Black n Gold is my fav song ever!

  44. Jazz Jackrabbit

    @Rindawaldi I have no idea. Not like he specializes in one particular style of music, everything is so varied. I have the album and I would say there's at least 5 GREAT songs.

  45. Bane

    the beginning tune is sick :) but the singing sort of kills it :(

  46. conhoolio

    a little gay but nice...

  47. Burawura

    Sick indeed.

  48. pretend amnesia

    this is about God, just like Black and Gold, as Sam Sparro himself has said. This mostly goes over peoples heads & thats what makes Sam Sparro's music extremely relevant, thought-provoking and moving in todays waning scene.

  49. MsJaySerene

    jeez louise... I LOVE SAM SPARRO.

  50. UptownGirl27

    This should have way more than 43,000 views.

  51. petquack

    me too ,im addicted too

  52. CaptainSpork7

    Sam, please do a show in Norway! People would love you here!

  53. elle3337

    i am feeling this music! sam sparro ♥

  54. Meech Mith

    Audio Overdose

  55. xparfum

    Yes he is gay but who cares?

  56. Moesive oone

    About freaking TIME!!! I lost track of this song and it took me MONTHS to find it again.

  57. KMTlondon

    this is very depeche mode! like it

  58. Maya Brown

    This is my shxt no doubt.

  59. raininthespringtime

    all his songs are the shit!!

  60. Emily Glover

    I love all his songs. Thats it. He is the shit!

  61. Lauriane D.

    I love this song !!!
    Je l'adooooooooore !!!!!!!

  62. bleupapillon1211

    this makes me think of a rave with everybody weaving glow sticks on E lmao!

  63. MelboyPete

    cool tune...makes me want to get up and bust a groove...haha

  64. Mukashi

    Australian music is FTW!!

  65. Tangerines13

    this sorta sucks

  66. rihj200

    Man I love this song!!! Its so addicting!!!

  67. suninmymouth78

    best song!

  68. Malwa ^^^

    the best song on his album! <3

  69. Fred Rogers

    what i'm saying is that they should put him on the radio. if they put more good music like his on the radio, it wouldn't be half bad

  70. Fred Rogers

    why isn't he popular in america?
    his music is so much better than some of the stuff out right now

  71. Evz™

    uve got a point i agree

  72. Evz™

    better than black and gold by miles

  73. Lauren1954

    very nice