Sam Sparro - Sally Lyrics

With those thick
Caramel theighs
There's something else
Your momma gave you
Those beautiful green eyes

The same kind of green
Like the dollars
That they stick to you
They stick it to you plenty
Cause you know
Just what to do
Up there

Why you wanna do that
I ain't gonna hurt cha
I ain't cha daddy

You ain't gotta do that
Need someone to love ya
Not like your daddy

Your daddy taught you
A thing or two
About living
In a cold, cold world
He said he'd treat you
Special like
Called you his little girl

And i get so red hot mad
Thinking about
That dirty old man
When i see ya up
There dancing
Trying to get that money
While you can

Why you wanna do that
I ain't gonna hurt cha
I ain't cha daddy

You ain't gotta do that
Need someone to love ya
Not like your daddy

Everything's gonna be alright
You don't have to put
On the red light tonight

Why you wanna do that
I ain't gonna hurt cha
I ain't cha daddy

You ain't gotta do that
Need someone to love ya
Not like your daddy

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Sam Sparro Sally Comments
  1. thedoctorzeus

    Sally, you don't have to put on the red light

  2. EDD

    2019 Anyone👀👀


    We dance to this song 😂😂😂 OMG

  4. W Jake Harrell

    And let us not forget them Bones did the melody!! WOW!

  5. GaLaXy G!RL


  6. W Jake Harrell

    Bobby E., I swear I’m here for the exactly same reason!! LOL

  7. Danielle Gist


  8. isatanna roberts

    Whose listening in 2018?

  9. Linda Valdez Hernandez

    I absolutely love him

  10. Virginboy3D

    The synth on this joint is packin

  11. Firstclass82 A/D

    J-settes Miss Dominique!

  12. Brandon Minikwu

    Good lord. this song has always been fire!

  13. Firstclass82 A/D

    J settes killed this song !!!

  14. Autumn Gardner

    I have green eyes! 😀😀😍

  15. Kieran Williams

    my all new favorite song


    +Kieran Williams Same here. Got it of iTunes after hearing JSU play it.

    Kieran Williams

    @MakingThaMost jsu killed it

  16. Bobby E

    The JSU PRANCING J-SETTES brought me here!

    Branden Willis

    They Killed This Song ! 🔥😍


    +Bob Harry Me, too!

    Cody Taylor

    yea j settes brung me here 2

    Green Hornet

    Hate to admit but jsettes brought me here too. It was a good arrangement and I never heard of this artist before

  17. Tara G

    One of my favorites by Sam Sparro, I still have this album. Thanks for posting. :)

  18. Chrum

    Nice vid. Laughed :P. Hope to see more ! I create videos aswell :P.

  19. Sel Meyer

    My Nickname is Sally, OMG freakin' out this song is amazing :D

  20. Healthy J

    before sam smith!!!! 

  21. Eric J. Miller

    Why am I just discovering this!? 

    Sam Le Quelenec

    I've only just rediscovered him :D

  22. allysen burse


  23. Geek Lords

    Does anything that this song and Roxanne by the Police would be a good mashup?

  24. amel-yumi benarab

    i don t knw wht shld i say ^_______^

  25. lauryn

    good analysing lol

  26. lauryn

    love this!!!

  27. Alex Mozarowski

    IT only gets bet ter with SouL....
    this makes IT so good

  28. AwokenLion

    Cheers to the douchebag who restricted mobile access.

  29. Gashiflor

    AMO sam sparro <3

  30. grey eminence

    Word Up is originally a Cameo song from 1986. Cameo is definitely an influence on Sam.

  31. AwokenLion

    Stripper song right here...

  32. AwokenLion

    A friend just suggested Sam.. I was like.. WHY THE FUCK HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF HIM!!!????!!!

  33. thempress

    The intro to this song... JUST DAMN!!!

  34. Rayden30

    This is an incedible song!!!!

  35. icklestick

    he is kind of prince-ish!

  36. vrlathia

    sam sparooo is amazing

  37. Vojin Besevic

    ^^ Sally why you wanna do that
    I ain't gonna hurt you
    I ain't ya daddy :D Lala ^^ <3

  38. CBright10

    Beast, just beast.

  39. Ranka Matić

    Twisted lyrics but the tune is great!

  40. Hendrik Krus

    I love it!
    Imma order your CDs right nao!

  41. Chal Sims

    I love this song!

  42. Thackery Saussy

    - Jesse Rogg is a beast.

  43. James Michael Harding

    This is great

    For some reason when i hear this i keep thinking he's singing about Sally off Sonic the Hedgegog LOL

  44. GNTRY

    @TuneSnob808 I know ^_^

  45. TuneSnob808

    @mitch23325 =) Wouldn't he kill this track?? I so want to hear him do it!

  46. GNTRY

    @TuneSnob808 OMG I love Durand Bernarr!

  47. TuneSnob808

    I would love to hear Durand Bernarr's rendition of this song...

    I love SAM

  48. Raven Johnson

    The first word and the way he sings "sally" mmm

  49. Ben White

    sorry to ask all but i dont know what this song is about? is it about Prostitution? - either way its a heavy track and ive gone out and bought the albulm after listening to this and black and gold

  50. creolelady89

    ooooh his voice is HOT.

  51. jazdownik23

    he is amazing :D every singel track rox !

  52. aprildd04

    My favorite artist on the planet!!

  53. jshirley

    @sucher234 Oh damn, whenever I hear the name Sally I will think 'stripper' from now on..

  54. Marissa


  55. Tasha sh


  56. Halo

    Lool what a song. About some striperr. Really? Imagine all the sallies in the world hearing this and thinkin "Why associate my name with such a thing?" lool. He done way better then this. Its sad.

  57. Michael Long

    Get my speed skate! Its time to bounce.



  59. Eva Lučić

    and your point is??????

  60. TabzeeKat

    @LyricNae OMG that's an awesome description of his music! I LOVE IT!! :-)

  61. JaLiBo ♥

    This is like a future reference to "Roxanne" by The Police. But BETTER! ♥ I love Sam Sparro.

  62. xoxoBrandiMarie

    im not your daddy, baby.

  63. DreamyPeteWentz

    I totally thought this dude was Prince when I first heard him.

  64. The Brigadier

    oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh wat a song.

  65. Ivan Johnny Sumelj

    Simply loving this track.

  66. xoxoBrandiMarie

    oh em jizz. i think im in love with him. his music. his voice. his lyrics. damn...why is he gay? lol. i'd totally snatch him. :]

  67. Maya Brown

    Sally why yah gotta do that? C'mon now.

  68. Chal Sims

    @nadimu143 I do too.

  69. Eva Lučić

    my new favourite artist!!!! what a voice!! <3

  70. Nadimu

    I hear Bilal Oliver when I listen this song. Luv this one :-)

  71. King Lucy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Sam Sparro. This reminds me of those old 80s Freestyle jams

  72. Maerubi

    I loved the atmosphere of this song ^^.

  73. BaxterD

    Sam Sparro is so damn good. I would love to see him work with Jamie Lidell, two of the funkiest white men around.

  74. Mo Elkaddouri

    i love this song, nice beat!

  75. Frank Black

    If Prince and Cameo had a kid it would be Sam!

  76. Fanuchy la Flores

    ..*-Me EnCanTa-*.. ::(`-`):: ..

  77. Cory Baker

    sounds gay lol


    Cory Baker Troll

  78. fun00000000

    greeaaat :)

  79. tigeress1

    I agree! sam's eclectic :P

  80. absolutelyfab123

    i swear sally is a prostitute

  81. Richard Oswald

    this song makes me LOL
    love this shit.....

  82. umiabze

    so good.

  83. Benedikte Plum Enemark

    lovelovelovelovelove! <3

  84. DeVinE696

    I LOVE SAM!!

  85. tigeress1

    same here, can't wait 4 the nxt album out around august time.

  86. Sally Martin

    me too :)

  87. Sonia Gammerman

    dam y the fuck is he gay i wanna marry this guy!

  88. Sally Oakley

    my name is sally...

  89. Jake Anka

    omg i love sally!

  90. aralox

    um... cool