Sam Sparro - Quarter Life Crisis Lyrics

What you do to me?
I used to love myself better
I used to feel clever

Taking over me
I used to love my old sweater
Now I need that margietta

Or some pomade
That ain't a [?]
I can't be walking out the door
With the shit I knew before

I need a new squeeze
I need the bee's knees
Baby, I'll be your fashion whore
You know that trip's a score to yours

You seem to get me when I'm all alone
When you took your shoes off
And you made yourself feel at home
At home in my dome

What you do to me?
I used to like myself better
I used to feel clever

Now I'm not sure
About it anymore
I might've spent a little cheddar
On some shit that doesn't matter

Talk to new me?
Give me that laser beam
Can you inject a little filler
To make me look killer?

Wanna be sexy
Can you blame me?
I used to be a bed-wetter
I'm a fucking jet-setter

You're just a baby, now you're getting full grown
You know you're turning me crazy
Need to get the fuck out my dome
Get the fuck out of my dome

Now I need you, need you to tell me
Tell me I'm everything you want and need
Please don't ask me why I need it
It's just my egocentricity

Say you love my funky stuff
Say I'm big and bad enough
Say I'm all a man could ever be
I need it, I need to hear it to rid me of my insecurity

Look what you've done to me
It's time to get out of my head now
It's time to feel better

Stop taking over me
(Leave me alone)

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  2. Astha Pant

    Whaaaoooo...ths is truly awesomme....Happy Birthday to you!